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WikiTree profile: Laura Bozzay
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asked in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
closed by Laura Bozzay

Hi Roberta, Is your GEDCOM on your computer/software or at another paid genealogy website? How large is your GEDCOM? I looked at your contributions and did not see that you had uploaded a Gedcom for Gedcompare. Uploaded GEDCOM's are removed (after 30 days I think) if you did not work on or use it after a period of time. On 17 Dec. 2017 I posted a comment on your profile in answer to your GEDCOM questions. You can click one of the two GEDCOM Mentors names to send them a personal message asking for help with your GEDCOM. Also, links to the Help page for GEDCOM's and GEDCOMpare are in the comment I posted on your profile.

Laura, Thanks and:

I'm not finding your message sent to me today in my email that I sent you.

I will check my gedcom to discover how many people I have, but 100K is impossible, I think.

I'll follow your advice to do it by hand if I must (arghhhhh!). How did your collaborators show themselves to you? They must be miracle workers. Bless them.

David, hi and thanks for thinking about this too.

My Balkans Gedcom: I have it on my computer and it's been there a long time, since summer of 2014. After that I was immersed in originating the Jewish Roots Project.

In my excel file, it's HUGE: 12415 LINES, I shudder to think of it.

I see from Laura's information, it's possib;e to work on one line and others later. That would take a lifetime for me with my non-tech and varifiably old brain. 

Is it possible to select out the English and Scottish names and keep at first only the Jewish names, and later add the German names? That would obscure the possible connections between the two of course.  I'll recheck my profile page--the holidays interfered probably.

I'm so grateful for your seasoned awarenesses and assistance, David, just as I am for Laura's. I'd rather be the one helping others, but I started this search too late in my life, and technology wasn't on my side when I started to be curious about it.

--So gratefully, Roberta


Hi back Roberta, Not sure that an Excell file (even if it is a copy of your family tree) can be uploaded as a GEDCOM to WikiTree. Usually, a GEDCOM is saved in a software program made for genealogy or at a paid genealogy website. It would be best if you contacted one of the GEDCOM Mentors I listed on your profile and ask them for help on this. Back before the GEDCOM/GEDCOMPare process changed I like Laura chose to enter my family/ancestors one by one manually.
Hi Roberta,  the file I sent you is smaller.  Just one of the surnames.  not 100k names although I have done that... but it is too big to email.

Collaborators seem to find me in several ways and either send me a private message here on WikiTree or post something in G2G or because I admin several lists for rootsweb (when it is working) they contact me on those or the boards I admin.  Then I also am a co-moderator on one Yahoo Genealogy Group and admin for several others so they can find me there too.  Plus I have had an article about Contextual Genealogy published in several genealogical magazines some in English and some in French.  Plus I have permissioned it for a genealogy blog so people can find me there.  Lastly via DNA results.  So I am pretty easy to find actually.
Some of the newer gedcom programs let you upload data from Excel but that is not what I have my spreadsheets set up for.  They are set up to do analysis on the entries to find duplicates, to find improbable dates... doing things kind of like what we do as Data Doctors here.  I have been doing this for 20 years.  Because my glass maker family can have 3 versions or more a one person's name I did this so I could look at everyone who shared a birth date initially.   Then I could see Hans Walter, Johann Walter and Jean Walter along with Jean Georges dit Chambre Walter and Georges Walter who all shared the same wife and same birthdate...  they just had variations of the same name...

Well the weekend is winding down.  It is now Monday on the East Coast.

Here in the Midwest midnight is about 25 minutes away.

Be safe on roads tomorrow for all those driving in areas with weather issues.

Thanks for joining us on the Weekend Chat!

Thank you, Laura, for hosting! It has been fun and close to time for some ZZZZzzzz's. Have a great week my friend.

I still have lots of work to do...  Hope to be in dreamland in next 2 hours.  

The chat is always fun!
Thank you very much for this information, I will use the new tools. Thanks Glen

24 Answers

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​My List:


Measurements: seriously?

Weight: Again, seriously?

Turn-ons: Family & Friends

Turn-offs:  Political Bashing

Favorite activities: Gardening, Designing, Genealogy 

Favorite misheard song lyric AKA mondegreen: Blinded By The Light

Favorite song lyric: What you need is in your soul...Lynyrd Skynyrd

Guilty pleasures: Pizza, Mashed Potatoes, Ice Cream...

Ambitions: Health & Happiness for my Family & Friends

Favorite concert:  Rolling Stones

Favorite books:   Icelandic Tales

Favorite movies: Midway, Father Goose, Field of Dreams

Favorite TV show: Vikings 

Favorite SIrius XM Station: Lithium, Classic Rock

Favorite relative:  I can't name just one.

Favorite job ever: Landscape Division Director

Worst job ever: Making Pallets from Recycled Pallets  

Sports played: football, swimming, wrestling, track, golf

Pets: Black Cats

Foods I crave:  Italian, Pretzels, Seafood

People I admire: Military, police and first responders

Bucket list: See every state in the US

Favorite song to sing: Simple Man

In the morning: Work out, Wikitree, Landscape Designing

In the evening: Posting Landscape Advice on Houzz, Checking e-mail,  working on WikiTree, checking Facebook 

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
I like to listen to Lithium, too. Funny story: we were in a local pizza joint and it's kinda hipster-ish. They were playing the Lithium station and I was singing along to some of the songs. The waiter looked at me and said that he was impressed that "someone my age" knew this music. WHAT? lol. Well, I am 60, but I've listened to current rock all through my life.
All of you that did that Natlie did on her profile should include you all on you'll profiles.Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Merry Epiphany! January 6th is the traditional date that the Magi arrived in Bethlehem to give their gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus. When I was a teenager, I thought that we should really be giving gifts on Epiphany, in memory of that event, rather than on Christmas Day. (Mostly, that was so we could concentrate on Jesus Himself on Christmas Day, although the thought did not escape me that exchanging gifts on Epiphany would let us take advantage of the Boxing Day sales...)

