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Weekend Chat 30 June - 2 July 2017

Enjoy yourself and spread good will :)

WikiTree profile: Mindy Silva
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asked in The Tree House by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
closed by Mindy Silva
Mndy great to see you hosting!  Thanks so much for doing this chat!
My pleasure Laura :)
Ditto to what Laura said Mindy. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Thank you for hosting Mindy

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Well, the pictures didn't come out great - that's what happens when you're in a moving vehicle ;) But I wanted to share with you the beautiful icicles we saw on the way home earlier. 

answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
selected by David Selman
Thanks for sharing those M. Wow, the icicles look like huge teeth or elephant tusks!!
Your welcome Dorothy. I would have loved to get out and take pictures, but my husband was anxious to get home.They really were beautiful!
Ditto to what Dorothy said Mindy. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Pretty but Brrrr
Yes, brrrr... It's 13 F here right now, 'feels like 10.' Our low should be 5 degrees tonight. Good day to stay inside!
Thank you for sharing your great photo of the icicles, the smaller picture looks like a small frozen waterfall.
The photo are amazing, thank you for sharing those fantastic photos
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answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (359k points)

I love the MONKEES !

Last train to Clarksville oh gosh, great song !

Monkees for you ! All three seasons !


You'd get along with a video producer friend of mine who also loves the Monkees and Hall and Oates.
Dunno for Hall and Oates. I like CULTURE CLUB and FRANKIE GOES HOLLYWOOD. Not really fond of WHAM.
The only, ONLY, female singers I like are TINA TURNER, CHER, & ANNIE LENNOX.
Cool. =)
Wow - been a long time since I've heard Culture Club Eddie!
The theme song for the Marvel Universe. Which is also the Avengers theme for the 2012 movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9318WhMQr18

Naw, I'm busy with working on the Jester DNA right now, And I still have a ton of WT stuff to do. I appreciate the invite.  But I might occasionally do a profile or two of my faves who have died. 

Chris, If it hadn't of been for the Bill Haley in the 'creation' of Rock n Roll, there wouldn't have been Elvis, or the Beetles, or Doors, the Animals or Led Zeplin, or Grateful Dead or the Doors, or any of that heavy metal noise what sounds like they are so stoned out on acid that they make me feel lilke I'm stoned out on acid. 

In Fact, Jerry Garcia had a concert and found out the Beach Boys were in audience. the Boys were attempting a come back and it wasn't going too well. So Jerry invited them up on stage and took a break. After they had finished there was total silence in the auditorium, then a single applause came from the back... then it went around and caught on. And the Boys got their comeback concerts. 

how did rock Around the Clock jump to #1? Because a 9 year old boy bought it.  Bill Haley had tried to record it several times and the producers said no.  He recorded 13 Women (and I'm the only man in town) which was actually the A side, not the B as Wikipedia reports. The record actually went nowhere. it was recorded by Haley April 12, 1954, Pythian Temple studios, 135 West 70th Street, New York City And he wasn't even the first to record it. 

Glenn Ford was going into production for Blackboard Jungle and the producers needed to know what music kids were listening to.  So Ford gathered up a bunch of his son's 45s and they play Rock Around the Clock in the movie which was released 25 March 1955 (USA)  After the movie came out, Rock jumped to #1. Bill Haley had a hit a year later. All because Glenn Ford's then 9 year old son bought the record. 

This was brought to you be Ed Wallace's Classic Tracks segment from his radio talk show Wheels on KLIF in Dallas.  Ed also does Backside of American History that is kinda similar "The Rest of the Story"  insideautomotive.com  and klif.com  8 am Central time Saturdays. Its not just about cars, nor politics, but how these affect the ecomony which also affects car sales. Ed also does A Moment of Rock and Roll History. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmzKOOItYsc  notice the sidebar. 

Or this story from Backside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWR4kpwsHws






Oh I am well aware of the history of rock. =) Don't ya worry.
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Thank you for hosting, Mindy!
answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (536k points)
My pleasure, welcome David!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Welcome to the chat Linda
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I love this movie. It makes me feel good. There was no one like Farah Fawcett



answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
Hmm... I wonder. She connects to O'Neal through their son, Redmond. It shows that she was married, but I can't tell to who. It could be Lee Majors, which would be correct.

Definitely needs work - spouses should be listed in the biographies of living notables, otherwise it's impossible to navigate!

And though there are profiles for both Tatum O'Neal and John McEnroe, I can't tell if they are linked together? If they were it would improve the chances for a connection.

Anyway, Ruben is played by Brad Johnson


who's a direct descendent of


(I'll finish the lines of connections next week. Goofing off this Weekend !

