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I have been working on the Parks family since yesterday.  (Trying to get more connections for a family member)  I started working on Mary Frances Parks, [[Parks-4495]], yesterday without realizing she is my Uncle's biological mother.

My uncle, who is in his 70's, found his biological family in the 1990's.  He maintained closed ties with them, in fact, his biological brother died in December 2017.  (Saw a picture, was amazed, could be twins).

Anyway, the profile of my uncle had been created eaons ago.  His biological mother and father were never married.  I believe she was VERY young when she had my Uncle.  I have to check with my aunt.  I already have my Uncle's adoptive parents in his profile and marked that they are not biological.   Is there a way to somehow connect Paul Snead as his biological father?  I was able to connect his biological mother.  I may be tired or something, but don't see how I can add Paul as he was not married to Mary Frances.

P.S.  If I create a profile for Paul Snead, will it allow me to add my uncle as his son anyway?
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Yes. Connect uncle to mother. Then to Mr. Snead. At the very bottom of the newly created parent, there is a place to check mark whether or not the other parent is married to the first parent
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Eddie, I added his biological mother, I must have done it wrong when I connected them, because when I went back to his profile it showed his parents as being his adoptive father and his biological mother.  The adoptive mother was gone.  I had to fix it. :(
Just blame the cold weather LOL. Have a cup of hot chocolate , warm up your fingers on the mug and go back to work evoked cold weather. Arghhhh...I'm tryiing to forget it.  LOL

Betty, the data only allows for 1 each of father and mother for a person.  Unless this is changed to permit more than 1 (i.e., a biological father and an adoptive father), when you know both you will have to choose which to connect.

For genealogical purposes, you are probably better off connecting biological parents, but - again - the choice of which to connect is yours.  By all means, discuss the situation in the biography and include a link to the parent you did not connect.

As to Eddie's suggestion ... here's a category that may help.

Thank you, Gaile, for the answer and the much needed chocolate. :)  I decided to put my Uncle with his adoptive parents and to put in his bio about his biological parents, with links to same.  I still need to create the profile for his biological father.  Want more info tho before I add him.

Adding that category to my profile too! :)
Gaile, I was talking to my sister about my Uncle.  He was adopted TWICE!!!  When he was 2 years old his first adoptive mother ran off with another guy. Back then they did not allow men to raise an adopted child alone, so he was removed from the house. :(  My uncle was 2 at the time, so this happened about 1942.

He was originally adopted in Virginia.  My uncle and his wife had gone to the adoptive agency in Virginia to try to find out more about his biological family.  They were told that information could not be given.

The person who told them this then got up and left the room, leaving his file open on the desk.

His biological father never had any other children. He did marry, but no other children and he had never told his family.  I guess his biological father's family was extremely nice.  (My uncle did meet his biological father's family.)  They said it explained a lot of things that his biological father had done over the years. (What he had done, I do not know)  Very sad things.

I hate stuff like this.  Always makes me want to cry.
Oh Betty, that's heartbreaking.  His first adoptive father must have been devastated!  Did you uncle ever reconnect with him as an adult?
I have no idea, Gaile.  I will have to ask.  What a thing to happen. :(

I only had 1 experience dealing with an adoptive situation here.  I decided to connect the biological line, mainly thinking about future DNA connection possibilities.  This is the grandfather of my second cousin,  who died leaving a very young widow and 2 year old child.  She then married the widower of her sister, who had a few young children, and he legally adopted her son.  The biological and adoptive men are grandfathers of my second cousin and he was very close to his adoptive grandfather and really wanted that family to be part of his tree, although he was also very anxious to find information about his biological grandfather.  I convinced him to connect the biological line here, but made sure to very prominently place a notice on the affected profiles, which you can see HERE.

Gaile, I have several adoptees in my recent family.  My brother alone adopted three children, he now has seven children.  :)  Two cousins were adopted. Another brother's ex-wife was also adopted.  She found her biological family in the past ten years.  This is just my first time to actually have biological parents.  (I think I do one one of my cousins, have to check)

When I started working on Mary Frances Parks profile here on Wikitree, I had it open on Ancestry too, which my mother created before she passed.  I don't know how long I was working on the profile before I scrolled down on the Ancestry profile and saw my uncle as her child.  (I was finding her husbands and marriage certificates, hadn't worked on children yet)  So, this part is all kinda new to me. :)

I think I will ask my uncle which parents he would prefer being connected too.
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In my opinion, when one is forced to choose, from a genealogy standpoint, known biological parents would be the most useful even if no DNA connections ever result. It's kind of surprising to me that WikiTree won't allow adoptive or guardian relationships in addition to biological parents. I can understand why disputed parents aren't allowed (i.e., when two sets - or more - of speculative parents compete), but known adoptive and biological parents are a different category, altogether.

by Fann Fann G2G6 Mach 5 (53.6k points)
Fann, I suspect that nobody ever thought about a need for more than 1 each of father and mother when they first set up the database architecture for WikiTree.  No matter what the reason, though, it would be a VERY major structural change to add the ability to have more than 1 of each parent now.  I'm sure that is why they have not done it and I'm equally sure that they don't have any plans to do it in the future.  I agree that it's a shame, but the amount of effort that would be required makes it prohibitive.

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