Do you have Volga Germans in your tree or want to know more about Volga Germans?

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I came across this site when I was trying to get all the Jorsch's in the US into Wikitree. So far I have found only 4 or 5 family lines. 

The Center for Volga German Studies

I had no idea what the Volga Germans were. I thought it was another German Kingdom or something. This is why I love Wikitree; finding those little tidbits of history, hidden away some where on line

And here is another site American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Who knew that people would have a society for such an area of history.


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WikiTree has a Volga Germans Project (a sub-project of German Roots) with a rather long roster of Members. Do consider joining!

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WOW very impressive! You guys and gals have been hard at work.
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Yes, hello.

Do you have Volga German ancestors?

My grandparents come from Mariental in Russia. Their ancestors were all over the place, I've found some from Louis, Chasselois and Obermonjou. Sometimes it's really hard to find more information, but I'm glad that my parents taught me some Russian - that way I can at least read some of the documents and participate in forums.
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The nice thing about these two sites is that they are in English. I've had a lot of luck with local US groups where they settled, in getting bios. and records etc.

I don't think I have a direct line to the Volga Germans. One group of the Jorschs looks like they went west to Holland late 1700's then to Wisconsin USA around 1850 (my line). The other two groups went east to the Volga area then to Wisconsin. I'm still trying to connect/sort them out. With so few Jorschs I'm thinking they must be related.
Ha, maybe we have a distant shared ancestor too then!

I've found that a lot of my ancestors came from the same regions in Germany/France although they're from completely different family lines. Yesterday I found that my grandmother's 4x greatgrandmother had the maiden name "Staub" - just like my grandmother's husband. And it's a very rare name here in Germany, so maybe my grandparents shared the same X times great grandparents without even knowing.
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Thank you for these. I do have direct lineage to the Volga Russians. My paternal grandfather’s family settled there before emigrating to the plains of Canada and then Berrien County, Michigan, where there were a number of Volga German settlers in the late 19th century. 

Here is one more resource, which I haven’t had the chance to use much, at Fairfield University in Connecticut:  I came across this because of Eric Schmaltz’s role in its advisory board. He’s written extensively on the topic of the Volga Germans. 

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They have a lovely little museum/research center in Lincoln, Nebraska. I went in once before I knew much about genealogy. I was greeted warmly at the door and, while I was able to give my greeter the names of my Volga German great grandparents, I did not have dates nor was prepared in any way for their offer to look stuff up for me. Now that I have a bit more information, I will be going back as soon as I can make the time.
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