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Hallo en van harte welkom hier  :)

Wil je lid worden van het Dutch Roots Project ?

Plaats hier dan een antwoord (klik op answer) en stel je even voor, als je ook even zegt in welke namen je geinteresseerd bent kunnen we je misschien zeggen of ze al aanwezig zijn hier en waar je ze kunt vinden. 

Vergeet niet de project pagina's te lezen, want daar kun je alles vinden wat je moet weten over het project en natuurlijk heel veel plezier alvast !

Voor alle Nederlandse leden die behoefte hebben aan WikiTree uitleg in het Nederlands hebben we nu ook het Nederlands Portaal ! (heel handig) 

  1. Van alle leden die lid willen worden van het Dutch Roots Project en die willen werken aan de Nederlandse profielen , vragen we, als je dit niet al gedaan hebt, om eerst de Pre-1700 Self-Certificatie quiz te doen ! en lees aub ook dit goed door: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Kopieer en plak deze categorie : [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] links bovenin je eigen biografie, zo wordt je zichtbaar als lid op de Dutch Roots Project top level pagina, en door erop te klikken kom je ook meteen op de Dutch Roots Top level pagina. (de categorie zelf is dus meteen ook de link naar die pagina)
  3. Voeg dutch_roots toe aan je G2G tag feed followed tags om op de hoogte te blijven van Project discussies en nieuws . Zie : Communicatie
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  5. Voeg je naam en bijvoorbeeld de achternamen of andere project gerelateerde zaken waarin je geinteresseerd bent toe aan de Dutch Roots Project Leden pagina.
  6. Kijk naar de doelen en de To-Do of Taken lijst waar je precies kunt zien wat de taken zijn en of er misschien ook andere dingen zijn waar je mee kunt helpen.

Namens iedereen van harte welkom en bedankt alvast voor het meedoen! 

Hi and welcome :) 

Would you like to join our Dutch Roots Project ?  

Just add an answer (click answer) here and introduce yourself, perhaps you can also tell us something about your names of interest, so we can show if they already are present and where you can find them. 

Here's what you can do already..and don't forget to check out and read the project pages, there you will find everything you need to know !

  1. For all members working on the Dutch Roots project/profiles, if you did'nt already of course, we need to ask you to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz ! and please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Add the category link: [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] at the top of your own biography, this way you become visible as a member at the Dutch Roots Project top level page, and you will get redirected to the Dutch Roots Project Page.
  3. Send a request to join the Dutch Roots Project's Google Group
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  5. Add your name and area or surnames of interest to the Dutch Roots Project Members page.
  6. Check out the Goals and To-Do list to find something to help us work on.

​And of course on behalf of all of us, many thanks for joining in advance and have fun !

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To join, click (the word answer you see a little above) and add an answer, just ignore the word comment, thanks ;) 

Om lid te worden klik (op het woordje answer dat je hierboven ziet) en plaats een antwoord, het woord comment kun je gewoon negeren, bedankt ;) 

Onze vorige join G2G bevat veel antwoorden op FAQ (veel gestelde vragen) 

Our previous Join G2G has a lot of answers to FAQ  (frequently asked questions) 

Hi, I'm Rachel, a very new member to WikiTree still figuring things out. I'm interested in the names Buist, ter Mors, Weber, Witten and Bootsma/n. 

Unfortunately I live in Australia and don't speak Dutch, so I'm a bit hindered in what I can research, but I have some pre-existing family trees I'm putting up.

Hi Rachel,

I see you also added an answer thank you and I'll answer that one eeh thanks for joining and welcome to WIkiTree and the Dutch Roots Project ! :)

Hi Rachel, welcome! I thought I'd reply because I'm also a new member (a few months back) and I'm also from Australia and do not know Dutch. However, it's not usually a problem because a lot of the Dutch sites can be used in English. There are some wonderful Dutch search sites such as WieWasWie where you will see a choice for English at the top. The other wonderful thing is that the Dutch records show a lot more information than some of (my) the English ones.

There are also many helpful people in the Dutch Roots project and you only have to ask a question and someone will help. Bea who replied to you before me is wonderful! Have a scan of asked questions to see what has already been asked.

I have to fit in my family history research between heavy periods of work but am always online so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I don't have time and sometimes don't understand all the projects WikiTree have but one day I might, and in the meantime I just work on what I have time fo.

Have fun and good luck


Hallo allen, Mijn naam is Rob Arzoni, duidelijk van Nederlandse origine, en ben begonnen met mijn Italiaanse wortels (radici) in kaart te brengen. Dat heeft me geleid tot diep in de middeleeuwen en hele mooie verhalen. Inmiddels ben ik begonnen mijn voorouders aan de Nederlandse kant in kaart te brengen. Ik hoop dat ik een bijdrage kan leveren aan de stamboom die ons allen verbindt.

Hello everyone, My name is Rob Arzoni, clearly of Dutch origin wink, and I started to map my Italian roots. That led me deep into the Middle Ages and very beautiful stories. In the meantime I have started to map my ancestors on the Dutch side. I hope I can contribute to the family tree that connects us all. 

