Interested in the New Netherland Settlers Project? Pt. 2 [closed]

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Hello! Are you a WikiTree member interested in helping with the New Netherland Settlers Project? If so, please answer this post to join us in collaborating on the genealogy of New Netherland.


  1. If you are not yet a member of WikiTree, please join the WikiTree community. See Help:How to Use WikiTree to get started.
  2. Add new_netherland to your followed tags.
  3. Request to join our Google Group, and include your Wikitree ID in your request.
  4. Add the category [[Category:New_Netherland_Settlers_Project]] including the brackets, to your biography.

You may find the answers to a few questions on the FAQ page or even more on the New Netherland Settlers Project page, project resources in our New Netherland Genealogy Resources category, and you may even find your ancestors on our Progenitors and Immigrants of the New Netherlands Settlers (though it is quite incomplete!)

Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us your New Netherland surnames of interest.


-- Ellen Smith

PS - Please ANSWER in this G2G thread.

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Hi Ellen, I have many Dutch ancestors from 1600s not sure how to do this, however I would like to join and possibly find more about my family lines.  There are many surnames. thanks gwen

Hi, Gwen. I'm sorry I missed seeing your comment earlier.

It looks like you have some New Netherland settler ancestors, but you have very limited information about them, apparently based on mostly-unsourced user-contributed family trees (such as the Millennium File) or index-only records that came over to you (or other WikiTree members) without much detail. That doesn't give you much substance to go on.

You may find it helpful to read up on New Netherland on our project pages and the webpages linked from there. To jump-start your research on ancestors like LaComba-1, I suggest that you peruse the Early Bergen Counties material that's currently archived in Carrie's Google Docs folder. This is an excellent secondary source of research notes for New Netherland, with particular focus on Bergen County, where at least some of your ancestors seem to have lived. It's probably easiest to use this material if you download the entire collection as a zipped archive. You probably will need to poke around a bit to find your possible family members -- note that a name like "LaComba" could be under L or C (and for uncommon last names you'll need to look in the general file for the letter) and patronymic names like Jans might appear under a family name that was used by later generations of the family.

Good luck!

Hello Ellen,

I have many ancestors of Dutch lineage, who migrated to America in the early 1600's. Let me know if I can be of assistance..
Hi, I would like to join your project.  My New Netherlands ancestors are Aert Willemszen who married Christina Nagel, great grand daughter of Guilliame Vigne and Adrienne Cuvelier.  Johannes Pauluszen (Jurckse) and his second wife, Annetje Jochems Van Waert, Arie Fransen who married Ragel Jans Pier (although they were in Kingston, so not sure if they are included here), Marinus Roelofse Van Vleckeren and his wife Dina Theuniss/Isdesse (Van Huyse).  There are also some connected families - Williams, Ferguson, Mott and too many other's to remember.

Welcome to this project, Debbie.

I think you'll find that many of your ancestors have profiles in WikiTree (for example, see Nagel-5, Pyer-3 and Aertszen-1), but you may need to look for name variants in order to find them all.

Kingston  is most definitely within the scope of this project, which covers New Netherland -- not just New Amsterdam. See for information about the project, as well as links to information about New Netherland and many research resources.

Hello! After thinking that my ancestry was almost exclusively British and German, I was surprised to find these Dutch ancestors pop up on my family tree. I’m descended from the Van Valkenburg, Clauw, and. Vosburgh families. It seems they settled in Albany and Kinderhook. I’d love to join your project and learn more.

Hi, Shelley. You actually received the New Netherland badge back in 2017. smiley

WikiTree has bunches of profiles for Van Valkenburg, Clauw, and Vosburgh family members in and around Albany and Kinderhook. What information do you have about your lines extending back to these families?

Hi Ellen

As we discussed in email earlier I am interested in Claes Cornelizen van Shouwen. I would also like to help where I am needed.  I enjoy research.

Thanks for joining us, Terri!
My ancestor, Wijnant Gerritsz, was half-owner of a sawmill with Abraham Vosberg, and after Abraham was killed by Indians, Wijnant bought the other half of the mill from Abraham's widow, Geertruy Pieterse on 18 Oct 1674 (after several years of legal fighting).  The mill was located on the east side of the Hudson, on a creek still known as "Wynant's Kill".

Hi Ellen and New Netherland followers, I'm so happy to have found myself here. It has been a wonderful journey so far, exploring the copious amounts of data online. As my interest and curiosity grow so does my family tree. My Answer to hope, help, and contribute to the group would be to find a way to keep us all coming back. Be it collaborating with others or solo research, I have a passion for the history of our country and how my ancestors helped it evolve.

