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The United States History Project and its myriad sub-projects cover the people, places, and events through time in the geographic region that we know today as the United States of America. See the US History Project page for information on our scope of activity, our sub-projects, and some related projects.

If you are a WikiTree member who would like to help improve profiles and other WikiTree content in one or more of the US History sub-projects, please:

  1. Introduce yourself by answering this post. (Please post an answer, not a comment.) Tell us about your interests in US history -- and how you intend to contribute -- and we will get you a US History badge.
  2. Add us_history to your followed tags, as well as tags for any specific states or special topics that you are focusing on.

Please be sure to check out our project page for links to the various sub-projects you might want to join. Note that several other specialized US-related projects, such as US Southern Colonies, Mayflower, Puritan Great Migration, and the 1776 Project, have their own badges separate from this one. You don't also need to join the US History project to participate in one of those projects, but most of us work on multiple topics and may want to be in more than one project.

Thank you!

Please post your request to join us as an answer, not a comment. Comments are liable to get overlooked!

asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (848k points)
closed by Ellen Smith

Hi I would love to join the project. I am the descendant of many early settlers including Col James Mead from Rutland VT Mead-711

Hi, Lopi. You already have the badge for the US History Project. As you build out your family tree, please reach out to other project members whose families share the same families, geographies, or historical events.
Hi, My name is April I am interested in the U.S History project I am really interested in Utah, Ohio, and North Carolina and I would like to contribute however I may be able to help.
Welcome to this project, April. You have the project badge now! When you are getting ready to dive into a focused research effort, I suggest that you introduce yourself to the leader(s) or coordinator(s) of the US History sub-project(s) relevant to your topic -- see for the list.
Several generations of my mother's family were in Tennessee after coming in at Virginia and the Carolinas. I have found out recently that my 3rd g-g-father, John C Proctor, was murdered 1872, on the highway between Jackson, Tn and Corinth, Miss.

I am interested in joining for Massachusetts. I've got at least 12 different connections to Salem including 3 direct ancestor victims and another great-uncle.  Have several Revolutionary War vets, about 30 PGM members and the founders of Watertown, Rowley, Topsfield, Newbury and Salem. 

Bret Cantwell 

Thanks to Jamie and Bret for volunteering! You have the badge now.

Folks: To request a badge, please post an ANSWER to this thread. Comments may get overlooked.

Hello!  I am very interested in joining the Kentucky and the Ohio projects.  I am new, but I have traced one line to the 1700s with lots of help.  I would love to be able to help someone.

There are a lot of family cemeteries that need to be documented.

Glad that you are joining us, A -- and congratulations on tracing that one family line!

You have the US History badge now -- please get in touch with coordinators Cheryl (for Kentucky) and Terri (for Ohio) to introduce yourself, let them know what you're working on, etc.

I would like to join the U.S. History Project. In addition to multiple Revolutionary War Patriots among our ancestors I have also discovered that we are descended from Mayflower passengers. I sit in awe of each new discovery since as a girl I was sure that our family was the absolute, only family in the world with the last name of Ottinger. Imagine my surprise! I am especially interested in the Missouri and Tennessee projects too.

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Since I was in the 5th grade... oh about 1966 I've been looking for my great great grandmother Carmelita's history. Mostly I have oral history from her daughter-in-law Eva Tischer Jordan Jensen (who lived to be 103 years old). Carmelita (born in Mexico 1834) and Andrew Peters Jordan had three children. Andrew Peters Jordan came to California with his cousin Peters Andrew Jordan from Ellsworth, ME before 1850.
answered by Melissa Jordan G2G1 (1.2k points)
Welcome to this project, Melissa! Do introduce yourself to the coordinators for California (see for details).
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I am interested in North Carolina history as my husband has long family histories including Gardner and Grady families in Wayne County.  Also has Creech family from Jamestown links.  Wilson family from Virginia and Kentucky.  Would love to assist in this area.   Many members from Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War.
answered by Sony Niekamp G2G Crew (450 points)

Thank you for joining us, Sony. You now have the US History badge.  :-)

Do get acquainted with Paula J and Mary Richardson. Not only do they provide the main leadership of the North Carolina project, but they are involved with several other projects for parts of the American South where you and your husband have ancestral family.