Have fun. Rob

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I am researching the surname Vanderpool or Van Der Poel and would like to join!. Thank you!
by Lisa Meszaros G2G2 (2.6k points)

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project Lisa, and not meant as critic, but I think it will help and prevent you will have a lot of work later, if you first take a look at the Dutch Naming convention, because in the Netherlands, the names you are researching (and all other names with prepositions) are never written as Vanderpool or Van Der Poel but as van der Pool or van der Poel + many Dutch before 1811 (that's when all Dutch had to get registered with and adopt an official last name) only were known by Patronymics

As you can are all van der Poel profiles..and here van der's a quite common 'mistake' (for the ones born in the Netherlands) so we still have a lot of work to do to have all those names corrected eeh. At least you are aware right from the start :)  Here's also the Dutch Glossary where the naming, the use of the fields and things are explained in short.

Have fun happy hunting and if you need some help or have questions just ask we all are happy to help !

Greets from the Netherlands 


Thank you so much for the information, Bea! This surname is a fairly new line for me so any guidance is greatly appreciated!

My pleasure and good luck Lisa !
I too am researching that family.  My ancestor  Wijnant Gerritsz, came to America around 1654, but DID NOT start using the surname "van der Poel" until about 10 years later, when the British took over New York.  I DID find a document of a house sale in Amsterdam in 1653, where his wife is recorded as, "Trijntje Melgers, wife of Wijnant Gerritsz van der Poel", but before that, I find nothing.  On his marriage/banns record, Wijnant is listed as "Wijnant Gerrits van Meppelen", meaning he is from the town of Meppel, but whether he was born there, of just lived there previously I cannot determine.  I hope to be added to this Group, so possibly we can share information.
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Hello! I am researching many surnames originating primarily from the Ouddorp/Goedereede/Zeeland areas that include Berkenbosch/Berkenbos,  Dekker, de Ruiter, de Vogel, de Vries, Dubbeldestuiver, Goudswaart, Heijndyk, Hoogmoed, Tanis, Klootwijk, Keuvelaar, Mierop/van Mierop, Oosterling, Rosmolen, van der Meer, Verduijn, Vermeulen, van der Berg, van der Linde, van Cadzand, Ruigentuin/Ruijgentuijn, Kievit, Rotte, Slagboom, Laauwe, Brouwer, Komtebedde/Comtebedde, Cramer, van Strijen, etc.. I have lots of names in my family line.. I would love to collaborate with this group in order to find more reliable sources and add my genealogical knowledge properly to WikiTree. :)

by A, T G2G Crew (500 points)

Hi A, T !

Welkome to the Dutch Roots Project :) At our Dutch Roots Project page you can find all project info .. if you still have questions feel free to ask, we're all happy to help :)

Here's a direct link to our most important links for info for and about Dutch profiles and here you can find our most recent Project update

Good luck, have fun and thanks for joining !

the Dutch Roots Project Team

Thank you Margreet and A T I think if you try a few searches you probably will find a lot of them already are present, you're researching some interesting names, some sound very familiar, so before creating early new profiles always try a search (also with variants of the spelling) if you are lucky you can connect your family to them already. 

Coordinators Astrid and Joop both are working a lot in this area (Zuid-Holland, Zeeland) so if you need some help with finding them or sources I sure would ask them ;) 

Tried just a few ... Rosmolen Vermeulen Dubbeldestuiver de Vries Ruijgentuin 

It looks like one of our members Jorris is researching and working on some similar families, so perhaps you can work together on some ;)

Have fun and sorry for the late response hectic week lot of email so I missed this one, 

Greets from the Netherlands, 


Hi Alyssa, 

I ve been working a lot at Ouddorp and Goedereede as my ancestors Sandifort are from that area, related to the families Tanis, Comtebedde/Komtebedde and Laauwe or Lauwe (even Louwe is possible).

Beware: Ouddorp and Goedereede are situated at the island Goeree-Overflakkee and that is not Zeeland, but Zuid-Holland. :) I made that mistake as well. Thinking all the islands are part of Zeeland! blushsmiley

If you search on those last names you will find some relatives with info I think. Those profiles are not all ready so please feel free to add reliable info with reliable sources as I love to cooperate with you.

Some family members of this family emigrated to the USA (for example Pella, following Refferent Scholte) As your profile only shows the tag Dutch_Roots I am curious from what part of this planet you re searching these family names.  Can you share a little where you re from?

Feel free to send me a private message from my profile and I will share my email adress with you. 

We are always here to help eachother. So feel very free to ask any question. 

Most important: Have fun! 


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I am adding my direct line to wikitree and am also researching the van Dijken and Katuin/Katoen families.
by Evert van Dijken G2G Crew (500 points)

Welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project Evert and thanks for your enthusiasm (and patience ;) ) 

Here you can find all already present van Dijken and  van Dijk profiles, as you can see there are quite a few present here already and all kinds of variants of the spelling LNAB (see for more variants the right side at top of the pages) it's including some with still clearly wrong spellings of the LNAB (if they were born in the Netherlands) And here are all Katuin + variants of the name

Some might actually be profiles of family members you are looking for or were planning to add, but that just need to be sourced and improved and have their LNAB corrected. For those instead of creating new profiles, you can, as you probably already know, just send a trusted list request or add a post if you have sources for or would like to work on them. 