Football playoffs ! NFL countdown to Superbowl, which HAHAHA, is my birthday weekend.  )

No, you're right she is definitely set as wife of Ryan O'Neal and there is no profile for Harvey Yeary aka Lee Majors.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. You need to make a profile and connect to Farrah.
I had a Farrah Fawcett wig when I was younger.  It made me look soooo beautiful.
I'll take a moment for Lee Majors. I promise !
Do you still have the wig Rionne? Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
The wig which was made from real hair had a haircut and rested in the wardrobe for years. Then my daughter  borrowed it, never to return. Somewhere there is a photo of my dad  wearing one of my wigs. LOL.
Did your daughter keep it? Or lose it? How hilarious about your dad!
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Weekend Chat Tips

Last week we looked at the first menu prompts on most WikiTree pages.  This week we will look at the Add prompts.

  1.  The ADD menu link.  This contains links that allow you to:
    1. Add your DNA test results to your profile if you have taken a DNA test. 
    2. Add followed tags.  These tags (you are allowed 20) allow you to customize the G2G wikified based on things like surnames or projects you are interested in following
    3. Add family.  This prompt takes you to a help page that explains various ways of adding both connected and unconnected family members.  It also contains links to take you to the page you would need to fill out.
    4. Send invitations.  This is actually a help page that explains the process to invite others to join us here on WikiTree.  This includes Family Members, Fellow Genealogists, and it walks you through the process of creating the invitation and sending it.
    5. Match and Merge:  This is a form and a help page that allows you to indicate 2 profiles for merging and to compare them, to merge them, or to reject the merge. 
    6. Add a new, unrelated person.  Why might you add an unrelated person?  It could a profile where you are trying to find how that person may fit into your family.
    7. Add a new project. 
    8. Add a new thing.  This could be a space to keep images, to do lists, research notes special interest items 
Short list this week.  Lots of late nights and not enough sleep!
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
Thank you for the tips Laura! And welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Thanks for the tips, Laura! Now deposit a tip into the tip jar!
Ditto Laura to what Mindy and David said. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Thanks Laura. You are always so helpful with your tips. I love them. Might try the 'add a new thing' this week!
Thanks Laura, these tips are very helpful.
Welcome Gillian and Dean to the Weekend Chat.
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I started out with Data Doctor work, then dove into other projects (as I didn't get to Wiki much the week before). I find that the later at night it is, when I'm down in that rabbit hole, the more easily amused I am. In the beginning records of a little town in Connecticut, among the top five things to be decided was this: To see if the town will allow swine to run at large the ensuing year. I was highly amused. At the end of the town meeting they: voted that swine be shut up according to law. In my mind I could see the pigs running wildly through the town. I had to giggle quietly so that I wouldn't wake my husband - he would not have been amused ;)

It's snowing today in Kentucky - so an awesome day to stay inside and research. I hope that everyone else is having a productive research week, and is taking time to enjoy life's little pleasures!

answered by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
Thank you, Mindy, for the early morning laugh! Oink Oink!! Here little piggies.
Oh what a hoot that is!  My grandmother was born in 1900.  She tells a story of how the train would pull up and cows and pigs would be driven to the streets to the various butcher shops that dotted the St Louis landscape.

Now 1900 does not seem that far away but I have visions of those folks in their long dresses and suits dodging these animals and they are running through the streets.  My great grandfather was a butcher in the Soulard area which today is a fashionable historic district.  The home they had stood there elegantly for over a century and then was blown up by a gas leak created by an unlcensed, subcontracted crew who was supposed to be putting in high speed internet.  Life is full of these happy, funny, and sad moments!  It its was makes genealogy such an exciting hobby!  

Thanks for sharing your funny find!
I can just picture that Laura! In the early 1980's a few of the farmers in Nevada used to herd sheep or cattle down one of the main roads into town. They didn't actually take the herds down the main street though. Gotta love them small towns.

What a tragedy about the gas leak tho... :(
What a great story!

I have yet to research to find the sources, but one story I read about one of my ancestors is that he returned to Ireland and brought back the "infamous Burk potato". A couple years later the first potato distillery was built in the town where he lived, and a few years later the town elders voted to watch over him because he had a drinking problem. Sure did make me chuckle.
Ditto to everyone and especially you Mindy. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Too funny Kay! I have an ‘uncle’ that was caught bootlegging while on duty. I’m still trying to figure out if he was the one my great-aunt warned me about before she passed lol
Thanks for sharing this great story, Mindy! And thank you for hosting this weekend's chat.
My pleasure Star! It's been a great weekend!
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This project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to the Indian Sub Continent mainly the current Dominions of India and Pakistan, however, the scope is currently being expanded to include all of the Indian Sub Continent.Project members can take primary responsibility for relevant profiles or family groups and work on merging duplicates, cleaning up profiles, adding sources, and removing incorrect information.


