Announcing the first annual WikiTreer Awards!

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Nominations are Open!

We have some exciting news. In order to show our appreciation for all of the hard work you have put into WikiTree during 2017, and to celebrate WikiTree’s 10th birthday this year, we have created a new awards show just for you! This will be held on Saturday, 10 February during a special live hangout where there will be more bling than in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and prizes of trophies and badges are up for grabs.

But first… drumroll… the nominations for the Annual 2018 WikiTreer Awards are now open!

Here are the categories which need nominations:


1. Best Personal Profile

This award will go to the best written, designed and thought-out profile of an active WikiTreer community member.


2. Fire Extinguisher

Given to the best Ranger over the past year.


3. Best Managed Profile

There are some beautiful profiles out there. Which one is your favourite?


4. Prized Penmanship

This is an award for the best written biography.


5. Tree Surgeon

Given to the best Arborist of 2017.


6. Most Friendly WikiTreer

Who do you think has been the most welcoming and friendly member of the community in the last year?


7. Most Helpful WikiTreer

Who’s always there to answer questions on G2G? Who goes out their way behind the scenes to help break down brick walls, or show new people the ropes?


8. Notable Newbie

Nominees for this category must have had their account confirmed during 2017. Who has wowed you with their enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and dedication to growing the global tree since their arrival this year?


9. Funniest WikiTreer

Who makes you LOL or chuckle with their wit and vivacity?


10. Most Volunteered WikiTreer

Who seems to pop up everywhere on WikiTree? Who juggles multiple Wikiballs in the air willing to help across numerous projects and countless people?


11. WikiTreer of the Year

This award is for the WikiTreer who joined WikiTree prior to 2017  and who in your eyes has given the most to the community during 2017.


How to Nominate

  • You can only nominate once per category and you cannot nominate yourself.

  • Members of the WikiTree staff and presenters Susie and Charlotte cannot be nominated.
    (For a list of staff see here).

  • Nominations will close after 15 January, after which we will move into the voting stage.

  • E-mail your nominations to (Nominations should not be posted here.)

  • Please include your WikiTree ID, those of your nominations, and the ID of the profile you want to nominate them for if that applies.

Have fun, and let's make this a huge celebration of everything that is good about WikiTree!

Susie, Charlotte and Eowyn

asked in The Tree House by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
retagged by Eowyn Langholf
Another category I feel should be awarded is the one with the most

Wonderful Wikitreer for 2017.  What do you all think?
I feel that this is a way to promote our wikitree love for our wikitreers helping to promote positively instead of negatively.  Our Rangers and Greeters especially are the watchers of this scope for our tree.  Without these Angels where would we be?

Sorry, Nominations link is not working. 

Thanks for creating  these award!

I believe it's just an email address. I think you just mail your nominations to by January 15.
That's right Edison, just e-mail your nominations to the above address by the 15th.

Thanks for your suggestion Andrea. Unfortunately we can't make any changes to the categories for this year's awards as there's been a fair amount of behind the scenes planning in advance of these nominations, but we'll certainly keep it in mind for the future.

Susie :-)
Awesome Susie...Nice to see you here as a leader my friend
Thanks Andrea :-)

Did I miss something? Is it possible to see the criteria and the listing proces (why are these people nominated and not others) ... ? What makes the best profile manager? Where can I see what good penmanship is? How is that determined and by who? What is meant by most notable newbie? (famous? - because their names say nothing to me) Most volunteerd? (You have to be kidding me right?) etc.

I do not even know many names and cannot in all honesty make a balanced decision. 

I only chose in three categories because there I have an inkling. Though I have doubts about the fairness of the contest.

Has this second round of nominations (the link in Philippe's post above) been announced?

NO matter - I voted anyway.
@Philip and @Robynne

The first step in the process was the above post which gave people two weeks to e-mail in their nominations. This e-mail came in to the above e-mail address which is monitored by myself, Charlotte and Eowyn. The nominations were collated in a Google spreadsheet which all three of us had access to.

At the end of the two weeks nomination process, I collated the results and put the top five nominations in each category through to the voting stage. Where there was a tie I used a random number generator to break the tie. I then posted the voting post and created the poll in Google for people to vote. The voting is open for a further two weeks. This then gives us ten days to get ready for the live hangout in which the awards will be presented.

A description for each category can be found above. In terms of knowing or not knowing the candidates, I can't speak to that as I did not nominate them.

This is the first year we have held the awards so people are still getting used to the idea. We spread the word through G2G, through the weekly newsletter, and on social media. Finally I decided to reach out personally to some of the more active members of the community such as yourselves.