O and to make it a bit more clear (for everyone) how we determine a LNAB for the Dutch profiles (born in the Netherlands); 

We will look for a Birth/Baptism record for the person, if the parent is only mentioned with a patronymic, the child receives a patronymic for LNAB if Jan was a son a man named Evert Hendricks... Jan who was a son of Evert..will for example receive Everts or Evertsz for LNAB ..the ending (so if it was Everts or Evertsz or a different one) depends a bit on time and place. 

But to keep things easy for all of us, if father was registered as Evert Hendricks in the Baptism/Birth record of the child's fine to add Everts as the LNAB for the child... if fathers Patronymic was Hendricksz it's fine to add Evertsz for LNAB. Unless of course the child is  mentioned in the record with the patronymic already, then we will use the names as they appear in the record.

But .... if the baptism/Birth record clearly shows Jan was born as son of a father named Evert Hendriksz Catuin (or Katuin) of course his LNAB would be Catuin (or Katuin).(he was born with that last name)

Because of the inconsistency and for other reasons sometimes the LNAB for each child could be different, so for each person we will use the Baptism/Birth record..if there isn't a baptism or Birth record, we will look at multiple records..

For a patronymic the first name of the father is what's  most important..passing this (first) name on to all next generations was how they made sure the Ancestors lived on and were honored and remembered forever..

Thanks Bea.
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My name is Sonja Merritt (Sientje De Lange) and I live in Brantford Ontaio Canada. I immigrated to Canada in 1957.

I am interested in the last names-Windhorst, De Lange, Van Heezik, Bouman, Kroon.
by Sonja Merritt G2G Crew (530 points)

Hi Sonja, 

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project, can you still understand or read Dutch ? I have some relatives living in Canada and Melissa one of our Project coordinators is Canadian also, she is coordinating the Portal World-The Netherlands Project, so perhaps you would like to join that also ? 

One thing I noticed is you write your own last name as '''De Lange,''' you are living in Canada now, so I assume the Canadian naming convention is different from the Dutch one, but in the Netherlands, your last name (all names with prepositions), is written as de Lange and van Heezik like this (as you can see in the list with the search results for profiles with these last names, you are by far not the only WikiTree member that writes them like this) 

So it's great you joined and now can hopefully correct them for your family members and ancestors born in the Netherlands. Prepositions in last names are never capitalized and last names never are written in the Netherlands as De Lange, or worse, pasted together as Delange etc. 

And to make sure you can also find sources for and your deeper ancestors, keep in mind many Dutch before 1811 (that's when all Dutch had to get registered with and adopt an official last name) only were known by Patronymics. See for some more explaining about how to determine a correct LNAB the comment above and here's the Dutch Glossary where the naming, the use of the fields and things are explained in short.

Hope it helps and happy to have you as a member of our team ! Have fun and if you have questions just ask always happy to help :)

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The names that I am working on are van Dorsselaer, Savooj, Roels, de Rijbel, Heijmans, and Schuurman. The areas that I am starting in are St. Jansteen and Clinge. I have a lot to learn about my Dutch ancestry and am looking forward to learning and helping out.
by Jacob Hanson G2G Crew (500 points)

Hi Jacob,

Good to see that you've joined the Dutch Roots project. I know the Netherlands can be quite difficult for foreigners. For example we don't know the concept of a middle name, but we have patronymic use of first name at birth. I also was a bit surprised by the names you were interested in. If I could give you an advice, I think the name Savooj (that's not Dutch), but you could search for Savooij or Savooi. Maybe you already found your way around Wikitree a little but at our Dutch Roots Project page you can find all the project info. There's a lot to learn so if you have questions feel free to ask.

Happy hunting and Good luck, thanks for joining !

the Dutch Roots Project Team
Thanks for the tips. I was not sure if all the names were Dutch or not, but they were connected to that line of my tree. I noticed that area of the Netherlands is next to modern day Belgium, so figured that some of the lines may run that way. Thanks again and I look forward to reading more.
Hi Jacob,

It could be that you will end up in Belgium or France, because that's pretty normal in Europe. Step by step you will need to find the trace back (until you can't find any resources. In my case we were from a pretty ordinary family with poor farmers and skippers and they lived on the country side in small villages. So that's quite difficult because you will end up in the Dutch Patronymic system. But if they lived in the city it is often easier to find some details. How well is your Dutch?
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Hi I'm Volkert Vos, living in Haarlem. I have found ancestors for the Haxta family:

Could I join? Best, Volkert
by Volkert Vos G2G Crew (960 points)

Hi ! 