Leader: Maria Maxwell and Doug Straiton

Mahatma Ghandi began his last fast on January 12, 1948 when he was 78 to protest religious violence.   In honor of his dedication to non violent ways of addressing issues, we have a puzzle for you about the Indian Sub Continent, which includes: BangladeshBhutanIndiaMaldivesNepalPakistan and Sri Lanka.

Word Se​arch   Find 34 terms or phrases

PDF and Docx versions available at 


answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
Thank you for the puzzle Laura.
Yes thank you for a great puzzle. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Looks very tricky! Thank you Laura.
Great puzzle, Laura, thank you!

Answer and a phrase list are in the answer folder located at


Thanks for the puzzle, Laura.  I always learn so much from doing them.  I'm convinced that I would have learned more in school if we had been given puzzles like yours.
Star when I was certified to teach in the State of Missouri (a long time ago)

I did my thesis on the meaning of the root word for Education which is the Latin word educare and means to draw out of not to put into.  There have been a number of studies that show people learn better when you stimulate more than one sense so combine audio and visual or like puzzles visual and touching (writing, circling, coloring) increase learning retention.  If you can combine all 3 it is even better!  

I have come to believe that genealogy is a great way to teach geography, world history, and foreign language.
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Today is..... 


Each year on January 12, curried chicken lovers enthusiastically celebrate National Curried Chicken Day.

       When making a true curried chicken, don’t reach for the curry powder. Instead, chicken is stewed in a sauce made from clarified butter (known as ghee) onions, garlic and a variety of spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Other ingredients include chilies and tomatoes.

“Curries came into favor as an excellent way of using up cold meat.” Lizzie Collingham Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors

Curry powder made its way into recipes by way of Britain. Their long-time presence in India left a desire for the flavors of the East on the palates of many of the English. Curry powder and recipes with it existed as early as the 1700s but curried chicken and other curried meat recipes gained popularity during the British Raj beginning in 1858.

In parts of the United States, curried chicken is a popular dish known as Country Captain Chicken, a stewed chicken dish that has been flavored with curry powder. 

The following clip, originating from the Hobson-Jobson Dictionary, is regarding Country Captain:

        “COUNTRY-CAPTAIN. This is in Bengal the name of a peculiar dry kind of curry, often served as a breakfast dish. We can only conjecture that it was a favourite dish at the table of the skippers of ‘country ships,’ who were themselves called ‘country captains,’ as in our first quotation. In Madras the term is applied to a spatchcock dressed with onions and curry stuff, which is probably the original form. [Riddell says: “Country-captain.—Cut a fowl in pieces; shred an onion small and fry it brown in butter; sprinkle the fowl with fine salt and curry powder and fry it brown; then put it into a stewpan with a pint of soup; stew it slowly down to a half and serve it with rice” (Ind. Dom. Econ. 176).]

1792.—”But now, Sir, a Country Captain is not to be known from an ordinary man, or a Christian, by any certain mark whatever.” Madras Courier, April 26.

c. 1825.—”The local name for their business was the ‘Country Trade,’ the ships were ‘Country Ships,’ and the masters of them ‘Country Captains.’ Some of my readers may recall a dish which was often placed before us when dining on board these vessels at Whampoa, viz. ‘Country Captain.’”—The Fankwae at Canton (1882), p. 33.  (Wikipedia)

“Country Captain was served to United States 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt along with General George E. Patton in 1940 by Mrs. W.L. Bullard of Warm Springs, Georgia.  Their strong liking of the dish brought it’s popularity to the Southern United States.”


Try one of these curried chicken recipes:

Curried Chicken Salad
Curried Chicken Thighs
Curried Chicken with Rice





answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Sounds wonderful Dorothy! Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Curry is one of those spice blends that people either love or hate.  There are many different recipes to make curry powder as Dorothy's post indicated.  I have made it several ways because I have clients who want a specific taste or want to include or exclude an ingredient.  So I always find it interesting when I read web articles touting its medicinal benefits since no two curry powders are really alike.  Go figure.  Perhaps it is simply from the turmeric which is the base ingredient.

I like to sprinkle the curry dip we make on Parmesan Cheese Crisps.  

The warmth from the curry and the tang from the shredded Parmesan Cheese work well together.  

