Need sourcing help or project involvement Denmark/Euroaristo.

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I cleaned up a couple of 775 (wrong character in LNAB) errors and did some cleaning, adding secondary sources on Henrik Henriksen Friis af Haraldskær, his father and children.

My first objection is that the error points to Sweden specifically, though it adheres to all Scandinavian countries. Someone had actually corrected part of the family that lacked birth dates using Swedish characters.

The profiles were marked incorrectly Unsourced | Sweden. Please do not add country unless certain it is the right one. It is easy enough to do a Google search, especially on names that seem to be nobility.

The wife of Henrik, Katarina Engelbrektsdtr Maanestierne seems to have wrong last name or need a second last name according to source Danish nobility research by Finn Holbek. I'm not confident enough with Danish nobility to start poking into it.

Ulvilde Henriksdatter Friis af Haraldskær and her mother Katarina Engelbrektsdtr Maanestierne share the same birth year, but wich one of them would be wrong?

Dotter Henriksdtr Friis av Haraldskjär is either a double of one of the other women in the family (dotter means daughter), or is someone else not covered by the source Danish nobility research by Finn Holbek I found.

I adopted these profiles in order to change LNAB's, but didn't remove myself as manager yet. Hoping some project will take care of them.

WikiTree profile: Henrik Friis af Haraldskær
in Genealogy Help by Juha Soini G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
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Juha, Please replace one of the tags with danish which is the official tag for Project Denmark.  Hopefully, that will get the attention of more members of Project Denmark.  Although most of this family lived before the start date of Project Denmark, I think we can stretch to adopt them with some help from Euroaristo .  But we will need to work together to agree on what goes in these profiles.

Katrina is marked as having died in Sweden.  Anne is marked as born in Sweden.  I think that is why those got marked for Sweden Unsourced.  Henrik, his wife, his father, and his children  all lived in the period of the Kalmar Union which may have contributed to copying their locations to the others.  I'm not saying it is right, but it may explain how it happened.

I've just gotten pre-1500 certification myself and I don't think very many in Project Denmark have it, but they can still research and collaborate. I'm in the process of setting up a free space page for this house where anyone can add what they find in their research so those who are pre-1500 certified can use the information there to edit Henrik's family's actual profiles. I'll post back when I get that set up.

To get us started, I created Category: Friis af Haraldskær under Category: Danish Nobility and put Henrik, his father, his wife, and his four children in the category so we can easily get to their profiles.

I added a link on the Danish Nobility category page to another resource that relies on  Danmarks Adels Aarbog (DAA or Yearbook of Denmark's Nobility), the leading source on Danish nobility.  This link includes a good many extra tools to help in the use of DAA.  We would very much like to have the help of someone who actually has access to DAA.  It is a secondary source, but if we can leverage that material to someone who has access to DAA and document the DAA sources, I think that would be sufficient under the Euroaristo standards.

Mary Jensen, coordinator of Denmark Project

by Mary Jensen G2G6 Pilot (101k points)

I'm glad you want to take care of this family. There will certainly be more work to do on the immediate family.

I took it upon me to do a Google search and found several DAA's scanned altough they are old. The newest one I found is from 1906. I don't know how much the pre-1500 stuff would have changed with 100 years of additional research.

Project Runeberg has four different editions  and internet archive at least one and Düsseldorf university at least one

As said before, I stumbled upon these doing my share of data doctoring, and as my primary interest is northern Sweden and Finland, I'm more than happy to leave them in your capable hands.

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What is Euroaristo?
by Patty Almond G2G6 Mach 1 (13.2k points)
Hi Patty,

EuroAristo is the tag and shortened version of the European Aristocrats project.  Links to information about the project can be found here

Adding the euroaristo tag to any G2G question about European royalty or nobility should get some response from members of that project.

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