Please help decipher marriage record in French

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I need your help to decipher a marriage act, written in 1706, in Aube (France).

FYI, my mother tongue is French but I really struggle to read some words and more importantly some names.

I also found a Geneat profile that can help us (or at the opposite, it makes me ask some questions).

To help me, these are some infos for you:

This is the marriage act of Nicolas Penard and Claude Chatelain, in Vaudes, Aube, 08th Nov. 1706. I can read that Nicolas' father is also Nicolas (plowman) and I guess the mother's surname is Françoise (am I right?).

In Claude's side I can read, her father is Charles and her mother Jeanne Magnier (I guess).

At the end of the act, among the witnesses I can guess that there is Jeanne Courtois, and I think it's written that she's the groom's "belle-mère" (mother in law). It could make sense according to a Geneanet profile I found.

The only problem is that I also have the marriage act of Jeanne Courtois and Nicolas Penard (Sr) and Jeanne Courtois is mentioned as "veuve" (which is also correlated by the Geneanet profile) but no "veuf" mention for Nicolas, so how can she be the mother in law of Nicolas' son. Was Nicolas' father some kind of divorced or separated from Nicolas' mother (Françoise something?)?

Marriage act (in 2 parts) : and

Father's marriage act :

Geneanet profile :
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I could translate in english but the hand writing is almost impossible to read.  Hope another member can.

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I give it another try:

Le 8 9'bre [= novembre] 1706 Nicolas Penard serviteur domestique de Pierre Maire lab'r [=laboureur], fils de feu Nicolas Penard vivant lab'r, et de feue Françoise Ravinet ses père et mère; et Claude Chatelain servante domestique de Edme Bertrand mareschal [= maréchal], fille de feu Charles Chatelain, vivant man'r [= manouvrier], et de Jeanne Musnier [= Munier] ses père et mère d'nt [= demeurant] à Vauldes [= Vaudes 10399] ; les cérémonies de l'Église gardées et observées, ont été canoniquement, solenellement, et de leurs consentements mariés en l'église dudit Vauldes ; en présence d'Edme Penard frère, Jean Duvert oncle, Jeanne Courtois belle-mère du dit marié, et de Jeanne Munier mère, Edme Bertrand beau-frère et de Jean Chatelain cousin germain de la dite mariée qui ont déclaré ne sçavoir signer de ce enquis, à reste [=à l'exception] des dits Edme Penard, Edme Bertrand qui ont signé sur la minute.

I may have read the names wrong, but I checked that all have occurrences in that area at that time. Note that the employer and the brother-in-law of Claude seem to be the same person.
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Thank you Julien for you transcription and your researches.

I'll give it a try with those names, and see if it makes sense.
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Belle-mère also means step-mother which would fit with your information. I read Nicolas Penard's mother as Francoise Rani__. (not sure of the ending)
by Mike Houde G2G6 (7.3k points)
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well give it a shot, the first one is marriage act, reads :

le 8 __ 1706 Nicolas Penard ___  domestique de pierre __ lab'r, fils de feu Nicolas Pinard vivant lab'r, et de feu Françoise ___ ses père et mère; et Claude Chaplin (Charlin?) servant(e) domestique du sieur ___ maréchal (?), fille de feu Charles Chaplain, vivant man'e (manoeuvre?) , et de Joan M_ugnier?__ ses père et mère _ à Vauldes (?), ..... ceremonial .... en présence de Jean Pinard frère, Jean Duniot (?) oncle, Jeanne Courtois belle-mère du dit marié, et de Joan Munier (?) mère, __ Jean Boneaud (?) beau-frère et de Jean Chaplain (ou Charlain) cousin germain de la dite mariée qui ont déclaré ne savoir signer de ce enquis...

2 signed, Pinard and Boneaud

Deciphered as much of relevant parts as I could,  Jeanne Courtois when she married Nicolas' father was a widow already.  There is indeed no mention of him being a widower on the act, which doesn't mean all that much.  And no, divorce would not have entered into it, although illegitimacy is not ruled out for your boy.

When your man marries, both his parents are listed as deceased, the mother's given name is Françoise, last name is a toss-up, Xanimes, Franires, can't really figure it.  I read Claude's family name as possibly Chaplin/Charlin rather than Chatelin.  Both Nicolas and Claude are recorded as domestic servants of one type or another.

hope this helps.

by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (315k points)

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