Drop shredded Parmesan onto a coated paper plate or a plate covered with parchment paper. Sprinkle with curry powder.  Microwave for 1 min.  Let it cool and enjoy.  If you would rather bake the cheese crisps in the oven put the cheese mounds on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, Bake for 6 minutes at 350 F degrees.  Let cool then enjoy.
Thanks for sharing your recipe Laura!
Sounds yummy Laura, thank you
Who would have thought there'd be National Curried Chicken day. Lucky we are being kept up to speed with this one! Thank you Dorothy.
Thanks for the links Dorothy! Me and my family love both curry and chicken  :)
Hi Maria, Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
I am more of a steak and potato kind of guy but do eat chicken when that is what is on the table. Thanks for the recipes, Dorothy.
Have been eating some Chicken Curry over here in Sri Lanka, have learned to like it.
Hi Dean, Welcome to the Weekend Chat!
Yummy Dorothy make me hungry
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Sorry WikiTree is a very low priority for me right now with a Fire Truck, 3 Hazmat trucks, The Ohio EPA, County health department and several others dealing with a couple hundred gallons  of heating oil spilled just a few feet from my home. I am up hill and in very little danger but it is still a big mess and it makes concentrating on anything difficult.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Oh no Dale! Please stay safe, and thank you so much for popping into the Weekend Chat.
The cleanup is being hampered by freezing rain and sleet with a big snow storm heading in soon. I first noticed the problem when I went out to spread salt on our steps.
That definitely doesn't help!
Hope everything is ok. Stay safe.
Welcome to the Weekend Chat Kay
Hazmat is still here, they have been working for about 8 hours now, and they have several trash bags of waste along with at least 5 55 gallon drums so far.
Ditto to everyone especially Dale. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Wow. So sorry for the people who needed that oil to keep warm.  Stay safe and warm!  Hope they get the spill cleaned up soon.  Did they use sand to help pull it all together?
Gosh! We are all thinking of you. Hope it all gets cleaned up soon and everything is safe again.
WoW! Dale, hope they get the spill cleaned up quickly so you can get back to WikiTreeing soon.
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My weekly chat with my mother and sister are done. Nothing much else is happening apart from sunny days down in NZ and It is SNOWING up here in Ontario!!  Temps here are expected to drop to -14 degrees Celcius (or 6.8 degrees Fahrenheit) overnight with ice on the roads.

Genalogy wise I was finally able to connect Zooey and Emily Deschanel to the global tree. Emily is well known as Dr Temperance Brennan on the hit TV show Bones, while Zooey is on the comedy show "New Girl" and she is also a singer.



Their profiles have been up since 2015 but they were finally connected this week - by little old me!!  LOL

I have also been working on the family tree for Richard and Karen Carpneter off and on for the last 6 or so months. I have added dozens of people, but so far - NO CONNECTION - yet - to the global tree that is.

I wonder of this has something to do with the fact that most of the family stayed in Baltimore, Maryland for decade after decade??



Otherwise it was a quiet week.

See you all next week.


answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (463k points)
Congrats on the connection Robynne, you'll get the others... eventually lol. It's snowing here in Kentucky. Supposed to be 2-4 inches. We'll see...

Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. I live in Tennessee on the other end from Dorothy East Tennessee in the Valley below Knoxville. They said ours is suppose to be here between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. It hasn't yet. It said that where Dorothy lives in Tennessee theirs will be worse and more snow than the valley. We are suppose to have rain and then snow tonight and suppose to have from a dusting to at least 1 or 2 inches of snow. Also the warning is suppose to end at 7:00 a.m.. in the morning. Ditto to what Mindy said Robynne.
Normally all this bad weather is a great boon for working on genealogy but I had my granddaughter spend the night because we were so worried about the state of the roads.  Why risk her getting into a car accident if the roads were icy this morning?  So my son and daughterinlaw asked us to keep her overnight.  She was good and slept more through the night than not (she is 9 months going on 10 months old) but I had little time to do any genealogy when she is here.  Good thing she is so darn cute!  Her parents both have jobs that don't close with bad weather and my daughterinlaw working for a hospital sees the work load go up due to accidents.  

Everybody facing any weather issues, stay safe!  Work on genealogy if you can!
I agree Laura, stay safe all!
Hi Robynne, congratulations on your successful connections. I connected up an Australian cartoonist this week, which was fun. But having spent months on a Lancashire 'glob' without success I know how frustrating connecting (or not connecting!) can be.

Robynne, glad your weekly chat with my mother and sister was a good one. Great work on your connections.

Great work on connecting Zooey and Emily Deschanel.  Making these connections is so rewarding.
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Winter storm in the Nashville (Tennessee) area:        

A state of emergency has been declared due to the winter weather, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency announced Friday.

The winter storm is already creating big problems for drivers as road conditions deteriorate across Middle Tennessee.

Multiple  vehicle and truck crash on I -40 at the 120 mile marker near Jackson Tennessee. 


Several accidents have been reported on interstates during the afternoon around Nashville.

Multiple cars were involved in an accident on the ramp from I-65 to Briley Parkway that closed the ramp for more than an hour. Two people were injured in a crash on I-40 near Stewarts Ferry Pike. Two trucks jack-knifed on the ramp from I-65 North to I-24 West.

