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The United States History Project and its myriad sub-projects cover the people, places, and events through time in the geographic region that we know today as the United States of America. See the US History Project page for information on our scope of activity, our sub-projects, and some related projects.

If you are a WikiTree member who would like to help improve profiles and other WikiTree content in one or more of the US History sub-projects, please:

  1. Introduce yourself by answering this post. (Please post an answer, not a comment.) Tell us about your interests in US history -- and how you intend to contribute -- and we will get you a US History badge.
  2. Add us_history to your followed tags, as well as tags for any specific states or special topics that you are focusing on.

Please be sure to check out our project page for links to the various sub-projects you might want to join. Note that several other specialized US-related projects, such as US Southern Colonies, Mayflower, Puritan Great Migration, and the 1776 Project, have their own badges separate from this one. You don't also need to join the US History project to participate in one of those projects, but most of us work on multiple topics and may want to be in more than one project.

Thank you!

Please post your request to join us as an answer, not a comment. Comments are liable to get overlooked!

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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
closed by Ellen Smith

Hi I would love to join the project. I am the descendant of many early settlers including Col James Mead from Rutland VT Mead-711

Hi, Lopi. You already have the badge for the US History Project. As you build out your family tree, please reach out to other project members whose families share the same families, geographies, or historical events.
Hi, My name is April I am interested in the U.S History project I am really interested in Utah, Ohio, and North Carolina and I would like to contribute however I may be able to help.
Welcome to this project, April. You have the project badge now! When you are getting ready to dive into a focused research effort, I suggest that you introduce yourself to the leader(s) or coordinator(s) of the US History sub-project(s) relevant to your topic -- see for the list.
Several generations of my mother's family were in Tennessee after coming in at Virginia and the Carolinas. I have found out recently that my 3rd g-g-father, John C Proctor, was murdered 1872, on the highway between Jackson, Tn and Corinth, Miss.

I am interested in joining for Massachusetts. I've got at least 12 different connections to Salem including 3 direct ancestor victims and another great-uncle.  Have several Revolutionary War vets, about 30 PGM members and the founders of Watertown, Rowley, Topsfield, Newbury and Salem. 

Bret Cantwell 

Thanks to Jamie and Bret for volunteering! You have the badge now.

Folks: To request a badge, please post an ANSWER to this thread. Comments may get overlooked.

Hello!  I am very interested in joining the Kentucky and the Ohio projects.  I am new, but I have traced one line to the 1700s with lots of help.  I would love to be able to help someone.

There are a lot of family cemeteries that need to be documented.

Glad that you are joining us, A -- and congratulations on tracing that one family line!

You have the US History badge now -- please get in touch with coordinators Cheryl (for Kentucky) and Terri (for Ohio) to introduce yourself, let them know what you're working on, etc.

I would like to join the U.S. History Project. In addition to multiple Revolutionary War Patriots among our ancestors I have also discovered that we are descended from Mayflower passengers. I sit in awe of each new discovery since as a girl I was sure that our family was the absolute, only family in the world with the last name of Ottinger. Imagine my surprise! I am especially interested in the Missouri and Tennessee projects too.

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I have a few generations born in Smith County Texas including myself. The family migrated from VA to TN on one branch and eventually made their way thru GA and Alabama eventually settling in Tyler Texas

Hi, Dan. You weren't logged in when you posted this message. Are you Brown-62337?

Yes that is me, I will give more history details in a few days as soon as time permits
OK, I'll get you the US History badge. Thanks for volunteering!

There are good reasons for being logged in to Wikitree when you post here. (Protects your identity, lets others contact you offline, gives you credit for your contributions, etc.)  I believe there's a way to log in and claim the posts that you made when you were logged out.
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Hi! I would love to be involved in this project!! I'm already involved with Alabama Roots and have the badge for it but I think I need to be signed up here also. I love any kind of history.  Besides the research I'm doing for Alabama Roots I'm also researching my ancestors involvement in the different wars.

