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Some of the best genealogical finds are right under your nose. Today I was checking out my dad's bookcase and I found a book or two about Haverhill, Massachusetts. It's the town my dad was from and where he grew up. It's also the town that's literally right down the street from me. And it's also the center of my genealogical universe apparently. almost EVERYTHING is tied there it seems. Let's get back on track.

There was a series of books by Patricia Trainer O'Malley published in the early 2000s. Her books detailed everything you ever wanted to know about Haverhill, Massachusetts. If you have the means, you should totally check them out. It's got lots of pictures and information about several families who lived there.

For example, one of the books we gave my Grandma Ollie was a book about Italians in Haverhill. She was the daughter of Italian immigrants and the family lived in Haverhill. As did my grandpa Marco and his family. What's funny is that I was flipping through it and I found my great-grandfather Vincenzo's aunt, Concetta in there. She was in a pic taken at a wedding anniversary. Finds like that are awesome.

Sadly that book isn't in our collection any more. We gave it to grandma Ollie and she must have given it to a friend. I hadn't seen it since. I think I might buy it on Amazon. I mean it's not that expensive:

Plus you can read snippets of it on Google Books.

But, yeah. Her book series are amazing. Does anyone else have any books like this in their collection? How would one source this book?
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One useful method of writing a citation for almost any  book is to go to World Cat Library 

Search for your book.

In this case it is here

There is an icon at the top right hand side  'cite/export' click on that and you have a choice of ready formatted citations. For wikitree I would choose the Chicago style(though all the styles include much the same information, they vary as to the order) .

This citation is actually very simple but other citations for books that have various parts or many editions  aren't quite as straightforward.  Don't forget to add the page number or page numbers.

O'Malley, Patricia Trainor. 2001. Italians in Haverhill. Charleston, SC: Arcadia

Thanks, Helen! I wish we had the whole series. She even did a bit on Salem since the town used to be a part of Haverhill until 1750. Before then it was called "The North Parish". People basically didn't want to go down to Haverhill to go to church.

Can't blame 'em. Even today getting to Haverhill from Salem can be a bit annoying.

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The Arcardia Images of America series is a great source of information. I have one about Waltham and have used on about Swedes in Worcester. I also have one somewhere for Lancaster County, PA, where I lived at one time.
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Worcester's a great place. My brother went to college there. I wonder if there's a book about Newburyport. I should do some digging. I also have ties to that city.

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