Do you have Swedish ancestors? Are you Swedish? Join Project Sweden!

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If you have Swedish ancestors or knowledge about Sweden and want to help us improve profiles then join Project Sweden.

For Swedish brick walls, your best chance is actually to ask for Genealogy Help here in G2G with the tag SWEDEN.

If you want to contribute to the project, do check out the project page and then answer this question with your reason for joining. We'll get you a badge and a welcome!

Please use the answer option rather than the comment option.

asked Jan 11 in Requests for Project Volunteers by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (195,430 points)
edited Jan 19 by Eva Ekeblad

With a grandfather who was born in Skåne, I would like to join the Sweden Project.

Hi Ron!
You are badged and welcome.
My Great Great Grandparents were born in Hallefors, Orebro and Ljusnersberg, Orebro in the early 1840s and married 17 November 1867 in Kila, Vastmanland and I hope to learn more and help others as I learn enough to be able to help.  This is why I would like to join the Sweden Project.
I would like to join the Swedish Project. My great grandparents on my paternal grandmother's side came from Sweden approximately 1887 from Kaxsund, Bjurtjarn, Sweeden.

Thank you
My Great Grandfather was born in Broby, Sweden, I am interested in the project.
All of my mother's grandparents were born in Sweden and moved to Minnesota, USA as adults.  I have been putting a family tree together on and a distant cousin in Sweden has been helping me.  He has enabled me to connect back through researching church records.

I found a third cousin who still is part owner of the farmhouse where our great grandparents were born in Hansjö, Orsa, Dalarna, Sweden.  We visited in 2016.
You are all welcome!

For newcomers to the thread:
Please do not answer by a comment.

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Hi, I'm Swedish living in Sweden and I'd like to join the Sweden Project!
answered Feb 7 by Eric Jalmarsson G2G Rookie (200 points)
Hej Eric!

Badge för projektet fixad.
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My great grandfather was born in Springsta, Kärrbo Parish, Västmanland. I'd like to contribute!
answered Feb 7 by Kate Davis G2G Crew (920 points)
Hi Kate! You are badged and welcome.
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Grandparents (that I never knew) - grandfather from Sweden Persson, now Pearson and grandmother from Finland surname Eklund.
answered Feb 9 by Terry Weller G2G1 (1,560 points)
Welcome, Terry!
You have the badge!
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My grandmother's parents immigrated to Oslo, Norway from Oskarshamn, Kalmar, Sweden. So I find myself working more and more with this Swedish branch of my family - my ancestors, their siblings and spouses, and their descendants in Sweden, Norway and America.

So I suppose I ought to join this project. And learn to give my profiles the proper LNAB around 1900!
answered Feb 11 by Jan Frederik Solem G2G Crew (740 points)
That is definitely worth a badge - although naming practices tend to be discussed here in G2G, out in the open, so to speak.
Thanks! :-)
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I would like to join. I'm Swedish myself as 95% of my ancestors. I just joined the site 2 days ago.
answered Feb 16 by Anette Kristiansson G2G Rookie (240 points)
Hej och välkommen!
Du har nu fått din Badge.
Jag hör av mig.
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My mother was born in Karlskoga, Sweden.  My grandparents, my uncle and her came to the US when she was a baby.  I have researched several generations in of my ancestors  in Sweden.

I would like to join the Sweden Project.


answered Feb 18 by Florence Collins G2G Crew (650 points)
Hej Florence!

You are badged and welcome.
I'll be in touch.
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Hello, I would like to join the Sweden project. My DNA results say I'm 6% Scandinavian, and I've recently found out that my mom's great-grandmothers parents were both from Sweden. My 3rd great-grandfather was named Olaf Swanson, born in 1860 in Landskroua, Sweden (Swanson-2256). His wife, Anna (Johnson) Swanson was born in 1858 in West Jutland, Sweden (Johnson-66181). I know Anna's fathers name was Johanes, but that is all I know. I haven't been able to find any more information on them and would like to further my research. 

answered Mar 10 by Bianca Barbato G2G1 (1,450 points)
Hi Bianca, you now have your badge and I wish you welcome to the project.

Will contact you in a little while.
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I have great great grandparents From Sweden And I Have Been Trying to research them. I would love to join this project.
answered Mar 11 by Brandy Kingsbury G2G Rookie (200 points)
Hi Brandy!
You are badged and welcome.
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Practicly my whole familytree are filled with swedish ancestors centuries back.
answered Mar 12 by Kent Jansson G2G Rookie (200 points)
Man skulle helt enkelt kunna säga att du är svensk ;-)

Badge utdelad.
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McCormack-1361 Would like to join. My mothers side is Swedish from Norrland and I live in Sweden.
answered Mar 25 by Peter McCormack G2G Crew (540 points)
You have the badge. I'll be in touch.
I sent you a private message, but did not get the usual copy back.

If you did not receive it, please tell me so.
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I have one Swedish grandparent - makes 1/4 of my tree Swedish.  I spent over a decade beating my head against the wall because I couldn't find my ancestors.  Seems they all changed their surnames when they arrived to the US.  I've found them but would like to explore more and find more ancestors.
answered Mar 29 by SJ Baty G2G6 Mach 1 (17,340 points)
You are badged and welcome.
We'll be in touch.

THANKS!  I'm really looking forward to exploring this site of the tree further.

