Suggestion: Ability to reject trusted list requests made to your personal profile

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Occasionally people unfamiliar with how WikiTree's trusted lists work will request to be added to the trusted list of my own profile rather than the trusted list of another profile I manage. These requests stay on the request list, and there doesn't seem to be a way to delete them, so there's always the risk that I'll click "approve" by accident and give a stranger access to my personal profile. (There's nothing on my profile that I'm especially worried about, but I don't want to give a stranger edit ability.)

I can understand that WT doesn't want to make it easy for an uncooperative PM to reject a trusted list request, but I'd at least like to be able to reject the requests made to my personal profile.
in WikiTree Tech by Sharon Casteel G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
I definitely agree that we should have this ability, especially for trusted-list requests for our own profiles and for off-target requests made by Guest members and newer members (yes, and even us veterans!).

Perhaps we could include a standard message (or provide a message box) to explain our rejection of the request and how to choose the appropriate profile from which to make the trusted-list request.
Totally agree with you. This has frustrated me ever since I became a member of WikiTree. Maybe somebody will figure out a way to get them off our list of requests?

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Thanks, guys. I'll add this to our improvements list.
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (469k points)
selected by Allison Mackler
Thanks, Abby!

I especially would like this feature to include at least a few standard reasons for the rejection.

Sometimes I am not sure how to phrase a rejection, so I just let the request sit. Then, after a few months, it becomes even more awkward to send that rejection.

With a few standard replies available, we can handle the situation swiftly and courteously - as good and honorable WikiTreers should be doing!
Thanks, Abby!
If it's my profile I simply say I couldn't possible as my children would not be impressed. Then add that perhaps that wasn't what they wanted, anyway. It was creepy the first time it happened.
I was thinking it would be helpful to Abby if we came up with some standard wordings, and it still would be helpful, but a thought occurred to me.  Why not have WikiTree disallow all requests to an active member to join their Trusted List?  It would solve the problem of uninvited people trying to join your list.  When they try, present a message saying "It's not the policy of WikiTree to allow requesting addition to the Trusted List of an active member.  Make sure that you are applying for the correct profile.  Otherwise, assuming you are a close relative, ask the member in person to add you."  In other words, they can't go through WikiTree to do it, but they still can by talking directly with you (which means you have to know each other), and then you can manually add them if desired.

Then WikiTree can cancel all outstanding requests, with a reason like "It's a system maintenance thing".  (You can blame almost anything on the computer or system maintenance!)

It still might be useful to suggest standard wordings here though, for situations like Debbie's.  One might be something like (after rejecting it) "I feel responsible for that profile, and I only approve such requests after a personal note explaining why you want to be added."  After you receive a note you like, then you can manually add them, or tell them to try again, and approve them this time.
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I agree! I have a person who requested to be on the Trusted list of a cousin's husband and he is NOT the same person. He thinks he is. His profile photo shows him in his 50's or so and my cousin's husband is in his 30's. I am always afraid I will accidentally click "approve." I am careful not to, but there is still a chance since it is lingering around. Great question! Hope we get a great solution to the problem!!
by Debbie Parsons G2G6 Pilot (139k points)

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