Interested in the New Netherland Settlers Project? Pt. 2

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Hello! Are you a WikiTree member interested in helping with the New Netherland Settlers Project? If so, please answer this post to join us in collaborating on the genealogy of New Netherland.


  1. If you are not yet a member of WikiTree, please join the WikiTree community. See Help:How to Use WikiTree to get started.
  2. Add new_netherland to your followed tags.
  3. Request to join our Google Group, and include your Wikitree ID in your request.
  4. Add the category [[Category:New_Netherland_Settlers_Project]] including the brackets, to your biography.

You may find the answers to a few questions on the FAQ page or even more on the New Netherland Settlers Project page, project resources in our New Netherland Genealogy Resources category, and you may even find your ancestors on our Progenitors and Immigrants of the New Netherlands Settlers (though it is quite incomplete!)

Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us your New Netherland surnames of interest.


-- Ellen Smith

PS - Please ANSWER in this G2G thread.

asked Jan 9 in Requests for Project Volunteers by New Netherland Settlers WikiTree G2G Crew (480 points)
edited Mar 12 by Ellen Smith

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Hi! A fellow researcher recommended that I join this project.
answered Jan 10 by Lisa Meszaros G2G2 (2,050 points)
edited Jan 11 by Lisa Meszaros
That was me. Thanks for joining us. I've given you the badge.
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I'd like to join your project.  I've written this story:, and started this transcription which i'd like help with:

Thought that this project might be a good place to get willing helpers.

answered Jan 20 by Mom Nauvoo G2G Rookie (260 points)
edited Jan 20 by Ellen Smith

Glad to meet you, Mom Nauvoo. From the links you supplied, it appears that you are looking for the father of Jonas Kleyn and you are interested in Jacobus De Puy, and you are an American speaker of Dutch! I look forward to your contributions to our New Netherland Settlers project. Before I can give you the project badge, though, we need you to sign the Honor Code to become a full-fledged WikiTree member. Thanks!

I've signed the Honor Code
Thanks, "Mom." You now have the badge. So glad to have you here!!

By the way: Your registered name of "Mom Nauvoo" looks like it might be a screen name or alias. We don't typically use screen names on this site, but privacy is a big concern.  See for information about some privacy-protection optoins on this site.

ADDED: is also relevant.
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Hello, I'm a descendant of multiple New Netherlands settlers, and would like to join the project.
answered Jan 24 by Dianne Hood G2G Rookie (290 points)

Welcome to the project, Dianne!

You have the badge now. Please add new_netherland to your list of followed tags.

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Hello, I am a descendant of ancestors of multiple New Netherland localities:  New Amsterdam, Esopus/Wiltwyck, Fort Orange, and others.  My grandmother's maiden name was Smock, but I'm finding more and more "Dutch" ancestors in my Iowa born grandparents' trees.  I'd like to join and start learning more about this project.
answered Jan 26 by EAH
Are you a member of WikiTree, yet, EAH? I see that you weren't logged in when you posted here.

On WikiTree, we work together to document the lives and families of our common ancestors. The New Netherland Settlers project consists of member interested in collaborating on New Netherland genealogy in WikiTree. If you're not yet a WikiTree member, please join WikiTree so you can join us in this project.

Note that Iowa was a major destination for Netherlands people who immigrated to the United States in the 1800s, so some of your Dutch ancestors there might not be descended from New Netherlanders.
Yes, I am now confirmed as a full member, but I am new to Wikitree!  My ancestors are definitely New Netherlanders.  I know that there is a large, newer Dutch community in Michigan, and that there are a lot of Danish, Swedish and other more recent immigrants to Iowa.  My maternal grandmother is the Smock, but my maternal grandfather is descended from the Montfoorts through two different lines and the Rykers (which makes him my grandmother's 6th cousin!).  P.S.  FYI --I was following the list of instructions in order.  If you wish someone to be a member first, you should change the instruction order.

Welcome to WikiTree and the New Netherland Settlers project, Elizabeth! I have one more request for you: Please agree to our Honor Code and sign it.

Thank you for the comment about the order of instructions. I guess that all of WikiTree's instructions for joining projects presuppose that a person is already a member of WikiTree, but clearly that's not a good assumption. Something to fix, for sure.

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Hello, I have several New Netherlands ancestors already somewhat sourced and would like to join. Thank you
answered Feb 2 by Rebecca Evans G2G1 (1,170 points)

Welcome to this project, Rebecca. I'll give you the badge shortly.