We are hoping to do this again next year using the same timescales so do keep in mind who you might like to nominate next time.

Many thanks for taking part,

Susie :-)

9 Answers

+29 votes
Awesome sauce!  But it is going to very very hard to only nominate one name/profile for each category.  There are so many amazing WikiTreers!
answered by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (517k points)
edited by Emma MacBeath
Don't forget this will happen every year, so you can always save some for 2019! :-)
But by then, we will have thousands more members to choose from!!  Making decisions like this is not my strong suit :-)
Hahaha! I know right, Emma? ;)
Looks like you may submit multiple nominations for each category, Emma (so pick all who are worthy and let the judges decide! LOL)

Hi Russ. I'm afraid the rules are:

  • You can only nominate once per category and you cannot nominate yourself.

Ohhh only one nomination each category awwe

Somehow, I missed the opportunity to post this for Emma (and the WikiTreer Awards in general). But I've never let poor timing stop me before:

LoL Love it Ed!! :)
Thanks Ed.  It is one of my favorite sayings :-)
Haha nice.
Just ask for more categories. I don't see categories for Weirdest Personal Profile, Most Confusing G2G Post, or WikiTreer Who Is The Most Obsessive About The Least Important Things. (Or is it wrong to suggest awards that I'd be in the running for?)

Greg wins the internet today.  :-)

I'd be in the running for Most Confusing G2G Post, so I vote that one be added next year...

LoL you guys are funny!
Umm, Edison, I hate to nit-pick, but I found a spelling error ... shouldn't that be awesome source?????

(this should get me a nomination for Greg's most obsessive category)
+17 votes
*Facepalm* Sorry, yes Robynne. I should have said.
answered by Susie MacLeod G2G6 Pilot (137k points)
THat's OK Susie.

OK we cannot vote for Charlotte Shockey as she is one of the judges for these awards!!
Sadly you can't but putting this together with Susie is more than worth missing out. :) LOL
+18 votes
Connector tallies are into Abby. Ready for the Top Connector award.
answered by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (161k points)
Great. Thanks Bob :-)
Awesome I'll contact her for the numbers. :)
+17 votes
Is it acceptable to nominate for just a few of the categories or must we submit the entire list?
answered by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
If you can only think of people for a few and not all then that's fine. :)
Thank you!
No prob! :)
+7 votes
5. Tree Surgeon - Bea Wijma

6. Most Friendly WikiTreer - Bea Wijma

7. Most Helpful WikiTreer - Bea Wijma
answered by Dr. Ted Vandevis G2G2 (2.4k points)
Please email the nominations as ones posted will not count. Thank you! :-)
+7 votes
I have nominations for a few categories, but may think of more. Can I send my nominations in several batches?

Thank you!
answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (210k points)
Hi Isabelle,

It would be helpful to us if we hold off and send them together.


Susie :-)
+8 votes
5 days of nominating left.. don't forget to nominate! :)
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
Thanks for posting Charlotte. We've had some fantastic nominations so far. Looking forward to moving on the voting stage on Monday! :-)
I am too! :-)
+9 votes
Nominations have been sent out. Will this turn out better than the Oscars? Will Eddie King sweep the awards? We'll find out soon enough! It was hard to pick the ones I wanted to nominate because a lot of people helped me out a great deal. It was hard ya know?

Fifty bucks says Eddie King sweeps the awards. =)
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
Haha, you're on Chris. Oh wait, I can't as I know who's been nominated! Maybe you'll win that $50 after all... Find out on February 10th!
Should have aimed higher...


I mean...What?

Can't wait for February! =D
+6 votes
sounds like a plan.  What's the prize again?  Suggest you put way more tags on this, so more people see it, as not everybody follows those tags you have there.

Took a look at the people excluded, found the ending comment interesting.  A bunch of sci-fi/fantasy geeks?  Count me in on that one.  :D
answered by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
Hi Danielle, the prize is a trophy (to be sent in the post), a badge on your profile, and a huge shout out and congratulations from us during the live hangout WikiTreer Awards on 10 February. What other tags do you suggest? Would be good to reach more people. Feel free to spread the word! Thanks, Susie :-)
add every project tag you can think of, lol.

Might I suggest as a prize for future such, that there be a concerted effort to help break a brick wall for the people who win these prizes?  I know I have access to sources here that many people don't know or can't access.  I'm sure the same is true for a lot of us.
Runner ups get boxes of cremets and a free DNA kit of their choice.


I can dream!

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