? about merge. Does the merge always have to go onto the first profile created?

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I want to merge a profile I created, but...a few week ago I started my tree and I forgot to look for a profile of that person first. My profile has much more information, does the merge always have to be the first one created?  This person has a large family and it look me a long time to create it and I also have a picture of the person. Thank you.
WikiTree profile: Mary Susalla
in WikiTree Help by NM Nash G2G2 (2.7k points)
WikiTree could never be so mean.  Nothing is really ever lost.  Even if you make changes and realized you removed too much information, all you have to do is go to the changes tab.  You can restore a previous edit, or just cut and paste the info you need.

Also, since you created both files, I think you can do the merge immediately.  You'll see how easy it is to merge profiles.

If the LNAB (Last Name at Birth) for both profiles is the same - and correct - you merge into the lower profile number, NM.

If the profiles don't have the same LNAB spelling, merge into the correctly spelled LNAB.

If neither profile has the correct LNAB, do not merge them. Instead, correct the LNAB for one of the profiles (effectively a merge); then merge the other duplicate into the new profile (correctly spelled LNAB).

As Eddie notes, you will have the choice of which Text section (Biography, Sources) to keep for the profile that remains.

Images will probably remain also (maybe done by default?); not sure about the Memories section, though. You may want to copy the information in the Memories section to a Notepad (or similar) program, if you have one on your computer/device. You could do the same with the Biography/Sources, just in case!

NM does not appear to have created both of the profiles in the currently proposed merge, Lucy:

Polk-880 and Polk-1067

(unless NM has a duplicate profile).

The other (or "other") manager is active, so the merge could be approved quickly!

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The convention is to merge into the lower numbered profile unless the spelling of the LNAB is incorrect in that profile.  The info from your profile is retained, but you'll end up with two Biography and two Sources sections in the resultant profile, and you'll need to clean all that up and consolidate the data into single sections.  I'm not sure how the photo is handled, but if you're able to, you might try attaching that to the other profile also before you complete the merge.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (433k points)
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Actually, we can now do the cleanup during the merge, Dennis.

We are given a choice of one profile's Biography/Sources section, the other profile's Biography/Sources section, or adding new Biography/Sources section (I think that's how it works for the third option).

We no longer have the duplicated headings after the merge.
Must be a new feature.  I stand corrected, sorry.
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All your sources and bio info go with the merge. Nothing gets lost.
by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (599k points)

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