Back to dit names.. AGAIN...

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I followed the Quebecois project guidelines for adding my families with dit names to the tree.

I understand them as thus:

LNAB is the father's last name at baptism, not including the dit name such as Kemneur

CLN is both original and dit name such as Kemner dit Laflamme


OLN is for the dit name, without the word "dit" such as Laflamme

So I have a few profiles that were recently edited so that the

CLN is not the dit name and the

OLN is now "dit Name"

Color me confused. Did I misunderstand the guidelines?  

Examples: Kemneur-2 and Paquet-501
WikiTree profile: Laurent Kemneur
in Policy and Style by Sara Thibault G2G4 (4.3k points)
There is a member following their own personal guidelines for dit names and is making changes. This has been address in the Quebecois group.

Thanks, Emma. I looked back in the group and found it was brought up, but not, as you say, "addressed". I did not see any followup thread. That said, although I receive emails whenever something gets posted, keep going back to find older things that I was not aware of, such as the To-Do list for the Quebecois Project. 

I want very much to be useful and to do things correctly, but am finding it a challenge to find information to guide me. I'd like to think I'm tech-savvy given many years in the field, but that hasn't translated to me navigating WikiTree as effectively or learning it as quickly as I'd like to. I've focused much of my efforts thus far on my own profiles so as to learn the proper way of doing things without "messing up" common ancestor profiles. I'd like to contribute more.

I'm trying here, folks!

Don't worry about it Sara, one step at a time is totally fine, we're not going anywhere.  ;)
Thank you, Danielle! I will keep plodding along.

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Your understanding is correct.  The CLN should be Kemner dit Laflamme and the OLN should be Laflamme.

To elaborate on what you said regarding the LNAB, it follows the write-what-you-see approach except when the name given on the baptism is the compound name.  If you see Kemner, then write Kemner (or Quemneur, or Kemneur, or whatever it says on the record).  If you see Laflamme, then write Laflamme.  If you see Kemner dit Laflamme, then write just Kemner.
by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (282k points)
Thanks, Greg, that's how I understood it, even if I didn't express it very well.
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hmm, in this particular case, not quite, this is the time period when the government demanded people pick one name or the other, and if I remember correctly he opted for Laflamme, so CLN should be Laflamme.  Otherwise, it should read Kemner dit Laflamme, with Laflamme in OLN field by itself (no dit before it).
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (333k points)
He chose Laflamme following the birth of his first child, so yes, Laflamme should be represented there. Perhaps the Quebecois guidelines should address this specifically? At birth he was Kemneur (and he shows up as Kemner and Quemeneur) prior to the permanent switch to Laflamme. The way it shows up now, Laflamme has been effectively thrown out with the bathwater.

I addressed it in Québécois project, maybe not clearly enough:

''Keep in mind that some children once adult went only by the dit name of the family, in which case it would be entered by itself in CLN field''

Ahh.. I am not sure I would have read this as relating to Laurent's situation -- since he used both names *as an adult*. See my confusion? I have a few other profiles I will need to change, now that I understand it more clearly.
yeah, there are many where they start by using both names then later in life switch to just one.  Case by case really, you have to look at the records.  For him I would put ''Laflamme'' in CLN and ''Kemner dit Laflamme'' in OLN box, to show he did at one time use both.

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