Got Venable ancestors? Join the new Venable Surname Project

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I just started the Venable one name study and if your interested in the Venable name.  I want your help.  Come join me as we set off on a voyage of discovery.

Jeff Venable
WikiTree profile: Space:Venable_Name_Study
in The Tree House by Jeff Venable G2G6 (7.0k points)
One more thought. There is a gigantic Venable reunion every year which is on Facebook. Easy to get in touch with them there. They may have more knowledge or information and certainly would have more male Venables to test.

I believe that there’s also a group of Venables in France, Where people are also extremely interested in and proud of their ancestry. They would probably have a lot more information as well. I wonder if it really matters whether we go back to Thomas? If we go back to Nathaniel & Elizabeth, Both Patriots,&  those who began the country that’s pretty good.


This is the Abraham Venable I meant . He does not go back as far as the ones you’re looking for.

I would love to go to a large Venable reunion!
Jeff, it says on your page that you and your dad have both had DNA, so you already might know your Y chromosome haplotype? I’m not sure how they annotate it.

     My dad and my DNA tests' are the autosomal tests.  I don't think it includes the Y chromosome.  I plan on getting it done as soon as I can aford it.
Me. too! I'll look up the info for you on Facebook. You can find it quickly by running a search, if you want, of course!

The Y chromosome kits are on sale this week. Any man with a VENABLE surname should sign up to be tested for Y Chr DNA because there are a least FOUR different Y chromosomes in the US Venable families!

Save $40 (was $169Examines 37 short tandem repeats (STRs) on
the Y chromosome.


BTW my niece, Eva, has taken a DNA test that shows her Venable ancestry quite far back. I plan to do so soon.
I am not sure why it matters to be certain of descent from Thomas Venable if we are descended from Nathaniel (an American patriot) and his wife Elizabeth Woodson (another Patriot). I feel satisfied with my descent from these Revolutionary War ancestors.
Sorry, Isabella, I missed your comment. I am not advocating your descent from Thomas - you certainly descend from Abraham if you descend from Nathaniel. I'm trying to find out the link between Thomas and Abraham, if any. They have different Y chr, I believe, based on tests of their known descendants, but they have the same surname and both come from England...



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I would love to join! Perhaps you saw my family tree and know my direct connection to the Venable ancestors we share. If not I can send the info or point you in the right direction.

Thanks Cousin!

Isabella Fiske McFarlin

Here’s my line as I recall off top of my head...

Mother- Isabelle Daniel Hall

Grandmother— Isabelle Daniel Jones

GGrandmother— Isabella Venable Daniel

GGG mother— Mary Grace Venable

Her father- Abraham Watkins Venable
Hi Isabella,

     Thanks for your interest.  Your the first member to join and I don't know how to add you yet.  I'm working on it and hopefully I'll have you added soon.


Jeff Venable

Ok Isabella,

      I think I just need to have you do a couple of things to join the Venable name study.  First add this bit of Code above the Biography line in the Edit tab of your profile.

[[Category:Venable Name Study]]

      Then go to the Venable name study page and request to be put on the trusted list under the privacy tab.

Thanks again,

Jeff Venable


HI Jeff,

How do I add the code?



Hi Isabella,

     To add the code to your profile just highlight and right click and copy.

[[Category:Venable Name Study]]

Then go into your profile and click the Edit tab.  Go down the page until you see the "Edit Text" box.  Then just above the word Biography is where you want to put you curser.  Then right click again and click past.  This should put the above code in the Edit Text box.  Don't forget to save changes or you will need to do it all again.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have problems.

Your distant cousin,


Ok, will give it a try! Thanks Cousin!

Curious as to what you have found about the Venables. I love the photos. The mountain was named after which Venable?

Hope you are well.


     Everything I have is up on the page.  I have been trying to find out who Mt. Venable is named after.  I spent a whole day at the library and didn't get the answer.  I will definintely put the answer on the Venable study page when I find it!

Thanks for your' interest,

I guess the Abraham W Venable is pretty far back, so there are not current male Venables descended directly from him in your family...

There may be male descendants of Abraham W, but not in my family. We are descended from his daughter, Mary Grace, and her daughter Isabella.
One interesting thing though  is that you, Jeff and i are all descended from Thomas! I guess what you are looking for is proof of descent? I wish I could help.

Maybe we could create a fund on WikiTree for people who can’t afford it to have DNA tests.
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I would like to join. Peters-9092

Much research on Venables available from me and my tree.
by Elizabeth Blankenhorn G2G Crew (560 points)
Oh, I would love to know what you have!
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Hehe. I read this as “venerable” and thought you were looking for descendants from saints
by Joelle Colville-Hanson G2G6 Pilot (114k points)
I think a lot of people read it that way. I believe it’s a French word having something to do with hunting.I think a lot of people read it that way. I believe it’s a French word having something to do with hunting.
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What I did with my one name study at was put in a category Researchers where I have those interested in my study enter [[Category:_Researcher,_Rowley_Name_Study]] in their own profile above Bography. Then I have their profiles all together versus those in the Venable line anyone might enter.


by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Pilot (104k points)

     Thanks for sharing I might do that too.

Jeff Venable
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waving! me too! I am descended from Abraham Venable and Martha Davis,They wer my 6th great grandparents, I  woulld like to join, and have researched the Venable line quite a bit!
by Wendy Browne G2G6 Mach 1 (11.7k points)

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