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I love history and have always used my knowledge of the USA to gather information for my family  and friends  when ever needed. I was born and raised in  the small town of Portland , Indiana. And have lived in Orange Counry ,California for 39 years.  I look forward to this exciting opportunity.
answered by Sheri Stigall G2G Crew (790 points)
Welcome to this project, Sheri! I wonder what you will choose to work on first? Whatever you decide, I suggest that consult the US History project page to find the coordinators for the area, and contact them to introduce yourself and let them know what you are working on.
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I would like to join the Iowa project, thank you.
answered by Victoria Maloy G2G Crew (330 points)

Hi, Victoria. I've given you the US History Project badge. Please introduce yourself to Iowa project leader Abby Glann (see the project page for a link to her profile) and let her know of your interests and plans. :-)

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The more time we spend on our family trees, the greater the apprecation of the history of the place.  I am interested in several places, but have limited time to contribute.

Of particular interest, that I discovered, was that my ancestor Gregory Belcher arrived in south Boston Harbor in 1634.  He built a house in 1666 which still stands in Quincy (previously Braintree), Mass.  The most interesting aspect of this is that the home is just 75 feet from the home where President John Adams was born.  He eventually bought the Belcher home and John Quincy Adams was born in the home.  The Massachusetts Historical Society has digitized archives that include the letters of John and Abilgail Adams.  SInce John was gone often, it appears John referred Abigail to Belcher to help her in his absence on numerous occaisions.  This is one of many interesting discoveries I have been fortunate to find.  I have found numeous connections to the timeframe and region through marriages.  The Massachusetts Tous records have been very helpful in that regard.

Also very interested in my German ancestory would arrived in mid 1750's ending up in Missouri about 1790 or so.  Lots of gapping holes in the life of my John Wendal Angle/ Engel.

Laurie Angel - my great grandfather changed the name from Angle.
answered by Laurie Angel G2G2 (2.3k points)
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Well, in fact, I had already requested and been added to the project.  Thank you.
answered by Laurie Angel G2G2 (2.3k points)
Well, thanks for sharing the interesting info about your family history!
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Hi I'm interested in US history and am researching branches of my family in a number of places in Pennsylvania going back to colonial times and a few in New Jersey and New York in the mid 1800s. I'm hoping to join these projects and help however I can. Thanks.
answered by Katherine Campbell G2G Crew (700 points)

Welcome to the US History Project, Katherine! Do introduce yourself to the coordinators for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (See the US History Project page for their contact information.)

When I looked at your family tree, I noticed several Pennsylvania families with members who arrived as part of the Palatine Migration, so the Palatine Migration Project (part of German Roots) is another one you might want to explore (shameless plug for another of my projects).

Thanks Ellen! I definitely have a lot of ancestors who participated in the Palatine Migration so I will definitely sign up there too. Thank you for the suggestions!
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Hi, I'm Mark, already a member of the 1776 Project and interested in joining other U.S. History group projects. On behalf of the Hall, Smith, French and Armstrong families, I wish to join the Great Puritan Migration project (for Quaker relatives in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York), and (alas) the French-Indian War sub-project, because not all of the boys were good at quilting. The Smiths of Virginia especially were gun-toting Over the Mountain men who fought in many battles and helped to settle Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas, before kicking up more dust in the Civil War.
answered by Mark Shernick G2G Crew (880 points)

Hello, Mark. You definitely belong in the US History project, so I've given you the badge. Thank you for volunteering!

However, several of the various specific interests you mention are covered by separate projects (including the Quakers project and Puritan Great Migration) that are closely related, but not strictly part of US History.  I suggest that check out their pages to find out what these projects do and see how you might get involved.

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May I please become a member of the Pennsylvania project?  I was born there and many family lines originate from there.  I am particularly interested in the part of Pennsylvania nearest West Virginia and Maryland as that is where my maternal and paternal lines all come from.

Thanks, Cindy
answered by Cindy Lesure G2G6 Mach 7 (76.2k points)
Glad to have you, Cindy! Steven Schmidt is the Coordinator for Pennsylvania; please let him know that you are "on board" now.
Ellen, I cannot seem to find Steven Schmidt or any of the States projects at all!  Where am I going wrong on this??  Silly me, I am supposed to know these things!  Can you give me a link so I can find it?  Please & thank you!

All of the state-specific sub-projects and their leaders/coordinators are listed on the United States History Project page at -- specifically, look under the State Projects subheading. Also, every state project has its own Project page, such as Project: Pennsylvania.

You ARE the best!  Many Thanks to you!!
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Both sides of my family have deep roots in Western North Carolina.  Specifically Madison and Buncombe Counties.  I am interested in family names of Gosnell, West, Hughes, Sinclair and Redmon.   Would love to exchange info with anyone interested in the same surnames.
answered by Kelley Link G2G Rookie (290 points)
Welcome, Kelley! I expect you'll find some mutually beneficial interactions here on WikiTree. You now have the US History badge, and I see you've already added your name to the volunteer list on .      :-)
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Hi, I'm Thomas Fuller. I'm very interested in the history of the United States, especially, Michigan, Kentucky, and New York, where most of my ancestors come from. Also interested in the Great Migration of the Puritans, some of the New York ancestors came from New England beforehand and are descended from those lineages.

