Should a Template for my website be created?

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I received the following from Chris Whitten.


I happened to notice you using    :Kb. That's not recommended. It might stop working some day. It doesn't have to be removed from existing profiles, but it shouldn't be added to new ones. See


I asked him what he would prefer me to use and he said “cite the source of course”. 


The  template requires the following input:



And generates output:


Which describes the secondary source very precisely and is a specific  subsection of  part 2 of:

“A source is required but you can select one of the following:

* Personal recollection of events witnessed by [[Arbuthnot-53|Sir William (Arbuthnot) Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster Bt]] as remembered 12 Feb 2018.

* Unsourced family tree handed down to [[Arbuthnot-53|Sir William (Arbuthnot) Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster Bt]].

* Source will be added by [[Arbuthnot-53|Sir William (Arbuthnot) Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster Bt]] by 13 Feb 2018.”


 I suppose i can always copy and paste


But it seems to me that Kb falls squarely between

“Source templates for using the same source on multiple profiles — what could be called "source shortcut templates””. But Chris says he is leaning. Against that distinction. And (but tactfully he doesn’.t say so) he owns 100% of this operation.


He suggests that I might post on G2G asking if a link template for my

website should be created. I think it might be helpful, but thought I already had one.  VBG.

asked in Policy and Style by Sir William Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster G2G6 Pilot (148k points)

It seems to be a semantics game to me, William.

Currently your website template is listed under Source Templates, which are not approved and are apparently being removed from use. External Link Templates, however, are recommended; and as the Source Template page states, "have been approved instead."

I see little difference between a Source Template and an External Link Template in either use or intent. The name Source Template simply implies that it links to a source (rather than a resource). Thus, a Source Template may be incorrectly named; however, it is, in essence, an External Link Template.

Perhaps the real problem is that the Source Templates are not full citations. From that point of view, I agree that Source Templates should not be used (except in inline citations) without fleshing the citation to meet proper citation standards.

Basically, Source Templates are not Source Templates at all; they are merely External Link Templates and are only part of a properly written citation for a source document/object.

Those are my opinions on this issue!!

That is  very sensible and I agree with it, save that I don’t have the physical  ability any more to grab all the sources from my books and boxes. I would rather spend my time here uploading data with the imprecision that is implied in the Kb External Link text.

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I could not find your primary sources, but I did like your site.
answered by Rionne Brooks G2G6 Mach 3 (37.2k points)
I have never had the. Time to upload them.... it is a. WYSIWYG

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