I imported a gedcom, and either rejected or accepted all suggested matches; no "add" button.

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I imported a gedcom, and either rejected or accepted all suggested matches, except for those that were "grayed out." I thought at that point I would see an "add" button to add profiles to the site. However, it appears that is not the case. How do I use existing gedcom info to create profiles?
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to do the suggested matches that are grayed out.

A bit of good news, though. When you click on the "COMPARE" button for a person who you have matched with an existing profile, you are likely to see "ADD" buttons on some of their immediate family members who aren't already in Wikitree. So you can start adding people via those links.
thank you!

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Action Buttons

The following action buttons conditionally appear in the WikiTree Profiles column of the main GEDCOMpare table and comparison pop-ups.

  • Add: Click this button to create a profile for the person on WikiTree.
    • Add buttons don't appear on the main table until all suggested matches in your GEDCOM have been confirmed or rejected. This could be a pain in the butt if there are a lot of bad suggestions but we believe it's important for preventing the creation of duplicate profiles that would later need to be merged.
    • Add buttons don't appear on comparison pop-ups until all suggested matches for all of the starting person's nuclear family members have been confirmed or rejected.
  • Edit: On comparison pop-ups use this button to edit an existing profile on WikiTree.
    • Edit buttons only appear when there is a confirmed match.
  • Compare: Every suggested, matched, or rejected WikiTree ID will have a compare button next to it. Clicking it takes you to a detailed comparison pop-up with more action buttons.
  • Compare With: If there are no suggested or confirmed matches but you think the person may be on WikiTree, click this button to enter a WikiTree ID manually.
  • Match: On comparison pop-ups use this button to confirm that the person in your GEDCOM and the profile on WikiTree represent the same person.
  • Match With: This action button appears on comparison pop-ups by nuclear relatives of the starting person in your GEDCOM. It enables you to directly set a match for a corresponding relative of the starting profile on WikiTree without comparing them first.
  • Reject: On comparison pop-ups use this button to reject a suggested match. Only do this if the profile on WikiTree does not represent the person in your GEDCOM.
answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (564k points)

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