Welcome to WikiTree and sorry it took so long Volkert, was a bit busy, of course you can join you are very welcome. And thanks for the interest in the Haxta family and adding the genealogie online resource, we try to find and add primary sources or very reliable secondary sources. 

So, unless they cite primary sources, most of the online genealogies we only will use for leads, they sometimes have errors or last names added to people they were not born with, but that were adopted by later generations (in abt 1811). 

So before creating or adding profiles, if this is the only lead, it's best to try if you can find actual records or sources where these people are mentioned. So Baptism or marriage records, or for very early profiles, sometimes there are Notarial deeds, charters or other kinds of records where they and other family members are mentioned.

For Pre-1500 Profiles see Pre-1500 Profielen it's explained in Dutch and so is everything about WIkiTree in the Nederlands Portaal ;) 

If you need some help just ask and if you have sources (+ links)  for them, feel free to add them, all help is appreciated !

Hi Volkert,

I think I can welcome you in Dutch. Welkom bij het Dutch Roots project. Ik hoop dat je inmiddels een beetje je weg gevonden hebt in alle mogelijkheden bij Wikitree. Ik heb gezien dat je een hele grote Gedcom hebt ge-upload. Wij hebben vrijwel allemaal deze fout begaan ;-) Fout, hoezo fout zul je wel denken. Hier op Wikitree is de code dat wij al onze profielen voorzien van originele bronnen. Oftewel wij zoeken in de archieven naar originele geboorte, trouw en overlijdensaktes. Dit is behoorlijk anders dan op andere websites zoals Genealogie Online. Je zult ook wel merken dat heel veel data op het internet niet klopt. Mocht je hulp nodig hebben bij het zoeken naar de juiste bronnen, dan hebben wij een aantal tips en hulp pagina's waar je heel veel informatie kunt vinden.

Ik wens je heel veel zoekplezier.
Hi Margreet, I will update my sources. I have tried to add records that had good sources in the first place, but assumed that referal would be sufficien t. i'll better my life :-)


best volkert
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I'm not sure if my message yesterday came through. my name is volkert vos, living in haarlem, and i think i have additional information on the haxta familie


by Volkert Vos G2G Crew (960 points)
Hi Volkert,

I answered your message above. And sorry for not answering earlier, but this is a volunteersjob and sometimes we are all busy with other things.

Ik zag dat je wat informatie wilde toevoegen aan Evert Haxta, maar let op als een profiel een PPP status heeft, dan moet daar altijd overleg over gepleegd worden. Dus dan kan je dat vermelden aan de zijkant bij Enter your Public comment here.

Bronnen zijn mits het goede bronnen (of leads) zijn natuurlijk, altijd welkom en mogen rustig bij bronnen toe worden gevoegd,  maar inderdaad en bedankt Margreet....als je echt grote wijzigingen door wilt voeren, zoals ouders of kinderen veranderen, toevoegen of loskoppelen of data of plaatsen wijzigen of een hele Bio omgooien, dan moet dit en logisch natuurlijk, wel echt eerst overlegd worden en kun je de bron en/of reden vermelden in een post op het profiel, we communiceren meestal via openbare posts/berichtjes op profielen of eventueel in G2G zodat iedereen die interesse heeft ook mee kan praten en of beslissen. We hebben overal maar 1 profiel van dus vooral de vroege profielen worden gedeelt en zijn gezamelijke voorouders van heel veel mensen, overleggen of communiceren is dan natuurlijk ook heel belangrijk. 

Hier kun je wat meer info over PPP profielen vinden

Hoi Volkert , 

Misschien vind je de WikiTree Introductie ook wel handig ? Veel leden moeten erg wennen aan WikiTree, omdat het zo anders is dan andere genealogie sites (maar 1 profiel per persoon, profielen delen, samenwerken, projecten, ref tags, references tags, tags, categorieen, templates of sjablonen, etc, etc.) 't heeft mij zowat twee jaar gekost om alles een beetje te leren en vooral voor ik in de gaten had hoe immens groot WikiTree eigenlijk is en hoeveel leuks er, naast het werken aan profielen van je eigen familie, ook nog is. Daarom hebben we nu de WikiTree Introductie (How To WikiTree) en deze is gedeeltelijk ook vertaald in het Nederlands, waardoor iedereen een beetje sneller, maar ook gewoon in zijn of haar eigen tempo en tijd, alles kan leren en ontdekken over WikiTree. (Scheelt maanden zoeken en heel veel en vaak moeten vragen of ronddolen op zoek naar uitleg :P) 

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Hello! I am researching my maternal family line. My great grandmother was born Hannah Streelman in Gronigen, and she married Willem Bos,  which was changed to Bush in the US. I'm curious as to how far back I can trace my family thru each surname. Thanks! My wiki id is Joyce 2484.
by Sharon Joyce G2G Crew (470 points)

Hi Sharon, 

Welcome to WikiTree, now before you can join Projects and before I can award you a badge, you will have to become a full member of Wikitree, so you first need to volunteer to do Wiki Genealogy and sign the Honorcode. When you have done all this, it's a wonderful idea to first explore WikiTree a bit (it's huge and can be quite overwhelming at first). 

