Merge was approved before I proposed it, yet there's no record of a prior proposal

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I proposed a merge of McKenney-467 into McKenney-34, and as soon as I pressed the "merge" button, I got the screen that says "An approved merge proposal was found, so the merge can continue." I rechecked the change histories of both profiles and verified that there's no record of a previous merge proposal for either profile.

I think I've experienced this sort of thing before, but I've simply shrugged and completed the merge (assuming that maybe the merge really had been approves), mostly because I was anxious to get the profiles merged. This time, there's so little information on either profile that I figured some research was needed before completing the merge, so here I am in G2G, asking:

  • How is it that a merge approval can have been recorded without any record appearing on either profile?

My guess is that it has something to with a merge approval for two profiles for an ancestor or descendant...

in WikiTree Tech by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1m points)
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McKenney-34 also seems to have some rejected matches with no entry in the change history. Perhaps one of the ways to propose/reject a merge fails to leave a mark on the pages?
Just did some experiments. From the find Wikitree matches page, actions do not seem to be recorded in the change history. (At least not rejected matches) I have not found a merge to test with but I suspect it would be the same.

I don't think rejected matches are ever logged, except when a proposed merge or unmerged match gets rejected.

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Your guess is correct Ellen.

Stephen Larrabee is married to both Hannah's (McKenney-467 and -34).

William Larrabee is Stephen's grandson (William is the son of Jacob Larrabee and Jacob is the son of William).

William is the resulting profile of a merge completed on 23 Dec 2017 as can be seen on the changes log:

"When you propose a merge you are giving permission for others to complete it. You are also giving temporary permission for five generations of ancestors of the profile to be merged."


The recorded "approvals" for merging the duplicate profiles representing Hannah are the very same PMs of William´s profile:

So they gave their "permission" for merging Hannah as the result of William's merge.

By the way, Jacob is another duplicate profile. There is a Jacob the son of each Hannah. The duplicate Jacob should be merged after completing Hanna's (Their mothers) merge. Jacob's merge is also "Approved".

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (578k points)
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Many thanks for Best Answer Ellen.

Wow, interesting!
Never noticed that.

But then most of the merges I do are 30-day defaults
unless they're with profiles of someone I'm in contact with (so we're not likely to get this kind of surprises)
Interesting indeed.

When I joined and started merges I knew that anyone could complete them. Indeed I did many while greeting when the feed was slow. Either I missed or forgot about the "temporary permission---" part of the rule.

This raises 3 questions for me.

1   How long does this Temporary Permission last?

2   Is this ancestor merging restricted to profiles with the same PM's? or do profiles with different PM's revert to the regular approval process?

3   Does it only apply to proposed merges of profiles in which the initiator is one of the PM's. ie. If the merge is proposed by an Arborist or another PM?

Anytime I merged two profiles and the spouse or parent needed merging it went for approval.



Great questions Bill.

I think the rule is stablished in the spirit of expediting the merge of potential duplicate ancestors.

In an attemp to answer questions No. 2 and 3 I'd say:

Anyone on a Trusted List is able to approve a merge, so if the proposer of the merge is on the Trusted List of one of the profiles, then the proposer "is also giving temporary permission for (merging) five generations of ancestors of the profile to be merged", if and only if the proposer is also on the Trusted List of the ancestors.

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Hello Ellen.

Perhaps that happens because of your privileges as a Leader.

Both profiles are privacy "Open".

"WikiTree Leaders can merge any two Open profiles."

( )

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (578k points)
No... I propose plenty of merges for Open profiles, and this doesn't normally happen. Before i could merge two Open profiles with Managers, I would need to adopt them.

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