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The mission of the Switzerland Project is to add, source and improve profiles of persons associated with Switzerland and their ancestors. If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please post an answer below, stating that you wish to join the project. I will award you the badge.

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closed with the note: Project is currently dormant. When the project has a new leader, new members will be accepted.
asked in Requests for Project Volunteers by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (376k points)
closed by Natalie Trott

My family (Great-grandpa - Frederick Burkhalter) was born in Switzerland in 1891.

I have direct ancestors (7generations) dating back to 1708 from Zurich, Switzerland. Hans Jacob (Radtgab) Rothgeb. Born July 29, 1708. Married Anna Good (Naef). Also born Zurich, Switzerland. 1715
I have ancestors undiscovered in Switzerland. My great grandparents came from Switzerland to the USA in the early 1870's. I am interested in finding their Swiss families.
I have a Swiss great grandmother that I know nothing about.Her name is Margret Margaretha Michael born September 10, 1848 in Switzerland and died  April 26, 1922 in Ohio.I have noticed on the death certificate Fritz Michael was listed as her father. She married Michael Gerber my great grandfather in Ohio.

​I would love to work and help on The Switzerland Project since I have a lot of family from Switzerland. The more I learn The more I help, and The more I help The more I learn.

That is my thought also Keith thought I could learn and then show others how to use resources.
I definitely want to join the project!
I'll get you added in the next few days.
Hello Natalie

I have read the material should I select an area to help with or will you assign that?
The Landis family is from Zurich. There are a lot of double and even triple entries that need to be fixed. Here are some other surnames from my tree that are Swiss: Bruppacher, Hirt (Swiss family living in Alsace as refugees from religious persecution), Hochstrasser, Ritter, Schinz, Schnevolin, Trompler, Wells, Zeller.  

If anyone is interested in these names and wants access to my personal tree, I'd be happy to help in that way. I don't have time to work in WikiTree right now.
My surname, I've discovered, is deeply rooted in Berne. I would be most appreciative to be included here.
I am interested in joining the Switzerland Project. I have a paternal great-grandfather that was born there.
My grandmother is from Switzerland.  Know nothing about her family and woulff love to learn.

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Yes, my mtDNA paper trail leads back to Zurich, Switzerland. My furthest mtDNA ancestor is Anna Freyman, born Mar 1627, Switzerland. Her husband is Hanns Waeber, born Jul 1606, Alstetten, Zurich, Switzerland.

Other Swiss names are: Kehrer, Wymann, Von Rufs, Weber (Zumikon, Zurich), Luthi (Stafa, Zurich), Walder (Holzhausen, Zurich), Brunner (Zumikon, Zurich), Kendig (Zurich, Zurich) (this one died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania), Bacher (Bern), Christen (Bern), Schapfer/Schupffer (Ruederswil, Bern), Burckhalter (Langnau, Bern), and Roethlisberger (Bern, Bern).
answered by Gail Hardy G2G2 (2.8k points)
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My great-grandparents were born and married in Canton Bern in  Switzerland.  I would like to help, but I really don't know what you need.
answered by Cindy Curry G2G2 (2.2k points)

If you read the project page, there is a good explanation.

Read the Goals and the Task List sections for information on what project members do.

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Some of my ancestors lived in Erlenbach im Simmental, Bern. Also, I speculate that some lived near Steffisburg, Bern.
answered by John Moyer G2G Crew (930 points)
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My father was Swiss.  I have a book published in 1951 by Institut Zwicky of Zurich.  It contains the genealogy of 12 Swiss families.  It includes the Bitterli family back to the sixteen hundreds.
answered by Charles Bitterli G2G1 (1k points)
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Looking for Swiss relatives with name(s) of Lehman, Lehmann.  Would love to be added to the group.
answered by Joel Layman G2G3 (3.1k points)
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Yes, I am a descendant of Jacob Stover [].
answered by Kimberly Cooper G2G1 (1.3k points)
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I wish to join the project. Thanks.
answered by John Moyer G2G Crew (930 points)
I would like to join the project. I am first generation American, my dad and his family were from Switzerland. I still have many 2nd cousins in Switzerland.
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Hang on, folks, I will be getting to you all in the next couple of days.
answered by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (376k points)
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I would like to volunteer. My father brought us to the U.S. from Zurich in the 1980s and we have a lot of information about his paternal lineage, but not so much about his maternal lineage.
answered by Emily Murer G2G Rookie (260 points)
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Would you add me to the Switzerland project?


answered by Joel Layman G2G3 (3.1k points)
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I would like to join the Switzerland project.
answered by John Moyer G2G Crew (930 points)
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One of my ancestors is from Glattfelden, Zurich born in 1709 and was an immigrant aboard the Francis and Elizabeth ship.   I would like to be included in the Project.

I am also working toward getting my PRE 1500 badge.


Rebecca Snider
answered by Rebecca Snider G2G6 (9.8k points)
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I have Swiss roots on my paternal side of the family. Surname Ris or Ries. Would love to join!
answered by Clark Campbell G2G Crew (480 points)
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I’m born Swiss, paternal family originated from the Posciavo (Grischun). During the 19th century they migrated to a Russia and Poland to escape a famine and made a name for themselves as bakers.
answered by Jan Lardelli G2G Rookie (290 points)
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I would like to join!

My mother's parents came from the eastern part of Zürich and Schaffhausen.

At the moment, I'm hosting the page of Canton Zürich and Canton Schaffhausen here at WIKITREE!
answered by Kim Koblet G2G Crew (310 points)
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some of my moms ancestor were swiss the Conrad family of west Virginia would love to join thank you
answered by Joseph Seay G2G1 (1.4k points)
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Hello, I would love to join the Switzerland project.
answered by Teresa Downey G2G2 (2.3k points)
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Hello, I would love to join this group.  The ancestors on my mother's side apparently were in (Canton) Zürich until the 1600s, then fled north along the Rhine, eventually leaving from Rotterdam for Pennsylvania in the early 1700s.

I'm planning to spend Oct and Nov this year in eastern Switzerland trying to find more (and better) accounts of their whereabouts, families, movements, etc.
answered by Nathan Albertson G2G Rookie (230 points)
I'm sorry, Nathan, the project has no leader and I cannot assign the badge right now. Perhaps a new leader can be found sometime soon!
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Yes, I have many Swiss roots in Canton Zürich. Happy to flag those profiles.  Jane
answered by Jane Copes G2G1 (1.6k points)
I'm sorry, Jane, the project has no leader and I cannot assign the badge right now. Perhaps a new leader can be found sometime soon!

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