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My grandfathers parents emigrated from Sweden in the 1880s, my great grandmother grew up in Västra Ed, Kalmar.  My great grandfather left from Ödeshög, Östergötland.
answered Mar 29 by Wendy Woods G2G Rookie (200 points)
You are badged and welcome.
We'll be in touch.
wrong line ;-)
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Greetings. Resident of Värmland here, curious to join project Sweden.
answered Mar 30 by Henrik Augustsson G2G Rookie (200 points)
Jodå, du hade koll på ditt Wiki-ID.
Badge utdelad.

När du fortsätter bygga ut ditt träd kan du ha nytta av de värmländska sockenkategorierna [[Category: Parishes, Värmland]]

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Can't find Sweden connection to my grandfather William Gray Swenson who was born to Swedish immigrants Swante Johan Swenson and KIzzie Chapman Browne in ST Mary's Parish Louisiana  then moved to Texas...Uncle of WG Swenson was Swante Magnus from NY and Texas. Related to SMS ranch in Throckmorton? WG Swenson helped found Abilene and graduated from Southwestern University.

I would like to join the Sweden project
answered Mar 30 by Gerry Roeder G2G Rookie (200 points)
Hi Gerry,
I have given you the badge.

Is there anything you would like to do for Project Sweden?
Not sure how to send a link to the Texas State Historical Association about my grandfather' William Gray Swenson's  uncle Swante Magnus Swenson. You may already have this information and the information on my grandfather there and also on the Abilene Historical society Society. There are also several photos there of the family and house. I have no info to go further to find relatives in Sweden/Norway?

Well, the emigrating Swedes sort of leave the horizon of Project Sweden when they cross the Atlantic. I'm sure your information is welcome in WikiTree, though.

I did notice that the information on the profile of your great grandfather Swante Johan Swenson is very vague. Do you know when he emigrated?

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Kan jag få vara med? Jag är svensk, har mestadelen av släkten i Sverige ... och kom hit som ättling till smedsläkten Stockhaus./Can I join? I'm Swedish, have most of my ancestors in Sweden ... and came here because of the Stockhaus family of smiths.





answered Apr 18 by Staffan Bergh G2G Rookie (200 points)
Jag kom till WikiTree som Stockhaus-ättling för drygt två år sedan, så när du har lagt in dina anur upp till Elisabet Klasdotter bör vi kunna räkna ut hur avlägsna kusiner vi är.
Jobbar på det :-) /staffan
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Swedish with mostly Swedish ancestors.
answered Apr 18 by Per Starbäck G2G Crew (970 points)
Welcome Per! You will receive your badge and more information shortly.
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Hi Eva and others,

My ancestors mainly come from in and around Bergslagen, and include some forest finns in the west, many blacksmiths and others in the mining industry, and I hope to both be helped and possibly help with information.

My sons' ancestors also come from Hälsingland and Småland/Blekinge on my wife´s side, and since I have covered less ground there, I hope for this project to get me new twigs to their tree! :-)
answered Apr 23 by Anders Berglund G2G Crew (560 points)
Välkommen till projektet. Det är rätt många aktiva WikiTreeare som har rötter i Bergslagen. Vilka socknar har du?
Tack för det!

Huvudsakligen Skinnskatteberg (överlägset mest), Västanfors, Söderbärke, Norrbärke, Grangärde, Säfsnäs, Äppelbo. Plus en del i de flesta av socknarna runt dem. En del i Ramnäs, Sura, Karlskoga, Filipstad, Rämmen också.

Skinnskatteberg är redan mycket välbefolkat i WikiTree.


Västanfors/Norberg, Grangärde och Bärke också. Resten har jag inte lika bra koll på. Har inte så mycket egna där.


Föga förvånande att Skinnskatteberg är välbefolkat, med alla sina fina kyrkböcker! Men jag blir gärna ännu en i mängden. Och kanske det finns mer oplöjd mark i andra socknar. Det får man ju se.
Du får hålla utkik efter var du kan koppla in dig i redan existerande familjer.

Du kanske förresten har någon särskild by eller gård du har flest kopplingar till?
Vem vet, du kanske har lösningen på några gåtor.
Man vet aldrig. Jag har rotat i den socknen från och till i över 40 år vid det här laget, men den räcker som du ju vet till för att fylla all tid man har. ;-)

Jag tror att jag har anor i mer än hälften av byarna på 1600-talet. Darsbo, både övre och nedre, Främshyttan, Långviken och hela "Baggemarken". Men också kring Riddarhyttan och Tackbyn/Haraldsjön/Lövslätten.

Men jag ska hålla utkik!
Jag har varit och rotat i så många familjer i Skinnskatteberg så jag vet knappt vilka som är mina anor och vilka som inte är det. Det blir lätt så här på WikiTree - och med så fina böcker som i Skinnskatteberg (och Grangärde).

Jag höll på ett tag och gick igenom dödböckerna för den perioden när det är så informativa runor och kollade upp vuxna som dog, om de eller deras familj redan fanns i trädet. Och i början gjorde jag mycket i Darsbo - trots att min egen ana flyttade ut därifrån tidigt. Har inte kategoriserat Övre och Nedre separat (det är ju bara en liten bäck emellan ;-)
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I would like to join project Sweden. My grandfather and grandmother came to the U.S. from Boden, Norbottom, Sweden in 1903.
answered Apr 24 by Dirk Powell G2G Rookie (200 points)
Welcome to the project, Dirk!
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I'm trying to validate the roots of my Finnskogen (Värmland) ancestors. I've already documented several generations of Västergötland and Blekinge families.
answered Apr 24 by Curt Carlson G2G Crew (610 points)
Welcome, Curt!
0 votes
Sign me up!  My paternal great grandparents were born in Sweden in the 1850's.
answered Apr 25 by Jan Burg G2G Rookie (200 points)
You have the badge, Jan!

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