To make sure everyone can learn how everything works more easy and right from the start and in their own tempo and time, we have and we can recommend everyone who just arrived to start with this Introduction, a WikiTree How to for new members now  here you can learn everything about WikiTree step by step and make you feel a more at home. And when you finished the Introduction, you can take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz and join Projects. Of course we are happy to help and since you mention your family is from Groningen, there's a huge chance you will be able to trace them back really far :) See results for emigrants at Alle Groningers with the last name  Bos and for emigrants with the last name Streelman

Well hope it helps and to see you again here soon so I can award you a badge and we can try to trace your family back :D 

Thank you so much! I was trying to sign up to volunteer and to sign the honor code but every link I clicked just kept bringing me in a circle! I could only find where to read the honor code, but not sign it!
Hi Bea! I signed the honor code and volunteered merging duplicate profiles. Any info on the next step in researching my family would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Sharon, that's great, so now you can start and add some family eeh, just use the How To WikiTree  to get familiar with how everything works, it has some tasks you can work on which includes adding tags, family members, sources, the ref tags and references tags, it all is explained, 

When you feel comfortable and right at home, so when you more or less finished the Introduction, you can take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz and join Projects. And that's when we can try and see if and how far we can trace back your deeper ancestors. :D 

Welcome to WikiTree ! And have fun and of course hope to see you soon again so I can award you the badge :)

Thank you!! I took the pre 1700 quiz tonight and it was so interesting! I will take some time to explore and add family this weekend!! Speak soon!
Well in that case... no need to wait eeh ? Welcome to the Team Sharon ! :)
Thank you so much Bea!!
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answer to the question
by Rick Landre G2G Crew (500 points)

Hi Rick, 

I noticed you also are a guest member, so welcome to WikiTree, but before you can join Projects and before I can award you a badge, you will have to become a full member of Wikitree, so you first need to volunteer to do Wiki Genealogy and sign the Honorcode

When you have done all this, it's a wonderful idea to first explore WikiTree a bit (it's huge and can be quite overwhelming at first). To make sure everyone can learn how everything works more easy and right from the start and in their own tempo and time, we have and we can recommend everyone who just arrived to start with this Introduction, a WikiTree How to for new members now  here you can learn everything about WikiTree step by step and make you feel a more at home.  

And when you finished the Introduction, you can take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz and join Projects. ;) 

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I'm researching my Krijgsman roots, and have been using source material from the Netherlands, Archival Indexes, Vital Records. It's exciting to see the signatures of ancestors dead more than two hundred years! I'm still learning how to list sources correctly, but I'll hopefully get up to speed quickly. I'd love to join!


by Joan Krygsman G2G Crew (440 points)

Hi and welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project Joan, it sure is exciting to find records and see their names and signatures for real eeh :D 

We all love it there a re some members working on Dutch Krijgsman families, so if you are lucky you can collaborate with them and connect your branche somewhere pretty soon ! 

Good luck and of course if you need some help or have questions just ask we all are happy to help no need to struggle alone at WikiTree :)

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Hello Dutch Roots Project.

I am Van Noah.  Van came from my grandfather Donald Robert VanSickler.  He went by Van and I was named after his nickname.  I know - it means "of."

I have not found my Van Sickler connection back to the Neatherlands but have found dutch heritage on my father's side and want to join your project.  

Thank you,

Van Noah

by Van Noah G2G Crew (860 points)

Hi an welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project Van, you also might be interested in joining the New Netherland Settler Project looking at the name Van Sickler (in Dutch that would be '''van Sickler'''), but since there was not much consistency those days, the name is spelled in many different ways, van Sycklen, van Sickelen, van Sichelen, etc. And here is Ferdinand Jansz van Sichelen.

And for your fathers ancestors, is there a specific last name you are looking for or did they use Patronymics ?

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Request to join.

George DeFrieze Jonesborough Tennessee USA
by George DeFrieze G2G2 (2.4k points)

Hi George,

This document about the heritage of Jan Jacobs de Vrieze lists the heirs:

  • Surviving son Klaas Jans de Vrieze (schoolonderwijzer - schoolteacher)
  • Children of deceased son Jacob Jans de Vrieze
    • Klaas Jacobs de Vrieze (arbeider - laborer)
    • Fennechien Jacobs de Vrieze (dienstmeid - servant)
    • Grietje Jacobs de Vrieze (dienstmeid - servant)
    • Simon Jacobs de Vrieze (dienstknecht - servant)
    • Jan Jacobs de Vrieze (schipper - skipper)
    • Willem Jacobs de Vrieze (schipper - skipper)
It just says there is no real estate in the heritage.




Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project George and I noticed you already have updated and improved some of the Dutch Profiles that still needed sources by adding Birth or other records ? That's so really awesome, so thanks and thank you also Jan for the help, pretty awesome as well eeh ;)

Greets and happy hunting everyone and of course if you have some questions or need a hand or some input, just ask we all are happy to help ! :)

laugh Late reply. 