On I-65 South in White House, a tractor-trailer appeared to have slid off the interstate at the Highway 76 overpass. Traffic was diverted off the interstate while the interstate was cleared.

In Nashville, Metro Public Works crews have treated all of the primary and secondary roads. They will be monitoring the roads throughout the afternoon and evening. Officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads and let crews do their work. Several cars slid off Briley Parkway near Whites Creek Pike earlier in the day.

   As for me and my dog Lexie, she says... 

What happened to the grass.... what's this white stuff lol


        Got any snow pictures for 2018, wanta share them?                                                                                                                     

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Know the area.  Love the dessert.  High Mesa too.  Enjoy the warmth!  I miss it!
The warmth sounds wonderful. I'm not sure about being 120 miles from civilization though. That's too much quiet for me
Mindy, there are about 25,000 peeps in this area. The Indian Wells Valley is about 25 miles +/- a few from end to end in either direction. Manzanar Relocation camp is in the next Valley to the North  https://www.nps.gov/manz/index.htm  .  There is an inactive Volcano in my backyard or front yard... also just north https://www.flickr.com/photos/matthigh/1815769187

You might recognise this beautiful canyon from you favorite movies.


I need to find the picture of Mama and me rock climbing there, She had to go with me while I looked for pink snakes.
oh wow! So, NOT a quiet place lol. What a beautiful area though! I used to catch snakes when I was younger. My mother didn't like that particular hobby ;)
My mom didn't say anything about the lizards or snakes I caught, but I couldn't bring them in the house.  We'd go to the Dallas Zoo before we moved to CA, and I'd head straight for Pete the Python.  So, on the drive to the desert, all I could talk about was pink snakes. I was only 2 1/2.  Going back to AR for vacas I knew every snake farm on the hiway. And yes, we stopped.

We went to this spectacular rock formation when I was about 10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devils_Postpile_National_Monument#/media/File:Devils_Postpile_National_Monument_near_Mammoth_Lakes.jpg  The road was literally cut from the side of the mountain, so you had sheer rock on one side, and a straight drop off the other. No guard rails. and barely wide enough for 2 cars to meet going in opposite directions and cars were scraping each other.  I was near hysterics in the ride. Mom finally drugged me with librium because I was making Daddy nervous.
Stunning! I would have gotten out and walked lol
Oh my Lynette there are so many of those out west I have white nuckles a lot even if I am not driving!  

We did the road in CO from Montrose to Ouray and I thought I was going to die!  Whole sections of the lane were missing and you could see down a long way!  

When we drove from CO over the Cimmaron Mountains down into the southwest I took over driving because my husband Ron had driven quite a bit and he was getting tired.   Of course a major storm came in and lighting was literally striking all around us.  Plus the rain and dark you could not see.  I kept praying I did not go off the road because there was no shoulder to pull off onto...  It was the scariest ride of my life.  But I do love the Southwest!  Several of our friends have retired there.
Mindy, at that time, there was no place to pull over and let someone walk.  And once on the road no way to turn around. There were some cut outs in the mountains but barely enough for 1 car length. And steep enough that you needed to keep moving. Of course downhill traffic had right of way and the uphill traffic scraped the mountain. Of course thats when you had steel cars. The 18 Wheelers coming down, their tires would be at the edge of the cliff.

I just read on Wikipedia where they now have a mandatory shuttle. Then they didn't.  

Also, I looked up Eagle Lake in Susanville, way up north.  We went there at T-day in 1960, I was 6. I wanted to go swimming in it. They wouldn't let me.  We stepped out on some rocks. We had coats on. And I wanted to go swimming in the lake. Finally they told me that it was so cold, that I would drown before anyone could help me, and my body would never be found because at that time they didn't know how deep the lake was. They hadn't found the bottom yet. Today they measure the lake at 85 feet deep.  I think its dying up, I'm sure that back in the 60s they had a method of measuring the depth, especially if it only 85 feet.  Its a locked lake, no outflow. So the water has to come from snowmelt.

Wow, eighteen replies to my post! My inbox kept fill today lol. Awesome dialog with one another. Thank you everyone mentioned above, for your contributions and stories!! Now that's the way to do weekend chat!!

this is a terrible accident and your pour dog can’t find the grass, you certainly got lots of snow, you must be freezing Dorothy

Love the photo of your adorable dog Lexie
+13 votes
Nice to meet you Mindy and thank you for hosting.

Not much happening at my end, more involved in getting my own profiles up to date.  This week I was contacted by a cousin who discovered we were related through the profiles I created on Wikitree.  We share the same 3xgreat grandparents.  Her line moved to the States where mine stayed in Canada.  I am hoping she will take me up on my suggestion to share ancestry information.  I will find it eventually but it would be nice to have some input.

