I would like to propose an addition to the Data Error 603: USA too early in birth location help page.

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I would like to propose an addition to the "Data Error 603: USA too early in birth location" help page https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:DBE_603

And that is that this page be added in the "Description of Error" section:


I make this request because as a relatively new genealogist and an even newer Data Doctor (and someone who would like to do things correctly), it took me far too long to be able to find this information in one succinct place.  The information is laid out very thoughtfully on this very helpful page and with wonderful spreadsheets linked.

As a side note, the "Maps of the states at the county level" link on the Data Error 603 help page takes me to a webpage that does not function. (At least, for me, it does not function.) I have attempted numerous times to get it to work without success.  http://www.mapofus.org/
in Policy and Style by Anne Dale G2G5 (5.6k points)

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http://publications.newberry.org/ahcbp/index.html  A nice interactive map by years for the united states showing state and county boundaries.

I know many people get bogged down in "Colony of Virginia", "Dominion of Virginia", "Commonwealth of Virginia", and "State of Virginia", but in all honesty the people who lived there probably just called it "Virginia" the whole time. So pre1776 it should just be Virginia and after that Virginia, USA.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (239k points)
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Thank you for this info Steven. The interactive map works great and is very helpful indeed.
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This would be a great resource to add to any of the "USA too early" errors. And I have the same issue as Anne regarding the site mapofus.org -- When I get to a page that has an interactive map, the map is frozen and won't progress through time.
by Joyce Rivette G2G6 Mach 6 (63.4k points)
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The table... Table of Colonial Era Canadian Place Names 1604-1999 (table updated November 1, 2017)

has an error in line 9 and 13


by Guy Constantineau G2G6 Pilot (343k points)

Can you please describe the errors to me so I may fix them? Thanks!!

On line 9... Nouvelle-France did not become Province of Quebec but only a part of if became the Province of Quebec.


Nouvelle-France (New France) 1534 10 Feb 1763 Native American Lands Province of Quebec   Composed of several colonies: Acadia, Canada, Newfoundland, Louisiana, Île-Royale (present-day Cape Breton Island), and Île Saint Jean (present-day Prince Edward Island)                                      


On line 13... Quebec City did not become Province of Quebec...


Quebec City 1608 1663 Native American Lands Province of Quebec                                          


 On line 22... Province of Quebec was ... Canada, Nouvelle-France.not Quebec city.

Province of Quebec February 10, 1763 December 26, 1791 Quebec City Province of Lower Canada   See the Quebecois Project                                      



The errors listed by Guy have been fixed. Thanks Guy for pointing those out to me.

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