But thank you so  much for listening to me as ever and joined!!!!!!!!!!! (Joking! As you will not do anything you re not supporting). 

Wonderful George. I lovvvvve you joined. You re the best student I ever had and your addings are fantastic. wink You are a big add to the DRP!

Loving our mailings as well! 

Sweet regards,


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Ik ben Nederlander en heb inmiddels een forse stamboom opgebouwd met gerelateerde personen.

Die wil ik verder uitbouwen  en ook delen.

De startnamen voor mij en mijn echtgenote zijn Meier, van Hinsbergen, Verheij en van Dok.

Groeten, Willem Meier
by Willem Meier G2G Crew (500 points)
Hoi Willem,

Welkom bij Wikitree en wat leuk dat je jezelf wilt aansluiten bij onze groep. Ik weet niet of je de weg al een beetje hebt kunnen vinden binnen Wikitree, maar bovenin dit item zie je de linkjes naar onder meer het Nederlands Portaal. Daar staat een stuk uitleg en introductie.

Ik ben gezien dat je al aardig wat profielen hebt aangemaakt en dat je ook het basisprincipe met betrekking tot het 'sourcen' ( voorzien van bronnen) goed handteerd. Mocht je specifieke vragen hebben, schroom dan niet. Wij willen je graag op weg helpen.

Veel 'zoek-en-vind' plezier.

Welkom bij het Dutch Roots Project Willem en bedankt Margreet !

Met een grote stamboom grote kans dat deze families bevat die al aanwezig zijn hier, omdat we werken aan een wereldwijde stamboom met van iedere persoon maar 1 profiel en omdat we geen profielen kunnen deleten maar dubbele profielen allemaal zullen moeten mergen (heel veel werk als het er een heleboel zijn natuurlijk) is het belangrijk om voor het aanmaken of toevoegen van nieuwe profielen of families te kijken of ze niet toevallig al aanwezig zijn, soms zijn namen verkeerd gespeld of is een naam gecorrigeerd en wordt daardoor niet meteen herkend door het systeem als duplicaat. 

Hier zijn alle Verheij families/profielen, rechts bovenin zie je alle varianten van de naam en hier alle Meijer families om duplicaten te voorkomen is vooral ook het zoeken of kijken naar de lijsten met varianten van de namen wel heel handig. :) 

Succes, veel plezier en als je vragen of hulp nodig hebt, schroom niet het verschil met WikiTree en andere genealogie sites is dat hier iedereen samen werkt en we elkaar natuurlijk allemaal met plezier helpen !

Hoi Margreet, 

Peter Promper is al een tijd lid van WikiTree en heeft zich aangemeld via de googlegroup, met het volgende bericht.   

Ik wil lid worden om onderzoek te kunnen doen in pre-1700 profielen. Op di moment gaat mijn interessen uit naar de namen Mommers, Leenhouwers en van Beurden.(Alle 3 uit Tilburg).

Hij ondervond problemen bij het aanmaken van nieuwe Pre-1700 profielen, ik denk dat door de recente problemen met weer opnieuw allemaal duplicaten die met de gedcoms werden toegevoegd, de eisen nu iets strenger zijn geworden, en moeten mensen nu contact opnemen met projecten en liefst ook lid worden voordat ze aan het toevoegen van Pre-1700 profielen gaan werken.. 

Heb Peter de badge gegeven en al verwelkomd hoor :) 

Hoi Bea,

Kan het zijn dat je dit bericht niet hier had willen neerzetten? Want Peter is toch geen Willem? En via welke Googlegroup? Want kan het dat ik dit gemist heb?

Nee geen foutje hoor, Peter  heeft me gisteren een email gestuurd en zich vervolgens aangemeld met de mededeling dat hij graag lid wilde worden, het was waarschijnlijk niet helemaal duidelijk dat hij zich via de join link hier aan moest melden ook, dus hij heeft zich nu aangemeld bij de Dutch Roots googlegroep als lid. ;) 

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Researching Westervelt, Emigrant ancestor is believed to be Lubbert Lubbertz (van Westervelt???), born about 1661 in Meppel, Drenthe. About 1680, he married  Hillletje Pouluse, born about 1661 in New Netherland
by Tom Westerfield G2G1 (1.2k points)

Hi Tom, 

Welcome to Wikitree and the Dutch Roots Project, and I think you are lucky, there are a whole lot of profiles already for many of the New Netherland Settlers, here you can find Lubbbert Lubbertse (van Westervelt)  and his wife Hilletje ...they still need more info and sources. So if you are interested you probably might want to join the New Netherland Settlers Project as well ?  If the profiles are already present you can just connect your family to the already present family members and of course all help and sources are very welcome !

Have fun and happy hunting 

Bea :}

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Hi, I'm Rachel, a very new member to WikiTree still figuring things out- so sorry that I posted a "comment" not an "answer" before! I'm mostly interested in the names Buist, ter Mors, Weber, Witten and Bootsma/n.  