Hi Ellen:
I have a countless number of relatives on my tree that were early New Netherlands Settlers coming from the Swartwood, Swartwout and many more early 1600's settlers line.  I would really like to be able to contribute to the history of these early settlers, as well as learn some of their history that I am presently unaware of.

Thank you,

Dennis Murphy


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I have numerous Dutch ancestors going back to the early 1600's (Jans, Ostrander, deHooges, Schumacher) and am interested in learning more about them and the history of Hudson Valley Region.
by Anonymous St. Pierre G2G Crew (350 points)

Glad you found us, Ralph. Seeing your enthusiasm for New Netherland, I'll be curious to see your family tree that extends back toward the New Netherland years.

You'll find some relevant historical information and links to a lot more on the Project page at . It's likely that many of your ancestors have profiles here already, but you may find some of them under patronymic names such as Jansz or variant spellings such as Oostrander and Shoemaker -- we record each individual person with the names used for them during their lifetime. 

I'm giving you the New Netherland project badge now, but to participate fully you'll still need to sign the WikiTree Honor Code.

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Ellen Smith is a wonderful Wikitreer for her countless hours dedicated to documenting our ancestors from New Netherland, and for encouraging others to do so as well. Thank you again, Ellen.
by William Hoover G2G Crew (890 points)

If you'd like to join us in this project, please sign the WikiTree Honor Code to become a fully-fledged WikiTreer, and come back to this thread to request a badge. Be sure to tell us about your interests in New Netherland.
Hello Ellen,

Thank you for your kind offer to my husband, William Hoover. I am helping him get started on WikiTree. We would like to know if you think that the following surnames might have originated from the Netherlands via New Netherland: Hoover, Holder, and Miller.

Best regards, Marion

I don't think those are likely to be New Netherlanders, but it's not impossible.

Miller could be from about anywhere. I've seen German Muellers and Dutch Mullers get anglicized to Miller.

Some Hoovers (possibly all American Hoovers)  descend from German people named Huber. President Herbert Hoover descends from Palatine migrants of that name. His immigrant ancestor is believed to be . I've looked for ancestors for a man named Hoover who married a cousin of one of my ancestors in Pennsylvania, but I haven't gotten any farther than the information that his father was named John.

I think the Holder name is probably English, based on a quick look at the Holder surname list in WikiTree.

You and your husband may face some "interesting" research challenges. If he doesn't have information about his Hoover grandfather's origins, it ought to be possible to get some clues from  Census records for the grandfather as an adult. Death certificates are often very useful, as they usually include the deceased person's parents' names.
You are right about the challenging research. My husband also thought of the Census records, which shows how great minds think alike. Thank you again for your suggestions and guidance.
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I have a few lines that settled New Netherlands during the Dutch era.

One person Peter Pieterse Lassing/Lassen/Lossing was well researched by the genealogist Donna Ewing. He left the Huesum, Schleswig, Denmark in 1659, later Germany controlled the area.  Excellent research on an indentured servant who escaped his indenture to eventually own a few hundred acres in Rombout Patent. Would really like to see more documentation of this era. I know research by historians and translators has been active for about 15-20 years.
by Lewis Ward G2G1 (1.2k points)

Welcome to this project, Lewis. I'm pleased to be able to tell you that your ancestor has a WikiTree profile at -- and it cites the NYGBR article by Donna Ewing. I think you'll find that most New Netherland immigrant settlers who have living descendants are profiled in WikiTree.

The Lassingh-1 profile has only a basic biography at the moment, so it's ready and waiting for your additions and revisions. Please compose a biography in your own words -- don't copy Ms. Ewing's work verbatim (quotations are OK, and sometimes we need to borrow another genealogist's words because we want to be precise in order to avoid misinterpreting their work, but extensive borrowings are both plagiarism and an infringement on copyright). And it looks like only a couple of his kids have profiles.

And please visit the project page and our other resource pages to learn about our project policies/protocols and find research resources.

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I am a new member trying to import my  I have a connection to the Deyo family of New Paltz but have yet to add those connections.  If I can help, I'd be happy to add those I have records for to whom I am not directly related.  


Charles Heise
by Charles Heise G2G Crew (350 points)

Welcome to this project, Charles.