Thank you all for sharing on the chat, as always it is so much fun to read about food, movies, advice, play games, and congrats Robynne on the connections.

Happy weekend all !

And Dale..... stay safe, that situation is a bit disconcerting !!
answered by Nicole Duchesne G2G6 Pilot (223k points)
Thank you Nicole!!
I agree with you Nicole. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. I live in Tennessee on the other end from Dorothy East Tennessee in the Valley below Knoxville. They said ours is suppose to be here between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. It hasn't yet. It said that where Dorothy lives in Tennessee theirs will be worse and more snow than the valley. We are suppose to have rain and then snow tonight and suppose to have from a dusting to at least 1 or 2 inches of snow. Also the warning is suppose to end at 7:00 a.m.. in the morning.
Nice to meet you too, cousin Nicole. I too I too have found other cousins that wound up in other locations... how delightful! And welcome to the Weekend Chat.
I too like Ancestry I found my granddad brothers  granddaughter reached out to a couple of months ago. She was my granddad's nephew daughter.
+14 votes
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. I live in Tennessee on the other end from Dorothy East Tennessee in the Valley below Knoxville. They said ours is suppose to be here between 6:00 and 8:00 tonight. It hasn't yet. It said that where Dorothy lives in Tennessee theirs will be worse and more snow than the valley. We are suppose to have rain and then snow tonight and suppose to have from a dusting to at least 1 or 2 inches of snow. Also the warning is suppose to end at 7:00 a.m.. in the morning and my mom suppose to take my dad to dialysis by 9:00 a.m. in the morning. Things are crazy here because of my dad vascular demetia is getting worse plus he has develop congestion in his chest and tonight has a fever also. He didn't need this stuff because of his vascular demtia and having to take dialysis three times a week and he is 85 going to be 86 in July if he is alive then. Also he mumbles a lot to himself and we can hear him. Also you can hear him wheezing.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (252k points)
I am sorry to hear about your dad, Linda. Yeap, this weather does not help the situation especially should you need to get out to get your dad some medicine or even go to the hospital or something. Sometimes I really hate it when I hear the word "snow". Reminds me too much of up North in Connecticut when we were snowed in for days!!!
I hope your dad is at peace Linda. And welcome to the Weekend Chat!
You take care too Linda. Hope your Dad is ok during the awful weather you are having.
Linda I feel for you.  I took care of my parents until they had to go into a nursing home and then finally hospice.  It is really hard seeing the people who took care of us for so many years now be in a situation where we need to return that favor.  Prayers coming your way for the whole family.
Linda, my heart goes out to you. I took care of my mother, old age and dementia. I kept her at home.
When my mom picked my dad up at dialysis down in Sweetwater, Tennessee she got to talk to Help Hands Tranportation Company that for non emergiences like take them to the dialysis clinic, get medicine from drug store or groceries when the weather is real bad and the roads are real bad like where we live and we can't get out on the roads because there are hills and bridges and ramps to get on and off so when the weather is real bad we don't get out. So that information was real good and helpful for us.
That's great that you found them Linda
Organizations like Help Hands Transportation Company are truly angels on earth. Dialysis patients, cancer patients, and others need regular care, no matter what the weather is like. I'm glad your mom found one near you.
+15 votes
Ok, I am a Christmas junkie.  I love the lights, the stockings, the decorations.  And yes they are all still up in my house.  My tree is sparkling with lights as I type this but tomorrow is sad day when it all comes down and gets lovingly wrapped for the next year.  I tried for years to convince my family that it would make sense to just leave the tree up.  We can put hearts on it in February, Eggs in March, Flowers in April / May, Flags in July, Ghosts etc in Oct, Pumpkins can remain into Nov and be joined by turkeys and pilgrims, and ta da we are back to Christmas!   For some reason I have never understood they just laugh at me and shake their head.   Just think of all new ornaments that could be made, all the jobs created by the perpetual tree, all the family fun, all the labor saved in untangling lights...  But no, instead tomorrow is the end of my festive season...   sigh...
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
I know the feeling, still have mine up. Was hoping my brother (from California) would be here this week but something came up and he couldn't come. Now I think it was for the better since we have all this ice and snow.
I get it Laura. Mom used to have her Snow Village set up year round. It made her happy. Now, she has retired to Kentucky, with a Pom that wets on everything on the floor. We spend hours setting it up above the cabinets each year. And then take it down and box it up for next year. Some joys should be experienced for longer...
Ditto to what you said Laura my dad and mom had me take theirs down January 5 after just putting it up by Christmas Eve day. So my dad could spy on my neighbor across the street since he can't  and not able to do anything. But the rest of decorations is still up and I will not take them down until January 31st so I can enjoy them longer since I didn't get it all up till Christmas eve day. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Well I think its a great idea. Christmas comes around so quickly, that perpetual Christmas sounds perfect! Will take the angst out of the lead up.
Ok, the inside ones are now all put away.  Sigh.  My house looks so bare and it makes me sad.  My husband on the other hand is happy to remove what he sees as a lot of clutter.  We are so different in some ways but have made it through over 41 years together.  Of course it is so cold outside his outside decorations are still up.
Oh Laura, I understand completely.  I love how my house looks after decorating for Christmas!  I had everything up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and my husband is anxious for me to take everything down this weekend.  I shared with him your idea of a perpetual tree decorated for every season and he just moaned.
Maybe he is related somehow to my husband!
+14 votes
Hope everyone had a good week and has a great weekend.

