Would it be possible to add YDNA status the watch list profile

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If we could tell which profiles had YDNA it would be beneficial.

If on the watch list of profiles, we would be able to utilize the information more efficiently.
in WikiTree Tech by Wayne Prather G2G1 (1.9k points)
Could you provide a little more context? Are you looking to find people who match your Y DNA? Have you tried Wikitree's DNA Confirmation and other DNA tools? What do they not do that you'd like to see?

Note that Wikitree is not in the game of sequence-matching so that you can actually search your closest DNA relatives here. WT only gives you the information that can help you go into another tool (say, Family Tree DNA) and find their entries there.
If everyone put their terminal SNP and it appeared on your watch list. You would know at once wheather to spend time researching them. It would id the ones to reject.

It is interesting that when I entered my FTDNA Y test info, Wikitree did have a field for my haplogroup--it just doesn't show up on the [LASTNAME] DNA Connections tool :(

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why not the surname list? or even a male surname list
by Veni Joyner G2G6 Mach 1 (18.6k points)
Here are the Joyner males who have a Y-DNA test associated with their profile:


To see a different surname all you need to do is change JOYNER in that link to the surname of your choice.
+1 What Peter said. (Wish we could up-vote comments.)

If you experiment with that surname DNA report, you'll see you can set parameters to limit the display by vendor/type of test, and can sort the results by the person named in the profile, the date of their birth, and by the test taker's name...which can be really useful. Especially for common surnames, setting the parameters down to the vendor/test will be important to reduce the number of "hits." Each time you modify the criteria or sorting, you'll see a different URL in the browser address bar. You can then bookmark a particular report to go right back to it whenever you want.

And Eric mentioned the various DNA tools on WikiTree, but here's one I find particularly useful:


Replace the "XXXX-1234" with any valid profile ID where the privacy levels are set appropriately. For example: https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Prather-1397/899.

Edison--that tool is also what you get if you just go to the "My Wikitree" menu and hit "DNA Confirmation", if you get tired of using bookmarks.

Awesome thank you to Peter and Edison and Eric
Eric: Yep. But if you're helping me out with my maternal grandfather's yDNA, a bookmark saves you a good bit of clicking and scrolling getting there each time.

The idea in having a indicator on the watch list was to save time. With the terminal SNP there you could have the points where the line splits and you would just have to know the major points. You saw Prather, however If you check Crawford you will see there are 6600+ to check.

Even the major splits R-1a and R-1b would be  great and if on the watch list could save many researchers a lot of time. Ive  spent as much as 2 weeks researching the wifes of some individules.Im sure everyone checks everyone out before entering them.


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