Unfortunately I live in Australia and don't speak Dutch, so I'm a bit hindered in what I can research, but I have some pre-existing family trees I'm putting up.

by Rachel Buist G2G Crew (470 points)
Welcome, Rachel. I am American and speak no Dutch either.  The Dutch roots folks are very helpful. Take your time with what you have so that you can get comfortable with wikitree and Dutch sources and naming conventions. And please ask questions!

Hi Rachel and thanks for adding an answer ;) 

A comment is not a major problem so don't worry, we are just a bit busy at the moment with preparing for the Clean-a-Thon and our  Dutch Roots Challenge (you of course are welcome to join us there also, it's a great way to get to know each other a bit and learn a bit how everything works), Challenges and WikiTree events like the Clean-a-Thon are a lot of fun ! So I'm sorry for responding a bit late here ;)  

The difference between a comment and an answer is just that an answer sticks out more and it's more clear for us if we welcomed and answered members already or not.  Comments will only give a long list so the risk is we will miss some.. 

The Dutch have a whole lot of online archives and info, and some will have a multiple language option (so you can chose the language you prefer before a search) and most members will learn really quick what it all means in Dutch. And of course the beauty of WikiTree is that no one has to struggle alone, we all are happy to help. 

Here's are the search results for all Buist profiles at WikiTree, and here the ter Mors Weber, Witten and Bootsma  profiles, and if you are lucky some will be already present or you can connect your family or lineage to one that's already present here and collaborate with the members that are working on or related to a family you are related to as well. (at the top right corner of the search result pages, you will see all variants of the names and it sometimes can be helpful and interesting to look at those as well)

Unlike nowadays in the past names and last names and how people were writing, wasn't consistent, they often wrote things phonetically so there could be a lot of variation in how the names were written. 

A lot of Dutch families before 1811, when everyone had to register a last name officially, only used or were known by Patronymics. Here is the Dutch Naming Convention with all info about names and patronymics and here's the Glossary Netherlands which explains in short the use of the different naming fields for people born or living in the Netherlands from before 1700 until now.

Other projects that might be interesting for you are, our sub Project Portal World-The Netherlands and of course Project Australia

And thanks W for welcoming Rachel ! 

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Working on my Belinfante family roots, mainly Dutch heritage, I have 3 generations in my tree that I have some dates that are before 1700.
by Devon Bartholomew G2G Crew (440 points)

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project Devon, it looks like you are adding a pretty new family to our WikiTree eeh ? 

That's wonderful of course, I think you were just very enthusiastic and started by just adding them all first without info or sources other then the 'Unsourced FamilyTree handed down to you' ? So and this is really not meant as critic, because many of us started like this, but for all of them we of course need more sources. Sources are what WikiTree is all about (it's in our Honorcode now also). 

it looks like this could be one you could use, or perhaps you are using it already, for leads ? Stambomen van Nederlands Joodse families  (Dutch Jewish families) it cites sources and you can very easy find and add the info from + links to these sources to the profiles.

It's a bit more work perhaps, but it will prevent you or other colleagues/members will later have to return to all profiles you have created now again, so it's better and our advice would be, to first try and get all the ones you added now sourced and improved a bit more before moving on and adding the deeper ancestors and when you do, to make sure they have source(s) and info added to them right away.  

The beauty of WikiTree is that we all share and work together on getting them all sourced and improved now, so nobody has t struggle alone, so if you need or would like some help, just ask !

I have created one example profile for you (Sem Belinfante) using the source for leads, I just looked up the sources in cited there and added the info and links and some additional ones to the profile for you as well. This way you have an example where you can see how it all works a bit if you look in edit mode. (if in edit mode you look a bit to the right you also will see some info about how you can add sources to profiles

Hope it helps and if you have questions or would like some help just ask we all are happy to help !

And have fun of course, that's also very important for all of us ! :)

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I am researching the Geeraert, Verhoeven, and Prouveur families of Luyksgestel, Riethoven, and Oirschot in Noord-Brabant and would like to join the Dutch Roots Project - Tot Ziens!
by Joel Lefever G2G Crew (980 points)
Hi Joel,

I'm not sure if you are Dutch, so I post this message to you in English. Nice to see you joining our Project. Sorry that we were a bit slow reacting on your post, but that's because there was a big event going on and we were all focussing on cleaning as much as possible profiles this weekend.

I've seen that you are sourcing your profiles and that always makes me very happy. Maybe one small tip. If it's possible in addition to the source, you could place a link to your original source. Then people could find or look into the details of your source.

I wish you a lot of fun here at Wikitree and if there are questions please ask.
Thank you Magreet,

I am American, but learned to read Dutch.  Thank you for your suggestion.  I will be adding links to documents that are on-line, and also screenshots of the original text.

Looking forward to collaborating on Wikitree!