Hmmm...weather...we got an unusual 10” of snow in southeastern Virginia a week ago Wednesday night and it stayed cold. Schools were closed until yesterday since the streets were a mess. The last two days were near 70F and the weeds in the vegetable garden are turning green, but they will freeze this weekend.

Certainly am glad I’m from (as in no longer live in) Syracuse, New York. Looking at the weather on syracuse.com they had 66 consecutive hours with snowfall, well on the way to the annual average of 225” (yes, nearly 19 feet), followed by a thaw and rain with lots of flooding, scheduled to get another inch of rain before it turns to ice followed by a foot or more of snow.

Genealogy wise, I’ve done some research on ancestors, but have spent most of my time sourcing random strangers and doing some data doctoring.  I started something new this week—looking at profiles with a single letter last name. It’s slow going, but I’ve been able to find the name for quite a few, usually in the death, marriage or children’s records.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (182k points)
Ugh... need to make another research trip, and DAR trip, to Virginia... but the weather has been too much. We may move back there; but for now I’ll deal with Kentucky cold. I started my week out Data Doctor’ing... thank you for contributing to the health of our tree! Wow! Single letter last name?!

I’m buried too deep in my projects. Thank you SO much for taking on this momentous task!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Hi Kay, nice to meet you! Your weather sounds horrendous. Lucky you've got WikiTree to cheer you up.
I'm glad I'm in Florida.  My area of New York has had two different storms, so far, that dropped over five feet of snow in two days, and the first one added two more feet over the next two days for a total of 84 inches.
Single letter last name has a pattern of married woman middle initial. Depending on the location and timeframe, you can find hints from FindAGrave and census for the husband, then get a picture of the family, then find sources like marriage, death or children birth, marriage, death (or yippee social security application). It’s rewarding when you find one.
I bet it's rewarding! Each one would be it's own puzzle to solve...
Ah Beulah, I understand. I found a picture yesterday of Rt 3 in Jefferson county closed because the 12" of snow pack on top had broken into big chunks of ice. I lived just up the first hill from Rome NY onto Tug Hill for just one winter.
Try 60 years on the edge of Tug Hill full time but 20 in Florida for the
winters.  Four year old granddaughter asked why Grandpa couldn't
play golf in the snow.  He did play with snow banks under bushes, etc.
in the first few years.  The 84 inches was in Redfield and we live near
Copenhagen and Barnes Corners.
Ok, Barnes Corners takes the snowball award! I had to Google it, for others reading might find this interesting. I remember the winter of 76-77 when the banks were to the bottom of the power lines. Ancestors living in this area must have been hearty folk.

An out of the way place called Hooker (near Barnes Corners) recorded 466.9” of snow in the winter of 1976-77. The monthly record for snow accumulation belongs to Bennet Bridges and is 192” in January 1978. The official record for a one day snowfall in NY State belongs to Montague NY. The hamlet had 77” of snow in 24 hours on the 11th/12th of January 1997. Montague also holds the single storm record for snowfall in NY with 95” from January 10th-14th in 1997.  Not to be outdone, Redfield received 141 inches during the 12 day lake effect event of February, 2007
Yikes!   I can't even get my mind to want to think about that!   

One snowflake here and we close schools.    Sigh....
That is ALL far too much snow lol
WOW!  I lived in Buffalo, New York for three years and I thought they got a lot of snow.
+13 votes

Winter is still Fall here ... what?  Well, we did head up to Laramie, Wyoming this morning to take care of the grand kid who was getting out of school early.  Laramie is a bit short on snow too but it has been cold enough for our son-in-law to do some ice fishing.

That trip to the kids house included me making dinner ... what else is new? lol  Pasta prima vera with shrimp ... always good.

Working some more on my Jewett tree ... up to births in the 1880's ... that means that I, sometimes, get a hit on an existing profile ... always fun.