Thanks so much
by Kimberly McComb G2G6 Mach 2 (24.4k points)

Alabama Roots is part of the US History project, and doesn't have its own badge, so you needed this one. You have it now. Thanks for joining us!

I suggest that you add Alabama to your list of followed tags. If you compare with you will see that there's far more activity on the Alabama tag.

Thank you!!!
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I would like to join the US History Project. I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and love US History. I would also like to join the Texas Project. I am a native Texan and member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
by Mary Ellen Alvis G2G5 (5.5k points)

Welcome to this project, Mary Ellen. You have the US History badge now.

Please add us_history and texas to your Followed Tags list and send a message to the leaders of the Texas Project to introduce yourself to them.

Thank you, Ellen. I am pleased to be a member of these projects that represent history so dear to me with ancestors from both Colonial Virginia and Texas colonists
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Hi! I'd love to be added to this project. I'm interested in Georgia specifically. I'm a native Georgian and most of my recent family seem to be from here as well.
by Katie Goodwin G2G6 Mach 2 (25.3k points)
Welcome to the project, Katie! Now you've got me humming "Georgia, Georgia ... Just an old sweet song Keeps Georgia on my mind."
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I would like to join the US History Project.  I worked as an Analyst for the Missouri State Archives. I have worked on my own family tree since I was 18 years old.  I am now 71 years old and would just like to help others with their genealogy.
by Janet Sapanas G2G Crew (530 points)
Glad to have you on our team, Janet!
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Hi! I'm looking to join the US History project to continue to research and contribute to related state projects. My early family ancestors settled in North Carolina and migrated west to Tennessee and Missouri.
by James Burke G2G Crew (630 points)
Glad you joined us, James!
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I would like to join the US History project. I am a DAR member, am one elusive record away from the Mayflower Society, lol, and recently learned my GG GF was wounded fighting for the Union at the Battle of Gaines' Mill during the Civil War.  I LOVE this stuff!
by Kelley Rosenbach G2G6 Mach 1 (11.4k points)
Thanks for joining us, Kelley!
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I would like to join the US History Project.  I live in Kansas but my family has lived in Gasconade County, Missouri, for generations.  I have researched this area for years and have much information.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (261k points)
Welcome to the project, Michelle! Some of the best genealogy comes from researchers who have immersed themselves in a specific area.
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I'd like to join the US History project and the Pennsylvania project. Thanks!
by Alison McClintock G2G3 (3.9k points)
You have a badge now, Alison! Sorry that I overlooked you earlier...
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Hi,  I have been working on some Space pages to try to find ways to help me navigate US History.   See:

I found a lot of states without a History Category, so I added them.  All states now have History Categories.   

I have also been exploring ways to highlight minority histories within US History, mapping out the various colonial and territories in the US, identifying topical categories, and identifying various types of people (artists, authors, outlaws, etc.).

 Hope this is helpful.

Colonel Moore
by G. Moore G2G6 Mach 3 (34.6k points)
Thanks for taking that initiative, G!
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Im new to geneaology and to this site. I started due to inheriting family artifacts, lists & pictures. I have traced one line (lightly & with the help of others' manuscripts) to the German Boon family. I hope to fill in this family line and the stories some left.
My family settled in Texas in the 1860s. I have pictures of the first generation to present direct family.
 I hope you accept me as a member.
 Thank you for your time,
by M Hilliard G2G6 Mach 1 (13.0k points)
Thank you for joining this project, Michelle. With your heritage among German settlers in Texas, I guess your focus would be in the Texas project.

Now that you've made some progress in adding your family members, I look forward to seeing you enhance their biographies by adding more data, sources, and images, as well as sharing lore with other WikiTree members who are interested in similar heritage.
Texas and New Mexico are my areas of interest, with a little Ohio / Indiana mixed in.
Thanks for outlining your interests, M.
Welcome to the Texas Project M!