I looked at your tree to find your New Netherland family, and I found Sara Buys Lassing -- Du_Booys-2. This leads me to tell you about one of the main features of the New Netherland Project: the project is a bit obsessive about names, particular Last Name at Birth (see the LNAB section of the project page). The population of New Netherland derived from a variety of different cultures, and one result of this is a crazy hash of variant names and variant spellings of names. To maintain some sanity and reduce the incidence of duplicates, we need to be careful to use a LNAB that corresponds to records, and we need to document all the other names they were recorded under. When I saw the "Du Booys" spelling with a birth date of 1703 in Esopus, I was sure (from experience) that this was not the name she was baptized under (in Kingston, NY) and I went to look for possible duplicates and records for her. I didn't find a duplicate, but I did find a baptism record for Sara Buys, which I recorded in the profile. I also connected the parents of Sara Buys. Please look and see if my changes correspond with your understanding of her story. If they do, we can go ahead and change her LNAB, etc.

Thanks so much, Ellen.  That is her!
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I would like to join your team, I just added 2 pages of Barents Will
answered Feb 3 by Timothy Broyles G2G1 (1,360 points)
Welcome to the New Netherland Project Timothy. Glad you joined us.
You have the badge now, Timothy. Thanks for your work on improving that profile!
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thrilled to join as I was so fascinated almost twenty years ago when I found my roots traced back to this time and place - I come down from the very well traced Van Schoonhoven lines - both the legitimate and the bastard Nick sides - so I have Courtright/Kourtrigh,t de Hooge,s Swartwout, de la Montagne,Roosenkranz, Decker, Deenmarken, Westercamp and of course Bradt   

I hope I can find some of the stories I found back then about these pioneers

I am hesitant about the google group though as I am having a heck of a time with it in my Quebecois project - I think perhaps it may be that my Firefox browser is not showing it right or something - but I can not seem to navigate very well in that group at all!
answered Feb 5 by Navarro Mariott G2G3 (3,200 points)
edited Feb 5 by Navarro Mariott
You have the badge now, Navarro.

Google Groups can be tricky. Have you attempted to join!forum/wikitree-new-netherland-settlers ?
thank you so much Ellen - hope I can help out - first I would like to know if anyone else had their older relatives refer to their ancestors as "Pennsylvania Dutch"  because mom used to say her dad was that and from what she had heard it meant that she was in fact German - well all the tracing back I have done I found no German folks - well maybe one - there are Dutch, French, Norse, and later down the line some Irish and Scots-Irish but now I see that when our New Netherland began to leave that area looking for new frontiers that many went to Pennsylvania - my line went to Ohio
nevermind - I looked that up and it is all coincidental!  too funny
Glad you figured that out. Not something I'd heard of.

My grandmother who represented herself as "Pennsylvania Dutch" really was Pennsylvania Dutch. That it, she was from Pennsylvania and much of her heritage was Pennsylvania Dutch (i.e., German) -- including family who mostly spoke German, although they were a few generations removed from Germany.
I guess it was Deutsch and Deitsch corrupted into Dutch, german speaking folks that  came through at the same time - the actual Dutch were there too apparently but mom had us in the wrong batch
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I am merging my tree with my husband's and he is a descendant of several Netherland immigrants.   Our trees do link (on my paternal grandmother's side) and this merge will eventually blend our ancestors on both sides.

Jolyn Rebecca Snider
answered Feb 11 by Rebecca Snider G2G Crew (360 points)
You now have the badge, Rebecca. Please go to and add new_netherland to your followed tags, so you'll see discussions of this topic in your WikiTree feeds.

It's interesting about your connection with your husband. Does he also have a profile on WikiTree, or is that still in progress? What are some of your families' New Netherland names?
I'm not sure if he has a profile on Wikitree but I'll check. He's the one who has turned me into a history/genealogy junkie. His family names include Van Leuven and many more !   We use the newest Legacy and I scrolled through about 10 pages of names with the same prefix on them.   His tree has been a work in progress for 30 or 40 years while mine is in it's infancy.   We connect thru Pepin II and Charlemagne and I'm so eager to keep looking for more connections.  Thank you for the badge and I'll definitely BE BACK !  

Sincerely, Rebecca
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Hi Ellen and Coordinators,

I would like to join NNS. I have several Dutch ancestors who were early settlers of NY and NJ from 1640-1840. I am trying to improve the research of alll their profiles. After that, I could look for a wider role.