Here in Fort Erie, it's a balmy -17˚ C (+2˚ F), and today has been mostly sunny.

Actually, I did make contact with a new cousin this week. I was looking for leads on my great great grandfather Allan West, and found him on a couple of other family tree sites. I found his father's first name, his grandfather, and several great uncles and great aunts. And all of them were already on WikiTree, just not connected to each other, so between Allan and his grandfather and great uncles and great aunts, I think the work of about 5-6 WikiTreers all connect together. I also made contact with the webmaster of one of the family tree sites, and heard back from him. He's my fifth cousin once removed, which makes him the most distant living relative with a common ancestor that I have found so far.

The new West connections supposedly show me in direct descent from Charlemagne, a baron who fought under William the Conqueror, a King of Iceland, a Viking warlord, and sundry other celebrities of the Middle Ages. Since there are a bunch of connections that are completely unsourced, and others that are disputed, it's probably all rot, but amusing. I should really tell my older brother to apply for his rightful place as heir of the Carolingian Empire. ;-)

answered by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (167k points)
edited by Greg Slade
Great research and collaboration!  Thanks for sharing t!

And, for fun, Natalie's questions:

Measurements: Metric, of course. 

Weight: Mass, actually. 

Favorite activities: Depends when you ask me. First thing in the morning, it's definitely sleeping. If I could, I'd get up at the crack of noon.

Favorite song lyric: "Choose your battles carefully, there are so few wars worthwhile to wage. You better pick your battles carefully, there are so few wars worthwhile to wage. Better think about the fallout every time you fly into a rage." (Randy Stonehill, "Spirit Walk", from Spirit Walk)

Guilty pleasures: I actually like Kraft Dinner.

Ambitions: Finding every single ship that my assorted ancestors sailed to North America on, and lining the walls of my living room with models of each. (Not gonna happen. Apparently, model kit makers don't generally put out model kits for passenger ships. Once you get beyond a few particularly famous liners [like the Queen Mary, Titanic, and Lusitania], models of passenger liners are as scarce as hen's teeth.)

Favorite concert: Daniel Amos and Randy Stonehill in Vancouver, probably sometime between 1980 and 1983.

Favorite books: Almost anything written by C.S. Lewis, Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, C.J. Cherryh, or C.S. Forester. Mirabile, by Janet Kagan. 

Favorite movies: Shrek, The Moon, Inkheart, The Dish

Favorite TV show: Eureka, Quantum Leap

Favorite Sirius XM Station: Like I have enough money to pay that much for a receiver, and then a subscription fee every month! (Okay, yeah. When I get a rental car, and it has a Sirius XM receiver, and the initial free trial hasn't expired, I tune it to The Message.)

Favorite relative: My wife. (At the end of our wedding reception, I looked around and asked, "Has anybody seen my wife?" Her daughter said, "You like saying that word, don't you?" and I said, "Oh, yeah.")

Favorite job ever: Being paid to do web research all day by a dotcom during the boom.

Worst job ever: Guarding a block of boarded-up buildings during record cold weather, with nowhere to shelter. Just walking around and around the block for eight hours to keep from freezing to death.

Sports played: When I joined Facebook, I thought it would be fun to put "Extreme Tiddlywinks". I was all proud of myself for being so original, until I hit "Save", and Facebook told me that 270 other people played the same sport.

Pets: Does the squirrel living in a tree in our back yard count?

Foods I crave: I'm on a seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it. 

People I admire: WikiTreers who can connect unconnected branches without flailing around in every direction for a year and a half before finding the connection.

Bucket list: Visit every country that had a pavilion at Expo '67 or Expo '86.

Favorite song to sing: Little impromptu love songs I make up and sing to my wife (and sometimes real love songs, or at least the parts I can remember).

In the morning: Bribe myself out of bed with the promise of breakfast.

In the evening: Read to my wife (currently working through Anne of Green Gables and II Corinthians).

Greg you should put that on you profile like Natalie did. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Loved "Eureka!" What a fun show that was. Now that it's "SyFy" channel, the quality is awful, so they put out the "Sharknado" films.
I agree, Eureka was smart and fun!  Understood it was entertainment!
I always wonder how some of the junk gets money to be made....  good writing, acting and direction is worth its weight in gold because people will pay to see good stuff.
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I haven't done much, genealogy wise, myself since Sunday evening.. I can't wait until this finger is healed as it is screwing up my typing. LOL Here's to getting back into the swing of things other than work and sleep. LOL
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (918k points)
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Sorry you hurt you finger.  It can be an issue for sure.  Get well soon!
Thanks! Hoping the feeling comes back to the tip. Right now it feels like it's asleep.
Wine glasses are dangerous and should be labeled as such!! Get well soon, Charlotte. You could just use your left hand and peck it out on the keyboard.
LoL thankfully it wasn't a wine glass that broke. :D
Sorry to hear about your finger. Sure hope that it heals ok.
Thanks Kay! :)
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From my genealogy research today. My son in law is a Cook from North Carolina. I have a distant cousin named Jessie Lentz Earnhardt, Earnhardt-214,  who was born, lived and died in North Carolina and he married Beatrice Cook in Concord North Carolina, curious. Jessie died in Kannapolis, North Carolina and that is the city where my daughter and her husband live.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Thank you, Dale! Looks like you have been busy finding family.
David, I am actually trying to reduce my watchlist size and only do minimal edits at this time. I just tripped over this by accident.
Yes thank you Dale. You have been busy finding your family. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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