Here is the link to the Project page.

We do indeed have German settlers in many of the counties such as Comal, Bastrop, Gillespie and more..  You will enjoy reading what we have put together so far.

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My RL keeps me too busy to join projects and be able to commit to them.  But when I do find things that may help i like to give them .  I went into the Kansas Projects and subcatagories, clicked on the Kansas Resourses page and it says page doesn't exist, so just bring to you here what maybe of a lot of use. Territorial Kansas Online 1853-1861 - A Virtual Repository for Territorial Kansas History,  the page shows 771 results

The site is very well set up, and the links to many other topics within Kansas appear to all work, that link into Immigration & Early settlment, & other things. hope it helps.  :-)
by Arora Anonymous G2G6 Pilot (106k points)
edited by Arora Anonymous
That's a fascinating resource, Arora. Thanks! I passed it along to the Kansas subproject.
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I'm interested mostly in Virginia history (and the bits that were DC at one time). My husband's line did not stray far from Arlington as far back as we can trace it, mid-1700s. My paternal grandmother's line goes back to 1600 settlers in Accomack, and lots of other ancestors in various parts of the state.

Also interested in Michigan history, trying to solve a mystery/brick wall.
by Pam Ellis G2G3 (3.6k points)
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I would like to join the project.  I will be joining the Maine Project and have been working on a One Place Study (Richmond Island in Cape Elizabeth or Scarborough Maine - depending on source and timeframe!).
by Doris Miller G2G6 (8.6k points)
+6 votes

Yes, please add me to your group.  My Hubbard line came from both Virginia and North Carolina, but currently, I'm stuck on one Hubbard where it ends with his birth in 1814 along the border of Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina.  I'm trying to trace his line beyond that point, particularly to as far back as the beginnings of and before the American Revolution, but as I mentioned, I'm stuck.  Any help that can be offered in this search, would be greatly appreciated.

by Shane Hubbard G2G Crew (540 points)
+6 votes
I would like to join.

Born in Missouri. Lived in several states because of the US Navy. Currently residing in Virginia.
by CJ Hall G2G Crew (750 points)
Thanks for joining us, CJ! I see that Missouri is one of your main interests.
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I came here by way of the Ohio project page. Specifically I'm interested in southeastern Ohio, where a great portion of my family has settled and farmed for generations.
by Gwendolyn Madewell G2G2 (2.1k points)
Happy to welcome you to the project, Gwendolyn. Do introduce yourself to Terri, the Ohio project coordinator, if you haven't done so already.
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I'd like to be part of the North Dakota project. Thanks!
by J Ulshafer G2G3 (3.4k points)

Thanks for volunteering, J! I'm giving you the US History badge. Do introduce yourself to Alison Andrus, the North Dakota project coordinator, if you've not done so already, and add north_dakota to your followed tags.

+5 votes

I'm Janet Spivey Clifton, a homeschooling, history-loving, native Texan.  I would like to join the US History Project and the Texas Project.  Please sign me up!  Thank you.

All the best,

by Janet Clifton G2G6 Mach 4 (48.8k points)
Thank you for volunteering, Janet! Please be sure to introduce yourself to the Texas Project leadership -- I predict that they will be pleased to have you on their team.
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I have traced my ancestors to Fort Orange, New York and Somerset, Maryland in the 1600s. I would like to join a project!
by Brenda Carter G2G2 (2.5k points)

Hi, Brenda. Glad for you to join us! It looks like you are busy working on your mostly-post-colonial family history. As a member of this project, you may want to get involved with creating pages for local "place" topics related to your family's history. Do coordinate with the leadership of relevant subprojects of U.S. History. And when you get to the point of working on your earlier ancestry, PLEASE coordinate with relevant projects such as New Netherland Settlers (which covers Fort Orange) and the Maryland Project to learn about the special issues involved with the early colonial period in the areas where your ancestors lived.

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