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I discovered a year ago through DNA results that my last name recorded at birth is incorrect. My last name should be Schraven. It appears that my 2nd great grandfather was Dutch, although his father may have been German. At any rate, I have New Netherland ancestors on my mother’s side so I would like to join the Dutch Roots Project. :-)
by Erin Klein G2G6 Mach 1 (16.4k points)
Hi Erin,

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project. I hope you already have found your way to the Dutch Archives, but if you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy hunting ;-)
Welcome to the team Erin !
+7 votes
My grandparents were Dutch.  Last names were Reekers and van Kekerix.  They had large families and I would like to find some of my many second cousins.
by Candace Timpanelli G2G Crew (690 points)

Hi Candace !

As mentioned above and if you did'nt already of course, we ask our members to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz and to please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles

I noticed one of our wonderful members W. R. has been helping you a bit already and provided some great sources eeh, so you already have some great looking profiles,that's awesome.  

And like we all, probably also some that still need more research or other sources, the online genealogies are used by many members but the risk is there are errors in them, so it's preferred to have a link added to all sources or online genealogies if that's where the info came from, so we all can verify things and see where the info was coming from and find and add the actual sources and links to those.. 

For the Dutch profiles we will use the Baptism or Birth record to determine the LNAB, the LNAB (= short for last name at Birth), why it's important to have the earliest version of the LNAB is because this can lead us back to the even deeper ancestors and because before 1811 there was no consistency, people sometimes used or were known by just their patronymics, or sometimes they did use a last name but not on every occasion, so at one baptism they used just the patronymic and at a next they used a last name, the spellings of the last names and names, also because of the inconsistency in writing (they wrote phonetically, so how they understood the names is how the clerks would write them down) see the  Dutch Naming convention  for more info. 

Just let me know when you have the Pre-1700 badge and I'll award you a badge ! :) 

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Hi I am Dirk van de Bunt [van_de_bunt-13]. I was born in The Hague in 1957, but have lived in the US since 1959. I have been tracing my roots and recording it at, and only recently discovered WikiTree. I have added my DNA to the site and have been adding my roots information, layer by layer, to the Wikitree intermittently. The names I am researching are: van de Bunt, Spronk, van Rooijen, as well as Bakker, van der Horst, Zwiers, and Korte.
by Dirk van de Bunt G2G Crew (470 points)

Hi Dirk and welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project 

As mentioned above and if you did'nt already of course, before we award our new members the badge we ask members to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz and to please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles

At WikiTree before creating or adding new profiles and especially if these are Pre-1700 and for Dutch Pre-1811 profiles it's important to search if the profiles you want to add or create aren't already present, to prevent duplicates, the Dutch only in 1811 all had to officially adopt a last name, before this many of them were only know by their Patronymics or they used of and on a last name or just the patronymic, so there was no consistency like we have now. 

Here are for example all van Rooijen  van der Horst profiles at the top of the page at the right you can find all different spellings of the last names, those you can check as well for possible family members or profiles you perhaps want to add or create, because as you can see one of the problems we have is that a lot of Dutch profiles still will have a (if they were born in the Netherlands) wrong written last names, with capitalized prepositions or the prepositions + the last name all pasted together like VanderHorst or VanDerHorst etc. they all still have to be corrected and the Gedcompare system doesn't catch or recognize all matches if the spellings are so different (pasted together as one names, etc.). For more info about the 1811 name adoption and patronymics, etc., here's the Dutch Naming convention for more info 

Hope to see you soon so I can award you the badge and welcome you to the team ! 

Hi Bea, I am looking for Van Boeijen. which is my grandmother's family, She emigrated to Canada as a war bride and married my grandfather in Holland. Soesdyke (sp?) it is hard to research because I don't speak Dutch, however I have a cousin in Holland trying to help but she can only go back so far. I would love any help you guys could give me and also my great grandmother (grandma Vanboeijen mom) maiden name is Verwoerd, so if i can trace some of her tree that would be great! :)

This are the marriage data of your gg grandparents Verwoerd. You might take it from there. Just let us know (tag dutch_roots) if you need further assistance!

Happy hunting!

thank you Jan. Yes I need further assitance. i am tryingto figure out what boat my grandmother elisabeth vanboeijen (sept 20 1924) emigrated on as a war bride and hopefully  their marriage certificate she married my appa chris jones (may 18 1924) on may 16 not sure of year i think between 1945-1947 and i am having a hard time finding records they were married in soest. holland. any help finding what boat  she emigrated on as a war bride and anything about their marriage would be much appreciated!!

I could only find the newspaper engagement announcement, 21 December 1945, and the newspaper marriage announcement in the local newspaper "Soester Courant", issue 14 May 1946. Translated:

Instead of cards
Christopher Jones
Elisabeth van Boeijen

have the honor to inform you
of their intended marriage,
the (civil) ceremony will D.V. (Deo Volente)
take place on Thursday
May 16, at 2:30 pm, at the Town Hall
in Soest.
Soestdijk, 13 May 1946,
Future address: Nieuwstraat 53.

Aah here you are Lisa, was looking for your answer, but you followed up on a comment, so couldn't find you at first (adding an answer gives you your own answer ''box'' below the last one) but Jan found you already, so no problem. Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project and Jan thanks for the great find and wonderful help ! Will give it a try as well smiley

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