----- since there was a bit of interest on my grand daughter and ice fishing ... this is from last winter, I think:

answered by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Hi Bob, nice to get to know you.
It's good you get time with the grandchild. Ice fishing huh? brrrr lol

Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
I love pasta prima vera and shrimp.   Yum!
She looks so happy - what an adorable girl!
What a great picture of your granddaughter, Bob! She certainly seems to like tht fish - I see ice fishing in her future.
Hi Bob, great picture of your granddaughter, very nice trout she is holding.
What a lovely photo of your granddaughter she really are a pretty little girl

With the fish, thank you for sharing
+15 votes
Hey everyone! Hope you are planning for a great weekend! I know once I finally figured out the whole confirmed with DNA for 3rd cousins or closer I want to get all my lines done if possible. :) Also, another of my aunt's DNA results came in!

Don't forget to go nominate for the WikiTree Awards! Ends midnight GMT on Sunday! :)


Then we will be heading onto voting! :)
answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (918k points)
Here, Charlotte, a little plug for you:
Congrats on the DNA Charlotte. And Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Ditto to what everyone said here. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Thanks everyone! :)
Thanks, Charlotte, for the reminder to nominate WikiTreers for the awards. Great that your DNA work is coming along nicely.
+14 votes
Thank you so much M for hosting the chat this weekend and helping everyone to cheer up when the weather over the other side of the world from me sounds so horrible!

I thought I should put in a bit of a plug for the England Project which is going great guns. For those of you who aren't aware, the England Project is a sub-project of the United Kingdom Project. We have a fabulous team of members who are so keen and active. One of the things that I have been particularly busy with, is starting to sort through the PPPs (project protected profiles) that are for people born in England, but which aren't being managed by any project at the moment (under the guidelines PPPs need a project to manage them). Unfortunately there are 1000s of them, so it will take a long while. In addition, there is always lots of work to be done to improve profiles and make sure our categorisation (US categorization) is in order. Special thanks to Susie MacLeod who is an amazing Project Leader... oh and I connected up Ron Tandberg, an Australian cartoonist who just died. That was fun.

Apart from that, all is good in my corner of the globe (Sydney-ish, Australia). The tennis keeps me amused when I lift my head from my WikiTree computer screen.

Well that's all from me this week!
answered by Gillian Thomas G2G6 Mach 7 (78.2k points)
I have been watching the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast.
Thank you for the update on the England Project. Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. Ditto to what Mindy said.
+13 votes
I've actually made contact with 2 cousins recently. One from each side of my family. one saw me on WikiTree and the other spotted me on Geni while I was trying to get info on family members that was hidden without joining.

Crazy weather here in Maine. It was -13f 2 nights ago, now it is +54f and raining. This is going to be messy if the snow rains off and we get another cold snap. I know, it must be from global warming. Crazy stuff. Of course it always warms up the end of January and gets cold again in February but hey.

The spreadsheet chat has been mostly silent since I've been distracted dealing with a public attack on our Pastor (locke). Am I the only one that gets people to talk over there????

Well, the one cousin gave me the family numbers for the Mayflower society both nationally and for the state of Maine. No idea what to do with them with no money but I guess my line has been proven??? Getting details soon I hope to add them to the profiles.
answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
Hiya Steven,

Nobody was in the spreadsheet last night at all. I guess people have to sleep, or get busy with other Wiki-work lol. Hopefully that business with your Pastor settles down.

Welcome to the Weekend Chat.
Crazy weather! I see there was flooding where I used to live, now they are getting a fresh topping of a foot of snow.

Here’s part of the spreadsheet explanation...haven’t figured out how to use it when doing some doctoring in the evening from the iPad.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+15 votes

Hello, and have a nice week-end everybody. It's great to come back !

This Saturday morning I am working on my personal challenge: tidying up and sourcing a reasonably large (900+) unconnected branch, the Mourey family. They were located in the Forest of Darney, in the East of France between Vosges and Franche-Comté. Those I'm dealing with today lived in Passavant-la-Rochère, home of the oldest glass-making factory still active in Europe. This is full in Laura's area of expertise. Hugs, Laura !

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (216k points)
Sounds like an interesting project!
Ditto to what Mindy said. Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Isabelle,  I will see what I can find on that family line.  I sent you the info on d'Hennenzel, Hug, etc.  

My databases are getting a work out!

Ok I just checked and I did not see that specific surname but some of the ones attached to it back in time I do have.  If you know someone was a glass or crystal maker please put the category [[Category: Verriers]]  on the profile.  You can copy and paste the code including thed 2 brackets.
Thanks Laura, and thanks for the info you already sent - it was quite a discovery to find that this family lived precisely in a prominent glass-making area (La Rochère, Vioménil, Hennezel...) - quite a coincidence too, we don't have that many profiles chronicling "ordinary" French families.

The 19th century ones I'm looking at right now were not in the glassmaking business, but activities linked to that pop up in the records now and then. There's one definite glassmaker in the lot, a much earlier profile - I'll make sure to tag him.
You might find this link of interest.  


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