"SIR WILLIAM BEASLEY" - Honest... that's the real name.

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I've had helpful WikiTreers changing the name of a couple of gentlemen with the given first name "Sir", thinking it is a title. Sir William Beasley, Sr and Sir William Beasley, Jr. I have left Research notes and documentary proof. While there are multiple records that may be subject to interpretation, the best source is the death certificate for Jr which, in clearly typed form given by next of kin, Both Jr and Sr are listed with the first name "Sir". I've also posted the WWI draft application with Jr's signature.
I just went to the profiles and tried to make the Research Note more distinct. I suppose with all the folks who might come to these profiles this will happen again. Is there any way to avoid this change?


WikiTree profile: William Beasley
in WikiTree Help by Douglas Beezley G2G6 Mach 2 (24.2k points)
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BTW, why is my use of bracketing the Profile ID and Name not working? Am I not doing it right?
The name of the wife is very nice as well, "Spicey Love Barefoot".

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The brackets don't work in G2G.  What you have to do is select the text you want to become a link, and click the little 'link' icon just above and to the left.
by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (883k points)
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Thanks, Ros. So many of these details fall out of my brain. While you are at it if you don't mind... would you take a look at either of those Sir William profiles? Are those "Research notes" the correct way of doing it? I thought that by using ==Research Note== it was supposed to create a heading. When I did it the "==" was just copied. So I just did it BOLD to try to draw attention. Not only the format but is this the way "Research Note" is supposed to be used? And, (back to the original question) is there anything else to be done? Or just watch it and change it back when people change "Sir" to a title?
I have been to both profiles and changed Research Note to a third-level heading. The Research Note is supposed to go under the ==Biography== heading - but in this case, it's more like a warning!  I can only think that your ==Research Note showed up strange because you need a == immediately after the words 'Research Note'.

I think putting it in bold is probably the only way of catching someone's eye! I have had to do it with my 9th great grandmother's name: she was called 'Philip', which was a local 17th century form of Philippa - but the number of times her name got changed or her gender got changed...

I think it's just a question of watching and changing it back if it happens again.  Actually, thinking about it, since I put that BOLD note at the top of Philip's profile, it hasn't happened.  Something else you could do is go into the Suggestions and mark it as a 'false error', because then it won't show up again on people's lists.
The "=" thing is a bit of a puzzle. It seems that I've had no problem with this before. I did do it with the before and after ==. I tried it with and without spaces between the == and the title. I tried it with ===. I tried it before and after the ==Biography== heading. My brain is puzzled enough without mysterious anomalies showing up.

About the suggestions... I was told by the gentleman who made the last change that he was busy clearing "suggestions". Now that he has cleared it without knowing to mark it as a "false error", I don't know that it can be found now.

Anyhow... thanks for the tips.
Well, if you have put it back to being part of his real name, then when the database does another recheck, it will flag it up again as an error, and then you can mark it as 'false suggestion'.

The mystery about the == is going to have to remain a mystery, I'm afraid. :(

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
You are plenty of help, Ros. I really do appreciate it.

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