The Deyo family, who were Huguenot migrants to New Netherland, had many descendants -- including a number of other WikiTree members. If you peruse the descendants connected to you are likely to find existing profiles for many of those early ancestors you have information for. I see that the earliest Deyo ancestor in your ancestry here is Matheus, born 1776; do you have information on who his parents are supposedt to have been? In looking for profiles in WikiTree, be aware that spellings of this name varied a lot, and the WikiTree search algorithm doesn't necessary recognize that variants like "Deyo" and "Dijo" and "Dejoo" are actually the same name.

Please get acquainted with the project, our naming conventions and other policies, and project resources on -- and do note that it is vitally important that any new content added to profiles of early ancestors must be supported by reliable sources, as discussed on the New Netherland Settlers Project Reliable Sources page.

HI Ellen,

Yes, I have information back to Christian Deyo, one of the original settlers.  On commercial sites and some reading there is information dating back to Chateau de Joux.  It is primarily from information about New Paltz.  Is that considered a proper source?  

I will tread lightly!  Thanks,

From your description, it's hard to tell whether your source is one that would be considered a reliable source here.
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I would love to be part of the New Netherland Settlers Project.  I have taken both Ancestry and 23andme DNA tests.

My DNA suggests that 35.1% of my ancestry is French and German. “French and German” people descend from ancient Alpine-Celtic and Germanic populations, and inhabit an area extending from the Netherlands to Austria – roughly corresponding to the extent of Charlemagne’s Frankish Kingdom in the Middle Ages. Estimates place Charlemagne himself in the family trees of all modern Europeans, possibly many times over. Genetically and geographically, the French and Germans are at the heart of Europe.

Looking forward to working with this group.

by Martha Garrett G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)

Welcome to this project, Martha. I see that you have identified a few New Netherland settlers in your ancestry here (one example is ). Do you think you have New Netherland people on other ancestral lines?

Please get acquainted with the project, our naming conventions and other policies, and project resources on -- and do note that it is vitally important that any new content added to profiles of early ancestors must be supported by reliable sources, as discussed on the New Netherland Settlers Project Reliable Sources page.

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I adopted a profile of William Maynard, There wasn't much information on him a.But he was married to Antje Corssen and on Ancestry public members trees I have found abundant information that was sourced. The Corssen or Corson family is in the ABGI.and some descendant of hers wrote a book, published early 1900 's about their 300 years in the new country.I even found and lost again a copy of her father's will, that he stated he didn't want any of his money going to William. It was strictly for her and her children. My problem is I can't copy and paste  on my tablet.I think this would be an interesting project.
by Fran Nolting G2G6 (6.6k points)

Happy to welcome you to this project, Fran. There are many New Netherland profiles that need additional reliably sourced content, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. smiley

Look on for introductory information and links for more information regarding New Netherland, as well as information about project naming conventions. And is a good place to start for identification of good sources for New Netherland profiles.

Thanks Ellen, I really appreciate it. Will look around and swat I can do. Glad to be a partner.
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Hi Ellen,  I guess I could 'officially' join the project :)
by Wendy Hoffman G2G3 (3.8k points)

Glad to have you, Wendy. I know you are committed to researching your New Netherland ancestors. smiley

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I would like to join the New Netherland Project. I am a descendant of  Aaron O Van Cleave and Gerret Wolfersen Van Kouwenhoven. I have taken the 23andme and ancestry DNA tests and am working on my family tree.

thanks,  Royann Van Cleave Black
by Royann VanCleave G2G1 (1.3k points)

Thank you for joining us, Royann. It looks like you are still in the early stages of adding your ancestry to WikiTree. While you are doing that, please take some time to read up on New Netherland and our project's policies and protocols on our project page.

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I would like to join the New Netherlands Project. I have several ancestors in the category, some which I know need work. I discovered one who might be a candidate but the sourcing is not good yet.
by Ellen Gustafson G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
Hi, Ellen. Who are your New Netherland ancestral families and what kinds of edits do you expect to be making? I noticed the names Ackerman and ver Planck in your ancestry, as well as some English people who were in Westchester County in the 1600s. Are there others?

What sources are you using?
Hi Ellen,  I haven’t found many good sources except some records from the Dutch Reformed Church which were helpful. I’m still looking for more on Isaac Ogden, son of Swaine. Also, Margarita Fuliner who married Davis Hunt. One ancestor who I think was a Hugenot is Jean Petit, aka Jean Baignoux. Still working on that too.

Thanks, that clarifies things for me. Welcome to the project!

