Can you help me solve my Courtney/Courtenay family brickwall?

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I have been searching for many years for the origins of my great great grandfather.  His name is either Arthur George Courtenay/Courtney or George William Courtney.

There is some suggestion the family may have come from Ireland.

I have two theories about possible 'Georges' as well as two theories about families that may be connected.  You can see them on the Courtney-412 profile.

i have been hopeful that DNA tests would help me find some family connection, but so far no luck!

Can you help?
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The Courtenay family was a recusant Catholic family in England during the Elizabethan period, with recusant meaning that they refused to conform to the new Protestant religion.  The Courtenay family was intermarried with the Hervey/Harvey family of Suffolk.  The Courtenays were involved in New World exploration, specifically with other Catholic gentry and nobles attempting to find a safe haven for Catholics.  These nobles eventually did through the founding of the stateof Maryland.  Later in the 17th century, Virginia Governor John Harvey was known to be a Papist sympathizer through his friendship with Lord Baltimore and support of the Catholic Maryland colony in a dispute with Virginia.  The Harvey family was intermarried with the Catholic Browne family.  Magdalen Dacres Browne was the grandmother of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton and the literary patron of Shakespeare.
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I recently busted through my brick-wall a few weeks ago by reviewing some of my autosonomal genetic matches through FTDNA's Family Finder.  Like yourself, my brick-wall involved my great grandfather.  I therefore highly suggest that you do some DNA testing, especially autosonomal DNA testing.  I believe that the best company avaiable is "Family Tree DNA" (AKA: "FTDNA") and they currently have a special for only $99.00.  You can google "Family Tree DNA" to obtain more information.  If you do decide to get tested, I highly suggest that you purchase FTDNA's "Family Finder" for only $99.00.  FTDNA's "Family Finder" will connect you to all of your cousins and ancestors five or more generations back, assuming, of course, that several of your currenlty living cousins (your distant and unknown cousins) are being tested and are also sharing their list of known ancestral names and/or family trees.

Good luck!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Enrique Treat Gleason

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already had the FF test and had 2 other relations in the line test as well. Lots of tantalising leads but nothing definitive yet, still living in hope!!

Contact me at - I am a Co-Administrator for the FTDNA Courtenay/Courtney Project and let's compare our dna matches.
I also match kits you admin
Hello Janet, do you mean me or Enrique?  I tried to click on your name but I seem to be directed to a strange page with what I presume is your IP address at the top.  If you are referring to me, what kits do you match and are you related to the Courtenay/Courtney family?


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