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Hi all,

This is my first question in G2G. I noticed a while ago while searching  for my ancestor Donald McBain that he is listed in the 1851 Scotland Census as being born in Tullarkly, Inverness. I have done a rudimentary Google search which is my usual custom and come up with nothing, not even a spelling error.

Donald McBain (also sometimes Bain, Bean, McBean) was born in 1769 I'm thinking in Inverness, he married down south to Margaret Grant and died in Berwickshire after 1851.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Scotland Births & Baptisms (Found on Ancestry.Com)

Donald McBain Born Sept 27 1760,Inverness Scotland,His father John McBain,

Mother Sophia Nairn.
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Hi Wayne,

Thanks so much for your response. I saw that record in FamilySearch and thought it seemed possible but wasn't sure of the match due to the difference in the age range.

Do you happen to know if Tullarkly is a real place? I was wondering if it was a really botched spelling of Kiltarlity.

Since most people could not read write or spell.Most likely person writing

info down,just guessed what the name was.
Another possibility is that villages, districts and what have you merged over the years. I know this is true in Germany as I was searching for my ancestors that came from a very small village and as it happened, there were 2 village/towns of the same name. My ancestors place was absorbed by another nearby town during redistricting possibly. You might consult a map of the time period.
This is what it says about Kiltarlity on Scotlandsplaces.
Loch Na Beinne Baine definitely seems related, but you never know. It does look pretty far from Inverness, but I have no idea about Scottish geography, and I didn't bother doing measurements with google ma- WAIT THAT'S ONLY 45 KILOMETERS I REALLY DO HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT SCOTTISH GEOGRAPHY.
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there is a tulloch castle in inverness, if i remember correctly.  the macbeans owned it at one time.  now it is owned by someone else and is a bed and breakfast.
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I am not finding anyplace called Tullarkly.  What is the source and do you have it as it was written to see if perhaps it says something else?  

Below are links you might find of interest and useful when researching in Scotland.  

From Scotland's People:  







20 103

Cromdale and Inverallan

Cromdale starts page 432



Northeast of Cromdae is Tulchan Lodge and Burn of Tulchan.  That might be the source of the Tullarkly but maybe not.  

I am not finding that as a label on any of the old maps I am looking at.   The village was within Inverness-shire until 1869, when it was moved 

by the Inverness and Elgin County Boundaries Act 1870 to the Morayshire. It remained part of Morayshire until 

1975, when the county was divided between the Highland and Grampian regions; it is now within the

 Highland Council Area. The village retained Morayshire as its official postal address for many years after the 

change in local government boundaries.  Censuses In various census and/or derived records the description of

 Cromdale has been used to describe the entire civil parish of Cromdale, Inverallan and Advie thus often causing 

an apparent mismatch between different censuses. In the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses it will be necessary to

 determine the actual locality from the descriptions on the census book pages or by the names of known locations

From 1871 onward, a record marked as being within parish number 128/2, 128B/2 or 128B2 will not be in Cromdale 

but in Inverallan (which contains Grantown); Advie was always enumerated with Cromdale thus requiring the relevant 

parish to be identified from the address or description.

5XMX7rzqdo_7I6kvOoWVsruwlKU&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjjle3M8a_dAhVCeKwKHSscDOUQ6AEwCHoECAIQAQ#v=onepage&q=Parosj%20123%20inverness&f=false look at Donald McBain 1841 census age 75 and I do not see him in 1851 census

As to Castle Tulloch:  I do not think this is your family

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (492k points)
edited by Laura Bozzay

Thank you so much for the super detailed answer Laura. I have been using Scottish Indexes for the Scottish censuses I need. They are all transcriptions of the originals do I haven’t actually seen the image:

I’ll solve this mystery yet haha with help! :) 


First off, in Scotland's People there is a death record with no age listed out of a total of 16 listed.  Deaths did not have to be recorded until 1855 so I think it is safe to say he died before that.  :  







20 182


There is another in Petty which is in Inverness:,_Inverness-shire,_Scotland_Genealogy








40 192


If he is 80 in 1830 he was born around 1750 so 19 years before your guy probably not him.

But this one is for a birth in 1771 so within 2 years:  








210 513

Old Machar

The others the dates are off and or the locations are off so I am ignoring them.  

Ok he is listed as Bain not McBain on the 1851 census?.   Let me see what I get going my way...  not the same source...

I searched on McBain for Donald born 1769 +/- 5 years because the 1841 census rounded to the nearest 5 years.  

1841 shows remember the 1841 census ages were rounded to 5 years. :

Donald McBain 75 M Road Lab. Not in County
Agnes McBain 50 F Berwickshire
Thomas Scott 20 M Shoe m. Berwickshire

Looking for son you have listed in 1851 census in 1841 I find this:

Name Other Name Age Sex Occupation County of Birth 1851 1861 Notes
Lauchlan McBain 45 M Ag Lab. Berwickshire
Margaret McBain 30 F Not in County
Agnes McBain 12 F Berwickshire
John McBain 5 M Berwickshire
Andrew McBain 5 Months M Berwickshire
James Bain 6 M Not in County
Thomas Bain 6 M Not in County

Let's do some quick math.. If Donald was born in 1769 and he is in the 1851 census he would be around 82 years old that matches the index listing you found but he is listed as Bain not McBain... here are two more

BAIN Donald Head W M 80 Retired Farmer  Caithness - Wick Canisbay
BAIN Donald Head M M 87 Cottager  Caithness - Latheron Latheron


I am not convinced Donald Bain in your guy.  Maybe but did he have a son in any of the earlier documents with the name of the man he is living with in the census you found?  

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