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Here is the profile of Charles Henderson the son.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Henderson-13043

I only have his father as Charles Henderson with no known information nor his mother.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Henderson-13190

Any help would be appreciated.  I've been coming through Anderson and Henderson files and haven't been able to find any links.  Charles' son Francois Anderson is my great, great grandfather.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Anderson-34702


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


WikiTree profile: Charles Henderson
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Why are you using the name "Anderson" for his son?  I find him in 1891 on the Canadian Census, living in Quebec City as "Guadiose Henderson" Source:  "Canada Census, 1891," database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MW56-BY1 : 3 August 2016), Gaudiose Henderson, St Roch South Ward, Québec City, Quebec, Canada; Public Archives, Ottawa, Ontario; Library and Archives Canada film number 30953_148217

I found the history of my family, also baptized at the Notre Dame cathedral, in Montreal, in the family historical library and museum at the 
Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

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I'm quite a few hours away from Montreal in the USA.  I only started this journey 3 weeks ago building my family lineage from a book I received from my father.

I'm not sure why the names were changed from Henderson to Anderson but that is what happened according to the family genealogy book I have from my father.  I'm not sure is Gaudiose French for Charles?

I found it interesting that the possible father of Charles Henderson died about 1857 in Sevastopol, Crimea.  There was a Charles Henderson who served in the Crimean War, with 8th Company, 9th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery..  He was an Acting Bombadier, who volunteered for the assault on Septemer 8, 1855.  He was also present at the bombardments of April 9, June 6 and 17, August 17, and September 5, 1855.  Source:  The United Service Magazine, Volume 3; Volume 82, by Arthur William Alsager Pollock, Hurst and Blackett,  Publishers,  London, 1856, page 124 

For his actions, as part of the "Spiking Party," September 8, 1855  C. Henderson was awarded the French Military Medal. Source: 
The History Of The Royal Artillery, by Colonel Julian R. J. Jocely, published 1911, page 455

There is also a digital copy of the Illustrated London News, from 1856, page 229,  which I believe relays the same information. It starts  "Acting Bombardier CHARLES HENDERSON (9th Battalion). Volunteered for the ..." but the print is too small for me to make out.  It may be found here:  https://books.google.com/books?id=QJFoZHeTLOwC&pg=PA229&lpg=PA229&dq=crimean+war:++%22Charles+Henderson%22&source=bl&ots=v5l7-1OLbB&sig=ejNqU2OMCpGlK3Pjais-sXSIhl0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjClrK8t9_YAhUH7qwKHXyGD9o4ChDoAQgvMAI#v=onepage&q=crimean%20war%3A%20%20%22Charles%20Henderson%22&f=false

I don't think that Gaudiose is French for Charles, because Charles is an ancient name.  I do think that it is a familial name and the surname of Gaudiose may be in your family ancestry.

As for heading to Quebec (which is what I did) I don't think that you have to physically go to the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré (like I did) to request information from them.  I flew to Montreal, visited Notre Dame and found that all of their records were at Sainte Anne's so I drove up to visit that beautiful cathedral.  They have an extensive history of ancestral families in the museum and gift shop, in the undercroft.  I think you can order online.  I purchased the volume that had my family, in both French and English, but I will have to find it and figure out what the exact title of the series is.  

Going back to the 1891 Census I found Mary Elizabeth who is Gaudiose's daughter, my Great grandmother.  These both state Henderson and not Anderson which is what I have in our records.  I'm not sure how this got mixed up somewhere.  Still, I have no concrete evidence of Charles's father Charles or anything that far back.

Genealogy is a very tricky puzzle to try and put back together.

Here is another resource I found using the name Anderson

Sorry, I got fixated on the maternal side of your ancestry because I was looking for the Gaudiose surname.  Charles Henderson married Marie-Théotiste Therrien, who traces back to MY family line of Valle / La Valle / Valliere who originally came from France.  I went ahead and connected her,  See: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Valliere-12

MY ancestor [[Vallée-11]] lived in close proximity with yours.  Since Henderson is an English name, and IF Charles' father is the same Royal Regiment of Artillery, during the Crimean war (with the French) my best guess is that HIS father was a United Empire Loyalists,  an honorific given in 1799 by Lord Dorchester, the governor of Quebec and Governor-general of British North America, to American Loyalists who resettled in British North America during or after the American Revolution.  There are a lot of documents regarding the UE families that were given land grants in the area.  