But I must say: Absent URLs, dates, and locations, those names you mentioned necessitated some hunting on my part,

I think the Isaac Ogden you mention is supposed to be a son of Swaine Ogden (that's a family I'm not familiar with). That Swaine Ogden profile would benefit from source citations to the individual church records, plus documentation of the contents of each record (including the diverse spellings of his first and last name). I see that the Ogden Genealogy names 9 children, and those 9 children have linked profiles. What is your evidence for an additional child named Isaac? 

Now that you are part of this project, please start following the new_netherland tag in G2G, give yourself a refresher review on the WikiTree guidance on citing sources at, and get acquainted with our New Netherland project naming protocols and our guidance page on reliable sources.

Regarding citations, the shortcuts that we sometimes use when we cite sources for recent generations of the family are not acceptable when we delve into early ancestors who typically have many interested descendants. That is, bare URLs, names of databases (such as "U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records in Selected States, 1639-1989"), and similar shortcuts do not constitute valid source citations (we can't assume that the URL will still function when a reader encounters it, nor that they will recognize that we are citing an Ancestry database and will be able to locate the same record we we found -- we need to identify each specific item we reviewed and describe its contents). Also, so that our citations will appear on the page, we need to be careful to use the codes <ref> and <references /> correctly.

Thank you, Ellen. I will take some time to read other profiles in the project to familiarize myself with the style. I’m afraid that one person, Jean Baignoux may never have enough sources to qualify. That was a ged -com only profile, that I am still editing, the pm is gone.

 Isaac Ogden was the son of Nathaniel Ogden, born 1722. Nathaniel was Swaine’s son. There’s another Nathaniel Ogden, born in 1726, it’s very easy to mix them up.

  Another Dutch family in my tree is the Arnolds, also from New York. I will go over them too. Thanks again.
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Hello! As of right now, I have no New Netherland ancestors but my family research has found me in Kinderhook, New York and its surrounding areas. So I have been adding profiles of families that my ancestors worked with and served in the local government with in the 1700s and 1800s. In particular, I would like to create a profile for [[Cuyler-68|Maria Cuyler's]] husband, John (Jan) Cruger but since her profile is project protected, I wanted to get the OK before doing so. I have recently created profiles for their granddaughter [[Cruger-54|Elizabeth Cruger Van Schaack]] and I would like to connect her and her family to the family line. Thank you!
by Caitlin McCann G2G1 (1.6k points)
edited by Caitlin McCann

Hi, Caitlin. Projects like this one aren't limited to descendants of the people whose profiles we work on, but we do look for demonstrated interest in the subject matter. Thank you for your efforts to improve the genealogy of New Netherland -- and welcome to this project!

Henrik Kruger (a.k.a. Henry Cruger) is clearly a New Netherland Descendant. I adopted him into the project after seeing your post here, and I connected him to his mother's profile, Cuyler-68. I've not yet found the profile you created for Henrik's father.

Since you are actively working on New Netherland genealogy, please become familiar with the naming conventions and other protocols on our project page (note that we'll need to change Henrik's LNAB to correspond to the name spelling on his baptism record), and also the sourcing guidance on the project's Reliable Sources page.

PS - There are no restrictions on adding children to a PPP profile. But if you create new profiles for New Netherland people, it would be great if you could add them the project...

Thank you for your response, Ellen! I had not made a page because I wanted to be sure that I wasn't stepping on anybody's toes! I'll work on that tonight and I'll be sure to follow the guidelines to get my pages into the project! Thank you for your patience with me.
That's great, Caitlin!  I was surprised that I didn't find an existing profile for Jan Cruger.

One thing I did discover that when searching is that Wikitree's name search function does not recognize Kruger and Cruger as variant spellings of the same name, so we have to search for them separately. This also means that it's particularly important to document both of those names in the profile name fields when a person is recorded under both spellings. (The name search function never looks for spelling variants for first names, so for Jan/Johann/John I was searching for the string J* in the first name field, but when searching for this family I was surprised to see that the last-name variants didn't appear.)
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Hi, I would like to join your project. I am a dutch descendent, and I live in Colorado, USA. I have information on my main family line Sipsma (Sipma), which is my maternal grandmother's maiden name for 13 generations going back to approximately 1555 that I would like to add to my WikiTree, and also help with this project in general. Thank you

by Andrea Beard G2G Crew (320 points)
Welcome to this project, Andrea! Thank you for explaining your interests. You likely will find the Dutch Roots project to be a good resource for researching your ancestry in the Netherlands, and with your interest in Dutch people in America it will be great to have your participation in New Netherland work.

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