Catherine Marie Renouard (1647 - 1717), added to Filles du Roy

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I was filling in my grand-mother's line Buteau Lebel Bois Ouellet Fournier and came across the wrong birthday for a bare bones though otherwise correct ancestor's profile. Messaged the manager to see about cleaning that up before just barging in, but I was tempted. 13 years is a big change in DOB though...

The profiles of the parents are unconnected and were orphaned, so I adopted them. All that takes us to Catherine Marie, whose information I dug up in Ancestry which conveniently stated her as FdR next to her name. I knew I had at least one among my ancestors.

So if anyone is bubbling over with enthusiasm for newly added Filles du Roy profiles, please do feel free my cousins to chip in. I'm sure I'll be doing something to bump up the profile soon, but I'd like to connect her to the tree first. Thanks.
WikiTree profile: Marie Renouard
in Genealogy Help by Bruce Codère G2G6 Mach 1 (17.0k points)
Just change her name to Marie Catherine.  Also added Filles du Roi template and PPP.
Thanks Guy, I suspected her name needed correcting, though I hadn't dug into that. As I go through other sites, I only come across chaos where there should be a naming convention...

Catherine-Marie comes from NosOrigines, if not elsewhere, and I'm finding the 1653 DOB for her husband unsourced. However, Tanguay lists Nicolas born in 1666 with marriage to Marguerite Huot in 1685.

This is the profile that claims 1653. Durand-131.
Have we discovered any records with the name Catherine? Her marriage to Nicolas and her burial only refer to her as Marie, same with Silvio Dumas' book and Migrations. If NosOrigines is the only place it shows up, I'd be very suspect, as I usually am with NosOrigines. I only ever use that site when I'm stuck and need a starting point to look for the primary records. I find it often incorrect, especially so when it comes to proper names (I often see triple-compound names that make no sense when compared to the records).

I will dig into finding her second marriage and her children's baptisms on FamilySearch tomorrow, maybe that will shed some light on the situation!
The basis for the profile with 1653 is Nos Origines about which we have the same view, and a slew of unsourced Ancestry trees which deserve no better, and I'm suspicious to say the least. The marriage record of Nicolas and Marguerite Huot is inconclusinve.

 Need a paid sub to see this, but for those who do...
the Marie Catherine comes from 2 records, marriage of her daughter Jeanne Durant in 1718, where Jean Joseph Feray dit Duburon (sic) is widower of Catherine Minville, and Jeanne's mother is named Marie Catherine Renoir (deceased).  

There is also a baptism 6 Apr 1674 of Jacques Cachelièvre in Québec (ND) where she is godmother, listed as Catherine Marie Renouard there, her husband is named so no mistake as to who it was.

Have marked the name as uncertain, and added back the category French Immigrants to New France.  The sticker that is often put with that category is just that, a sticker, so the category needs to be entered also.  Filles du roy were not all French in origin, as a note.
Thanks for the help and info Danielle. I'm not going to touch that much till the tangle is resolved.

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Hi Bruce,


I'm not very familiar with this project, but I think you need some cleanup on categories and stickers.

It looks like you need to change {{Category:Filles_du_Roi_Needs_Biography}} to using square brackets for a proper category. It should be: [[Category:Filles_du_Roi_Needs_Biography]]

And then you should probably add the sticker {{Fille_du_Roi}} to the profile.
by Eric Weddington G2G6 Pilot (228k points)
Thanks Eric for spotting that. I can already tell my all-time brain-lock is now and shall ever be the brace/bracket thing, but I'm hopeful. :) It's corrected..
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Hi Bruce,

I found her marriage and burial records at FamilySearch and added them under sources. Also added a link to her entry in Silvio Dumas' book at ourroots. It's not much but it's a start! I was going to mention the category but I see that you already fixed it. :)

by Sara Thibault G2G4 (4.3k points)
Hi Sara,

Thanks for adding to her bio. Much appreciated :) Every bit helps. Hadn't thought of FamilySearch since I was plugging away at Ancestry. And thanks for noticing my favorite formatting typo. Dunnowhatitiswiththat... I'll learn one of these days.

Happy to help! And I made several of my own formatting flubs while I was trying to add things, and had to fix them.. all par for the course! (not trying to pad my "contributions" count -- I just always "see" mistakes just after I've saved! Doh!)

When I first started on WikiTree, I was adding the records from Drouin; they are easier to find there, but you have to have a paid subscription, as with Ancestry -- I don't have a sub to either one at the moment! FamilySearch is tricky because it's not indexed -- you have to go searching in the records yourself.. but if you already know where to look (i.e. Notre-Dame de Quebec in Dec 1665) it works out okay, and then anyone can look at the records! (Of course they're on Migrations, too...) Better to have too many sources than too few I suppose?

Hi Sara,

Yup I know what you mean. === and == are another favorite formatting typo come to think of it. I knew I wasn't the only one who sometimes only spots the gaff after saving.

My start was in repositories. I broke down and got an Ancestry sub a few weeks ago. A floodgate opened on a number of my lines. Very cool. Now if I could just push my youngest brick walls back one generation, they'd all be in the 1700's. We'll see.


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