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Hallo en van harte welkom hier  :)

Wil je lid worden van het Dutch Roots Project ?

Plaats hier dan een antwoord (klik op answer) en stel je even voor, als je ook even zegt in welke namen je geinteresseerd bent kunnen we je misschien zeggen of ze al aanwezig zijn hier en waar je ze kunt vinden. 

Vergeet niet de project pagina's te lezen, want daar kun je alles vinden wat je moet weten over het project en natuurlijk heel veel plezier alvast !

Voor alle Nederlandse leden die behoefte hebben aan WikiTree uitleg in het Nederlands hebben we nu ook het Nederlands Portaal ! (heel handig) 

  1. Van alle leden die lid willen worden van het Dutch Roots Project en die willen werken aan de Nederlandse profielen , vragen we, als je dit niet al gedaan hebt, om eerst de Pre-1700 Self-Certificatie quiz te doen ! en lees aub ook dit goed door: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Kopieer en plak deze categorie : [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] links bovenin je eigen biografie, zo wordt je zichtbaar als lid op de Dutch Roots Project top level pagina, en door erop te klikken kom je ook meteen op de Dutch Roots Top level pagina. (de categorie zelf is dus meteen ook de link naar die pagina)
  3. Voeg dutch_roots toe aan je G2G tag feed followed tags om op de hoogte te blijven van Project discussies en nieuws . Zie : Communicatie
  4. Stuur een verzoekje om lid te worden aan Dutch Roots Project's Google Group
  5. Voeg je naam en bijvoorbeeld de achternamen of andere project gerelateerde zaken waarin je geinteresseerd bent toe aan de Dutch Roots Project Leden pagina.
  6. Kijk naar de doelen en de To-Do of Taken lijst waar je precies kunt zien wat de taken zijn en of er misschien ook andere dingen zijn waar je mee kunt helpen.

Namens iedereen van harte welkom en bedankt alvast voor het meedoen! 

Hi and welcome :) 

Would you like to join our Dutch Roots Project ?  

Just add an answer (click answer) here and introduce yourself, perhaps you can also tell us something about your names of interest, so we can show if they already are present and where you can find them. 

Here's what you can do already..and don't forget to check out and read the project pages, there you will find everything you need to know !

  1. For all members working on the Dutch Roots project/profiles, if you did'nt already of course, we need to ask you to first take the Pre-1700 Self-Certification quiz ! and please read this: Wikitree Pre-1700 Profiles
  2. Add the category link: [[Category:Dutch_Roots_Project]] at the top of your own biography, this way you become visible as a member at the Dutch Roots Project top level page, and you will get redirected to the Dutch Roots Project Page.
  3. Send a request to join the Dutch Roots Project's Google Group
  4. Add dutch_roots to your G2G tag feed followed tags to keep up with Project discussions and news. See : Communicate
  5. Add your name and area or surnames of interest to the Dutch Roots Project Members page.
  6. Check out the Goals and To-Do list to find something to help us work on.

​And of course on behalf of all of us, many thanks for joining in advance and have fun !

WikiTree profile: Dutch Roots Project WikiTree
asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
edited by Bea Wijma

To join, click (the word answer you see a little above) and add an answer, just ignore the word comment, thanks ;) 

Om lid te worden klik (op het woordje answer dat je hierboven ziet) en plaats een antwoord, het woord comment kun je gewoon negeren, bedankt ;) 

Onze vorige join G2G bevat veel antwoorden op FAQ (veel gestelde vragen) 

Our previous Join G2G has a lot of answers to FAQ  (frequently asked questions) 

Hi, I'm Rachel, a very new member to WikiTree still figuring things out. I'm interested in the names Buist, ter Mors, Weber, Witten and Bootsma/n. 

Unfortunately I live in Australia and don't speak Dutch, so I'm a bit hindered in what I can research, but I have some pre-existing family trees I'm putting up.

