Do you want to keep track of your 52 Ancestors posts? [closed]

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We are setting up categories to keep track of the ancestors WIkitreers are participating in the 52 ancestors challenge.  

Participation is optional.

The category hierarchy shown below enables Wikitreers to add profiles to a weekly category associated with the challenge, plus set up a category for all their own profiles.

[[Category:  52 Ancestors]]

>>[[Category: 52 Ancestors - 2018 Week x 'prompt']]

>>[[Category: 52 Ancestors - WikiID]]

I will create all the weekly categories and am happy to help others set up their own personal categories if they wish.  Just send me a private massage.
closed with the note: This post related to the 2018 challenge
in The Tree House by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
closed by Veronica Williams
I am a Newt and I would like your help - I cannot even find the Week One entry I already posted!  But I also cannot find how to private messenger you!  Hoping this method is OK!  Peggy Jude
I like it I'm in, it promotes collaboration.
I need help with this please.  I'm currently trying to add my grandmother (Weaver-8111) for the week 1 prompt "start". I just can't figure out what to add.  I've gotten the category 52 ancestors onto her page but can't figure the rest out.  Thanks so much
If this is for Week 1 you need to change the category to [[Category:52 Ancestors - 2018 Week 1 'Start']]
Same here.

5 Answers

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One question: When I participated in the BioBuilders "J" Challenge, the category was put on the relevant profile.

Then EditBot came along and stripped out all the apostrophes, so it read J Challenge.  This did not worry me at all, as I know how finicky sensitive computers can be with apostrophes - so is it going to do the same thing to your category 52 Ancestors - 2018 Week x 'prompt'?

by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (883k points)
I'm not sure - don't know much about what the 'bot' does.  I hope not!
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I thought categories were intended to give useful information about the person in the profile. Not sure I understand how adding information about a weekly challenge in any way enriches an ancestor’s profile.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (624k points)
This is more for the participants to be able to keep track of which profiles are used for each weekly prompt so they can be counted towards the badge.

If you have added a profile or submitted an entry for each of the 52 prompts (they don't all have to be profiles) then they can be counted much easier instead of having to go back through each and every weekly thread to find your submissions.

The badge for the 52 ancestors challenge will be awarded to those who can provide evidence of 52 submissions - ONE FOR EACH PROMPT!!

This is why we are doing these categories.

As an added measure and as the "leader" of this challenge, since I did initiate it, I am also keeping track of everyones submissions as well.
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Now that we have weekly categories for the 52 ancestors, if we use personal categories for each ancestor too, then you end up with 2 categories on each ancestors profile.

Linda Barnett came up with a great idea of using free space pages if you want somewhere to either record you info or just keep track of what you have done.

You can see the two examples under pages here -

This is all optional - up to you!
by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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I like the way you think Veronica. I also want to thank you for already putting my Great-Grandmother aka my week one submission into the category. I'm a little weird and get excited when I see that somebody changed and/or added anything to a profile I manage =D I guess I better go work on week two now.
by Amanda Frank G2G6 Mach 4 (50k points)
No worries Amanda!  Have fun.
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Why does my 1st week category show up red on When I put in my 2nd week category it didn't show up red.

[[Category:52 Ancestors - 2018 Week 1 'Start’]]

Is something off in the way I did it? I don't want to click and save the red category because I know there is this category at‘Start’

by Sheri Stritof G2G1 (1.6k points)
Hello Sheri

I couldn't see anything wrong with what you had, but I copied it from another profile that was working and that seems to have fixed it.

Thanks so much!!

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