Why is my marriage not listed on the public profile?

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My profile (Beezley-12) shows all my immediate relations, my parents are deceased showing Private with Public Bio and Tree. My wife (Schroer-131) and I are both listed as Private with Public Bio and Tree. Our three children and my brothers are listed as "Private". All of these profiles are identified in my public profile appropriately (children and brothers as "private" and unnamed.)

But our marriage doesn't appear on my profile or hers. Nor are we connected in any way. Our marriage is entered, exact date and place, while the "Do not display" box is NOT checked. I'd like that relationship to appear publicly.

Edit - I now see that the question has been asked at least a couple other times recently:



I just changed by daughter to Private with Public Tree (only) and she appears as named. What possible reason would there be to PREVENT us from identifying our spouses? Is this not ridiculous?
WikiTree profile: Douglas Beezley
in WikiTree Tech by Douglas Beezley G2G6 Mach 3 (31.3k points)
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Looking at the previous discussions on the question, there was some lame privacy rationale. Now that our daughter is listed on my wife's public profile and both of us are listed on Jennifer's profile (Beezley-58). Barb and I are listed as her parents, but the underlying suggestion is that perhaps we aren't married and thus our daughter is illegitimate?

Please show our marriage. For God's sake, legitimize our children! (Humorous sarcasm intended)
This does seem odd. We can go to your daughter's family tree and see your wife there. What is the point of this restriction?

Douglas, you may attract more attention to the issue if you change the tags for your question to the following:








Thanks, Lindy.

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I agree with your logic on this issue, Douglas.

It seems counterintuitive that we can see that your children's profiles (or an indication of their profiles) in the data field section, but we can't see your spouse's profile.

We have a check box on the marriage edit page that allows us to hide a marriage. And we can set the spouse's privacy level high enough to hide the name, if necessary. So why shouldn't we have the ability to show the marriage when privacy is not a major issue?

An added benefit is that showing the spouse for all but the top 2 privacy levels (red and black locks) could help prevent the creation of unnecessary duplicate profiles.
by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
selected by Douglas Beezley
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Douglas, when I look at your familytree it tells me that you "have a private wife." Now, that's good enough for me to know that you are "taken." But then, so am I. Same status for Peter- good enough for me to know not to come calling...
by Dorothy Coakley G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
My comment about illegitimacy was facetious. I'm sorry, but your answer does not respond to the point. It remains ridiculous for the profile to managed this way and I have yet to see a credible answer for why that cannot be changed.

Besides, I do not have a private wife. Her name is Barbara Schroer Beezley, we've been together for 50 years, I am proud of that and expect it to be known.
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If she is over a certain age of infancy you cant use maximum restriction level which is automated and can't be altered until she reached an old enough age however. No one can even look at the links in your profile with that level of security it's safe. XD CHECKING "DO NOT DISPLAY MARRIAGE ", also applies to you as well as everyone else. Wikitree is weird to adapt too compared to other sites because all profiles even your own are all connected to the living lovely family tree =)

(Note: if you ever had concern for some sort over intentional invasion of your profile privacy, then just screen shot the inappropriate remarks sent too you(If they are from wikitree our through email from wiki tree) and then give the wikitree rangers and email about it with proof, I guarantee you that it will stop after that very shortly. Much love welcome too wikitree
by Living Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (55.6k points)
edited by Living Smith
Troy, I really wish I understood what you are trying to say. It sounds like you think I'm worried about security and WANT to be more secure. My wife and all three of my children are at the most open privacy level as possible for living people on purpose. I'm not worried about "inappropriate remarks".

Troy, I believe that the profile for most living individuals, regardless of age, can be set as high as Unlisted/Black lock, with policy exceptions for (living) Notables and WikiTree members.

It is possible that the privacy level of connected profiles may affect the display of certain data. However, spousal display seems to be set at Green/Public to White/Open privacy level. Profiles for living individuals can't be set to those levels within current guidelines.

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It's just a date restriction it is mainly used primarily for divorced couples. And if you remarry you.can put your other wife in with present active dates upward
by Living Smith G2G6 Mach 5 (55.6k points)
I don't think this applies, Troy. It isn't a date restriction. It isn't about being divorced or remarried. It is simply WikiTree's policy to prevent ALL reference to ANY marriage on one's profile.

Troy probably means the check box that I referenced and that can be used to hide a marriage, Douglas. And he probably meant to call it a data restriction!

And even though it is probably mainly used for divorced couples, it still can be used as a general privacy tool. That would allow us to move marriage data display up a few privacy levels, accommodating both sides of the privacy issue.

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