Thanks for all the good work you do.

answered Feb 18 by Weldon Smith G2G6 Mach 1 (12,350 points)
Thanks for your attention to your early New Netherland ancestors, Weldon. (But I would bet that they weren't all Dutch!)
Thnks Ellen. Badge much appreciated. My profile looks great with it displayed. No, New Netherlands ancestors likely not all Dutch, but those that weren't were often Dutch by marriage, so descendants are certainly Dutch. Is there a list of tasks that need doing at NNS?

Well, my grandfather (8th/9th generation in the Hudson Valley) thought of himself as Dutch, but although he had a good share of Dutch ancestry, I've found that his New York genealogy also includes French and Walloon Huguenots, Germans, English (including a couple of British military officers and an ordinary soldier from the British conquest and occupation), Flemish (basically indistinguishable from Dutch), a "Fille du Roi", and a couple of Scots. Maybe they all spoke Dutch, but they were part of a "melting pot"! I figure most New Netherland descendants have similarly multinational heritage.

As for tasks that need doing at NNS, the list seems endless! Some of the highest-priority cases are in:

And if you find a family in your own ancestry that needs attention, that's possibly the best thing to work on, since you are going to have more interest in that family (and probably more insight into research for that family) than in some random family from another part of New Netherland.

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I am new to WikiTree and would like to join your project. I am descended from Jan (Jansen) van Amersfoort. I have not populated my tree yet, but mine is common with Natalie Cainaru's (and others) through my 4th great grandfather, James (Jacobus) van Steenbergh.

I have tested my Y-DNA (Y-DNA 111), so that could be helpful for some, but don't yet know how to tie that to my ancestor's profiles.

Thank you,

Bob Steenberge
answered Feb 19 by Bob Steenberge G2G Rookie (260 points)
Welcome, Bob. Your last name seems unmistakably Dutch in origin!

When you have created profiles for your parents and grandparents (etc.) and connected them to their siblings and parents who are already in WikiTree, your Y-DNA haplotype information will automagically propagate through your paternal ancestral line.
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​MY WIKITREE ID # Spencer-12751

I came across The New Netherland group as I was adding to my Dutch family on my Tree. I am hoping that I can be apart of this group, because I love learning and helping others find their Dutch roots in Colonial America. My New Netherland Dutch names are, Wiltse, Marinus, Van Wyck, Polhemius, Meyerinck, Straetsmans, Van Der Werven, Kleyn, Cobes.  Thank you

answered Feb 21 by Keith Mann Spencer G2G2 (2,930 points)
Glad to have you in this project, Keith!
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It appears that I am descended from Catalina Trico and Joris Rapalje through their daughter Judith Joris Rapalje and Pieter Pietersen Van Neste along with several other early families who seem to have stuck together while migrating from New Netherlands through Somerset New Jersey and Bucks County Pennsylvania. My group, the Bennetts, ended up in central Ohio in the early 1800's.  I would like to join your group!  I have only been exploring this for a few months now and have been surprised to discover what my family were referring to when they said we were "Pennsylvania Dutch" in response to my childhood questions about our origins.  I think I have found the link between the early Bennetts in New Amsterdam and the Mt. Gilead Bennetts of my family and look forward to working on this project.

Marian English-Huse
answered Mar 8 by Marian English-Huse G2G Rookie (260 points)

Welcome to WikiTree and the New Netherland Settlers project, Marian. I love your story about the version of your family's origins that was passed down to you.

To follow New Netherland G2G content, please add new_netherland to your followed tags list. Also, note that the recommended tag for Netherlands topics is dutch_roots (not "dutch").

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Descendant of Pierre Deyo (Doyo).  Currently living in France and Tunisia.  Also descended from the Eckerts of Ulster County.  Hoping to fill in the blanks on this side of the family.  Can help in translating any records in French.
answered Mar 14 by Mary Shelley Hough G2G Crew (730 points)
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OK I was trying to merge these Kortregts - well Courtright-211 into Kortright-31 and then I was trying to change the LNAB and of course I can not because t211 is PPP - so how do we fix these?  Elisabeth needs to have the LNAB fixed to Kortregt as it seems that is what is shown on the baptismal documentation - and I have seen nothing that has a signature which would be the thing that would change that

I am starting bottom up here - the profiles are not good with duplicate children because of the spelling differences and I really want to clean this up - Johannes would be next to need merging and then the children from both familys can be sorted out how they are supposed to be


answered 2 days ago by Navarro Mariott G2G3 (3,200 points)
there are currently three Elizabeths and three Johannes so we need to consolidate these profiles

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