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I am requesting that James Greer (Greer-614) be PPP. Despite the fact of comments and notes left on this profile, people are still adding James Grierson of Lag and Mary Browne as his father and mother. Upon much research it has been proven that James the son of James of Lag actually died as a child and this could not be his son. Also DNA doesn't connect them either. However it is believed that we are still a part of clan Grierson at some point. There are DNA that backs this up. This whole profile needs to be reworked. There are groups on facebook as well as a DNA project on FTDNA that is heading this research. All of the James Grierson of Lag needs to be removed and the rest cleaned up. I am not a PM on this profile, but this is my 7th great grandfather and I am working on his line. I would be willing to take on the task of properly correcting this profile if someone would want to add me as a profile manager. At least with the PPP we could monitor and prevent these connections from continuing to happen whether by merge or adding.
WikiTree profile: James Greer
closed with the note: project has been protected
in Genealogy Help by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (25.7k points)
closed by Misty Musco

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James Greer is also my 7th great grandfather through his son John Greer. I am a profile manager and can PPP this profile, but the whole concept of PPP is new to me and I want to be sure that this profile meets all of the requirements before we do this. I agree that more care is needed to document parentage and other facts on the profile, so I have no problem with doing a PPP on the profile if it meets the requirements.

Mary Yetter
by Mary Yetter G2G Crew (830 points)
I believe it does. Not only is he a part of Clan Grierson, he is supposedly a founding family in Maryland. So he meets the project requirement. He is over 200yrs as well as likely a notable if a founding family. He I am pretty sure is the lowest number for him and lastly he for sure is considered under a controversial profile. Those are the 4 requirements for PPP.
Is Clan Grierson considered a project by Wiki Tree?
Yes it is a part of the Scottish Clans Project.
I will PPP this profile.
Thank you. We can always take it off later if we feel the need.
James Greer is my 9th-great-grandfather.
Whoops! I thought a profile manager could PPP a profile. I am not sure if that is true. I will check into it and if I am able to I will PPP the profile.
Sounds great!! Oh I am coming from his son John as well.
I think we should get the project leader to do this. I have not done this before and I am not sure if I have the authority to do it.
I sent a message to Carole over the Clan Grierson, but I may need to ask someone from the Scottish Clans Project
me too, John NMN Greer/Sarah Day.. I agree a PPP is a good thing.  Are we all on the Clan Grierson?
Hi, yes I think it should be PPP as well. Don't mind at all having someone else add/or delete info on the profile.  I believe Ralph Terry research notes should stay as he and his wife went THERE to search and the DNA test people too.   I think we should move anything that is not RESEARCH to a free space.
Misty, you must be a leader to PPP a profile. The leader does not have to be the leader of the project you are adding the profile to; any leader will do.
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I too am interested in making the correct link to his parents. But I am afraid there is no evidence.  A free-space would be great for us Descendants to add what we find if we find something. And collaborating with the PMs is a good idea. Cuz' Carole
by Carole Taylor G2G6 Mach 3 (39.2k points)
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To be PPP'd there are four requirements:


One: They must fit within a project
Protected profiles must fit into a current or pending project.

Two: They must be 200 or notable
Do not protect any profiles under 200 years old unless they fit Wikipedia's guidelines for notability.

Three: They must have the lowest-numbered ID
Four: They must be controversial or duplicated

So, which project, because it seems he meets the other three requirements? I don't believe the name study is a project you can use for PPP. (But I'll check on that.)

by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (546k points)
I went ahead and PPP'ed him. Please add his profile to the Scottish Clans project (or whichever project he falls under.) This will prevent changes to parents and changes to LNAB.
Thank you for PPP him. Hopefully this will help to keep him straight and from being merged back with the real son of James Grierson of Lag.

He would fall under the Scottish Clans Project which Clan Grierson is a sub project on and the lower level tag is added on his page as well as now a One Name Study. I didn't know if that was acceptable or not for PPP. I was going by the Clan Grierson and Founding Families
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Hi Misty and welcome to the Scottish Clans Project.   I've added the Scottish Clans Project - project box to his profile.
by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (157k points)
Thank you very much!!

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