In reference to the "hunch" I had above, here is a website for links to use when searching UE loyalists. http://www.uelac.org/
Thank you for the information.  I'm still trying to find the documentation when the name went from Henderson to Anderson and the birth records.  For some reason, I cannot find them.
François-Xavier-Gaudiose Anderson is the name on the baptism for that son.  Born and baptized 17 May 1859.  Drouin records are handy to find such.
"Acting Bombardier CHARLES HENDERSON (5th Battalion) Volunteered for the assault on 9th September 1855; present at the bombardments of 9th April, 6th and 17th June, 17th August and 5th September 1855."

[Some of the numbers might be misread]
I'm leary of posting this without sourced information as my information was only handed down to me.  It is only hearsay until I can find concrete proof.
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Charles Henderson on his marriage with Marie Théotiste Thérien did not have his parents named on the record.  All that is said of him is that he was a bachelor, of age, resident of that parish (Château-Richer).  His wife and another woman sign the record, he does not.

As far as the Anderson bit, it's a frequent similar name, and the records for the children show it sometimes, variations that appear are Enderson, Anderson and of course Henderson.  Those are pretty much all in the St-Roch parish of Québec city.

Marie Théotiste remarried on 28 Apr 1869 to widower Charles-François Beaupré in St-Sauveur parish church of Québec city.  Her deceased spouse is listed as Charles Anderson there.

Casting about for a possible birth for him, I find only one Charles Anderson born 25 June 1810, baptized 7 Aug in Châteauguay, to Charles Anderson and Marie Abel.  No other baptism shows up in Catholic records.  If he was another denomination, that could get complicated finding a record.  My search included Henderson variation.

As a note, the Charles Anderson I found was a twin.  Don't twins run in families a lot?  Your man's son François-Xavier-Gaudiose was a twin.
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Did you find the names of the twin of Charles Anderson and of Gaudiose?

Thank you, Danielle.


Janne, Danielle put in the notes that Joseph Philéas Anderson is his twin.

Do you have the birth certificate data on Joseph Philéas Anderson?

I added Joseph P Anderson https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Anderson-35134

Just need the birth information for the source.

same day and everything else, their baptisms follow each other on the page.

As far as the possible Charles Anderson who has a twin, the odd thing was that for that couple Charles and his twin are the only entries that show up at all.  So may have been passing through.
Thanks for your continued help on this. It's greatly appreciated.
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I found a Baptism for a Charles Anderson, son of Charles Anderson and Marie Abel, b. 25 June 1810, bap. 7 Aug 1810, Chateauguay. (Drouin) Charles Anderson was newly arrived in the parish.

It strikes me that Anderson could have been Henderson, but spelled incorrectly by the priest, though Drouin seems to use Anderson as their standardized name. The marriage 1838, Chateau-Richer it is definitely recorded as Henderson. I also see the spelling Enderson in Charles and Marie-Theotiste's daughter Marie-Philomene, 1839.

There is a death/burial for a Charles Anderson also...d  1 Mar 1834, bur. 11 Mar 1834, Quebec. He was 40ish.

Would you like me to add the children from Drouin?
answered by Dawn Ellis G2G6 Mach 7 (78k points)
That would be fantastic. Do you pay for PRDH or is there somewhere I'm not looking to find these records?
Yes, I subscribe to PRDH and IGD. They are on familysearch.org also, but I find the database difficult to search. PRDH has the information all linked in a database for profiles before 1800 and is working on adding more.

It is well work the cost to me!
I have added all the children and the wife's second marriage. If you need anything else let me know. Good luck with your search.
Thank you so much!
nice work cousin.  :D

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