Is there a reason why project/country stickers require specific location categories?

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Recently EditBot changed all the New Zealand Project templates to stickers. About the same time, a number of profiles with NZ location categories pending had places added. There were no sources added to back up the choices of location made so it is impossible to know if these are correct. The wording of the sticker was also not discussed with project members, and perhaps would be better as "lived in" rather than  "immigrated to" or "was born in". (Locations could also be then added more accurately given cemetery records and newspaper sources.)

1. Is it possible to change the wording on the sticker or do the stickers from all countries need to be the same? Do other NZ Project members want this to happen or am I a lone voice?

2. Is it possible to alter the coding for the sticker so that location does not need to be added if this is unknown? I would like NZ profiles to be recognised as such, and don't expect anyone to have the job of working out or making up locations.
asked in Policy and Style by Fiona Gilliver G2G6 Mach 7 (78.1k points)
I don't know the project requirements, but I do see that the NZ project template seems, in general, to follow the conventions for other country projects, which is to have the region and place.

However, I think what determines that region and place can lead to confusion, and also errors. Particularly when we are talking about places that have changed name during that person's lifetime, and places that have been associated with one region but are now considered in another region.

No, I don't think we should be making up locations. I have left off the template on profiles where I do not know, or it is debatable.

I do prefer the "lived in" option, however some of the ones I have categorised are based on where they were born (as this was what the previous guidelines stated), and it means now I need to go back over all of them (just when I have moved the sticker to the bio in a massive exercise) to assess whether the template is correct, as they may not have "lived" where they were born.

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Hi Fiona,   In view of several comments I've received about the NZ sticker I've now changed the image to the NZ flag and the wording to say "Lived in."  

The review of the pending NZ location category was done at my request to try to find a more local place category where possible.   Perhaps the new wording will now help.

If no location is entered the profile will be linked to the pending NZ category.
answered by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (143k points)
selected by Fiona Gilliver
Thanks for acting on this, Maria. Personally, I'm sad to see the silver fern go, but the wording change is much appreciated.
Yes, I preferred the Silver fern, but as I noted in my original post when discussing the transition to sticker, it wasn't my decision to make.
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There was this thread:
and if you scroll down, there was an answer introducing the sticker


answered by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (524k points)

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