Hi Rachel,

I see you also added an answer thank you and I'll answer that one eeh thanks for joining and welcome to WIkiTree and the Dutch Roots Project ! :)

Hi Rachel, welcome! I thought I'd reply because I'm also a new member (a few months back) and I'm also from Australia and do not know Dutch. However, it's not usually a problem because a lot of the Dutch sites can be used in English. There are some wonderful Dutch search sites such as WieWasWie where you will see a choice for English at the top. The other wonderful thing is that the Dutch records show a lot more information than some of (my) the English ones.

There are also many helpful people in the Dutch Roots project and you only have to ask a question and someone will help. Bea who replied to you before me is wonderful! Have a scan of asked questions to see what has already been asked.

I have to fit in my family history research between heavy periods of work but am always online so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I don't have time and sometimes don't understand all the projects WikiTree have but one day I might, and in the meantime I just work on what I have time fo.

Have fun and good luck


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Hi! My family research has been hosted on RootsWeb WorldConnect for 20 years. That site is currently "frozen"; which prevents updates. I'm looking at copying parts of it to WikiTree.

answered by Frank Bax G2G4 (4.6k points)

Welcome to the team Frank, looks good to me, for us the actual records and links to the sources are most important and you probably already noticed there are a lot of Bax (Baks etc.) profiles present already, but we sure would love some help getting them all sourced and improved. If you have questions just ask we all are happy to help !

For now happy hunting and have fun :) 

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Hi, my name is Louis and I am researching my surname (Van Helden) and some other Dutch names in my family: Van Leeuwen, Bergmans, Glas, Kortekaas, Miedema and Buma.  I currently live in Colorado, USA, but I have lived in the Netherlands 25+ years ago and I still occasionally visit there.  Whenever I am there, I use my time to visit genealogy sources that cannot be researched online, such as physical archives, graveyards, churches and such. In the past, due to inexperience, I have failed to include sources in my information on WikiTree and I am now trying to make up for that.
answered by Louis Van Helden G2G Crew (620 points)

Welcome to the team Louis ! Wonderful to see you here as well and don't worry you're really not the only one who, due to inexperience (or due to a Gedcom import) failed to include sources in the past, but...better late then never eeh wink Sources are important so it's great you are trying to source and improve them all now, many thanks in advance !

If you have questions and or need a hand, just ask we all are happy to help !

Happy hunting and have fun :)

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Hi, I'm researching Kuipers and Dikland. I've started adding known info to my wiki tree and have already made a connection to a member here (via tree and dna).
answered by Jonathan Kuipers G2G Crew (320 points)
That's wonderful Jonathan,  and of course if you have questions or would like some help just ask ! WikiTree is quite different from other sites so it sometimes takes a bit of time to get used to how everything works, but the main goal is to have all profiles sourced and improved and to have just one profile for each person that ever lived.

On behalf of all of us welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project team and wishing you a lot of fun !
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I have followed my ancestry to find that I have deep Dutch roots many from Groningen.  My paternal grandmother was a Belinfante and I am most interested in that line going through the Netherlands, but any information or help that I can give to others would be great.
answered by Jenelle Bartholomew G2G Crew (450 points)

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project Jenelle, and, you probably already found them, there's already a pretty huge Belinfante familytree present at WIkiTree, unfortunately it looks like the majority is pretty much unsourced, so it looks like  your help really is needed, and it would be wonderful if you have some time and could add some info or sources to their profiles. 

Of course if you would like some help or have questions feel free to ask  we have a lot of wonderful members who all love to help and work together ! 

Welcome to the team happy hunting and have fun  :)

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Hello I'm Caitlin and I am interested in the surnames Debruin, Verstegen and Coenen and would love to join this project and find more reliable sources. I'm still pretty knew to Wikitree so i'll help out the best I can.

answered by Caitlin Gerarden G2G Crew (350 points)

Welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project Caitlin, one thing I can explain already that's important and probably the most different from profiles/people from other parts of the world is the Dutch naming convention

In the Netherlands we for example don't have what we call, the 'pasted together' last names or last names with capitalized prepositions, so a last name like 'Debruin', if someone was born in the Netherlands, would not be 'Debruin' but 'de Bruin', and sometimes especially before 1811, people only were known by the patronymics, so the earliest original records where a person is mentioned are very important especially if someone was born before 1811. 

