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Would it be possible to be added directly to the trusted list of profiles that match ones in your GEDCOM when it is added to the tree. The way it is now that when you download a GEDCOM to use elsewhere you may have gaps in the list of family members.
closed with the note: Answer's are against this concept.
asked in The Tree House by Chris Keener G2G2 (2.4k points)
closed by Chris Keener
As so far the answer is against being added to the Trusted List of a profile. I withdraw this Question and ask another.

Is there a way to keep the family tree intact when downloading a GEDCOM when you are not on the profile of a family member that someone already has here on WikiTree.
You are not making "your tree". You are contributing to THE WIKITREE tree.If one of your "people" matches a profile already here, you acknowledge the match. You do NOT make a duplicate that's "yours". You will get into serious trouble if you can duplicates. You don't have to be in the Trusted list or be a manager of an open profile to add information go it.

If a profile already here is ackowledged by you as a match, it will be part of the tree chart of your lines.  If you download to go elsewhere, the whole will download.

As to what kind if trouble you can get into if you creats duplicates, you could, if you break the rules be placed under mentorship where what you do is monitored and watched, and  if you break a lot of rules, be locked out .

One profile for each person is the rule.

Good luck and enjoy wikitree
I believe what he is saying, Eddie, is that he can't download his tree as a whole, in a GEDCOM.  When he tries, there are gaps wherever he's not on the trusted list.
Instead of trying to download an "intact" tree quickly, properly source the profiles you've already added.  25 profiles at a time, then those properly sourced, before adding more , is the frequently recommended procedure.

This is about GEDCOM download of "Intact" family trees. Not about sourcing. Sourced or unsourced is not the problem.

I can do the research on most things and find sources. My problem with that is writing the bio and getting it correct as well as the citing of said sources.

P.S. this thread is closed. See Trusted List Part 2.

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My understanding of the "trusted" concept as used by WikiTree is that one may add "trusted" folks to profiles and if the profile has a higher security setting than the "open" category...only "trusted" folks may change it. If declared open or unlocked, we're all able to improve the profile.
answered by Dorothy Coakley G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
I am looking for a way to keep the family tree intact upon a GEDCOM download. Right now the only way to do so is by being on the trusted list of the profile. Even with an open profile for it to be in the family tree you still need to be on the trusted list.

But the 'trusted list' means that the PM trusts you.  How can they trust you if they don't even know you?  When you submit a Trusted List Request, you have to say who you are and why you want access.  If it was automatic - you could be anyone.

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