In the short to medium term, my contributions will likely be heavily concentrated on the Michigan subproject.
answered by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 1 (16.5k points)

Glad to welcome you, Thomas! I think your plan to focus on your relatively recent ancestors in Michigan (and elsewhere) for now is a wise one -- there's plenty to be done with adding sources, biographies, and more family before you start wading into the 17th century. Do contact Michigan Project coordinator Zachary Smith to introduce yourself.

Thanks Ellen. I did reach out to Zaccary, although he seems to be on a temporary hiatus.
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Both sides of my family trace back to the Winthrop and Higginson Fleets..... my mother's also to the Mayflower.  Those facts go a long way in contributing to my interest in the history of our country and how my antecedents were a part of that history.  By adding to the narrative (their biographies) I can elevate the events of their time.  Thank you.

Dave Jenkins
answered by Dave Jenkins G2G1 (1.4k points)

Welcome to the US History project, Dave. The ancestry you have recorded here so far includes colonial (and later) people in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New York, so it would be beneficial for you to be consulting with the US History subprojects that deal with those states (in addition to the Quaker project that you are also part of).

If you are interested in working on profiles for your ancestors who arrived on the Mayflower or in the Winthrop and Higginson fleets, please become familiar with the protocols and expectations for the specialized Mayflower and Puritan Great Migration projects.

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Thank you, Bob, for responding to my question about opening profiles. I think US_History_Mass will do for starters.
answered by b Paulson G2G3 (3k points)
Welcome to this project, b. You have the US History badge now, and it sounds like you are already interacting with the Massachusetts project.
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Slowly but surely, I am transferring a vast amount of information from FamilySearch. (I wish I had started using WikiTree sooner). Most of my ancestors arrived in the Americas before the American Revolution.
answered by Weston Cox G2G1 (1.6k points)

Welcome, Weston! It's great that you have joined WikiTree -- better late than never!

When you work on adding your colonial ancestry, please be mindful of WikiTree's special guidance on pre-1700 ancestors (and other early ancestors). There are several projects focused on particular periods and places in colonial America -- and concerned with avoiding duplicate profiles and encouraging top-quality sourcing.

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Hi, I've been talking to Bob Keniston of the Massachusetts project about my interest in ancestors from Massachusetts and Connecticut. He suggested I  begin by joining the US_HISTORY project, and here I am :-)
answered by Chip White G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi, Chip. You've started working with two of the most important projects in US History (OK, I'm saying that because I also have deep roots in Massachusetts and Connecticut) and now you have the US History badge!  Welcome!
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I am a D.A.R. member and love US History. Two of my ancestor surnames are Lewis and Clark  of the Lewis & Clark expedition team. I also have several ancestors who were emigrants to the colonies.


Evelyn Miller
answered by Evelyn Miller G2G Crew (680 points)
Welcome to this project, Evelyn.
Thank you for adding me.

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Please add me to the US History project.  I've always been interested in the history that connects to my tree, like Joseph Wadsworth and the Connecticut Charter Oak and the family lore that got me interested in family history as a kid, a connection to Pres. Andrew Jackson (probably not verifiable).  

I'm especially interested in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut subprojects, working on my deep New England roots and also continuing work on the 1774 census of Rhode Island project.
answered by Barry Smith G2G6 Mach 2 (22.6k points)
Welcome to the project, Barry. I'm surprised you weren't already a member!
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I've been quiet for a while due to work :( but looking to get active again.

I have created many US profiles and I am interested in the U.S history project to focus the next phase of my efforts.

When I have time, I look at US military history links and links to the relevant cemeteries.
answered by Philip Gale G2G6 Mach 1 (10.5k points)
Thanks for joining us!
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I would like to join the project please.

answered by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Mach 5 (56.3k points)
Welcome! You may also want to request the Westward Ho! badge.
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Most of my ancestors are from Fayette County, or Lancaster County PA and were heavily involved in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, The Civil War and others.  As a young girl, I was taken to see "Fort Gaddis" and "Fort McCoy" and could show anybody where Braddock's Army marched.  Pittsburg is one of my favorite cities and summer home as a child when I visited my Uniontown relatives.  Almost every family had Revolutionary War vets, but we never joined DAR.  I want my grown children to know and love these historic places as I do.
answered by Cindy Boughton G2G1 (1.1k points)

Welcome! Do introduce yourself to the Pennsylvania project.

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