In Dutch archives if you are looking for a person or family, you only have to add the last name without the preposition to the last name search field, so if you are looking for someone with the last name 'de Bruin' in any of the Dutch archives, you only add 'Bruin' to the last name field to get all the results. See also the Dutch Glossary for a little bit more explanation in short about the name fields and how to use them. 

And of course if you need a hand or would like some help just ask, we have a wonderful group of members who all love to help !

For now just take your time to get used to how everything works around here at WikiTree and happy hunting, have fun ! 


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Groeten aan mijn Nederlandse vrienden en familiegeschiedenis:
I hope that gets me off to a good start with all of you!  I am a new WikiTree member.  I have had a lifelong interest in family history which my fater instilled in me.  On his Dutch side of the family, I am a third generation American.  On my mother's English/Swiss/Irish blah blah blah, that side has been on this continent since the 17th Century.
Back to my Dutch roots, my 2X great grandfather Corstiaan Sederel came to the US in the 1850's as a part of the group that came to Pella Iowa. Over the next 20 years, the dePrengers, the vanHeukeloms, in'tVelds, Vrooms, all came to the Pella area.  
I have connected with Sederels in the Netherlands and hope to travel there and visit.  Some of them (Wim and Harda) visited our family in 2016 in Iowa.
Dutch history is fascinating and we hope to learn more and contribute and give a "Pella" angle to the Dutch project.
My daughter's married name is deJong, her husband being very Dutch American.  His family settled in the Holland Michigan area, about 750km from Pella.
Rick Sedrel (Rijk Sederel)

answered by

Welcome to WikiTree and the Dutch Roots Project Rick (Rijk)! 

And I think just like for Caitlin (see the explanations and links above ;) ), one thing I can explain a bit already that's important and probably the most different from profiles/people from other parts of the world is the Dutch naming convention

Dutch for example don't have what we call, the 'pasted together' last names or last names with capitalized prepositions, so a last name like 'In'tVeld', if someone was born in the Netherlands, originally would not be 'In'tVeld' but 'in 't Veld'. 

We of course understand that you are new and have to get used to everything so it's not meant as critic, many members have to get used to the Dutch names, so don't worry you're not the only one. Your Dutch is great and I loved your Dutch introduction ! 

Welcome to the team and if you need a hand or would like some help, just ask, we have a wonderful group of members who all love to help !

Wonderful Rick (Rijk!). 

Welcome to the DRP. Happy it did work in the end. 

Don't worry too much about being new, we were all once new WT-ers with hundreds of questions. I learned I only will have answers if I share my questions. smiley You know were to find me. 

H E R E you find the  transcription of the marriage document  of 1823 of Corstiaan Sederel and Ariaantje Jabaaij with their parents named! 

Thank you again for the images of the "de Prengers"!

Looking forward to work with you Rick! 

Kind regards, 


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Maternal great grandfather was a van Alen and maternal great grandmother was a Bult.  The Bult/Haveman lineage is easier to research since few came to America.

van Alen lineage is filled with hundreds of names that all trace back to the Netherlands.
answered ago by Wendy Hoffman G2G Crew (380 points)
Hi Wendy, good to see that you want to join the Dutch Roots project. I know for sure that Beaour leader will grant you the badge asap. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask anything you want.

Regards, Margreet

Welcome to the Dutch Roots Project Wendy and thanks Margreet for the reminder I indeed forgot because things for the Clean-a-Thon also had to be prepared already no internet today...pfff 

We are working a lot together with the NNS Project Wendy and the name van Alen sounded very familiar and I remembered we were struggling quite some time with all those different branches and van Alen families, Ellen (leading the NNS project) noticed some van Aken's actually were van Alen's as well, so there already are a lot of early van Alen's  present at WikiTree  and you probably would like to join the NNS project as well  ? wink

Have fun and happy hunting and of course, as Margreet also mentioned already, if you would like some help you know where to find us eeh, we have a lot of great members that all are happy to assist or help find sources or to connect your family to the main tree etc.

Greets from the Netherlands and welcome to the team !

Bea :)

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