Anyone interested in a Knight One Name Study?

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I'm trying to find the parents and siblings of John B. Knight (Knight-10609). I know about when he was married, who his wife and children were, and when he died. I also know that he was born in Georgia (United States). However, in census records for Georgia prior to John's marriage, there are several young men and boys in the right age range by the name of John Knight living in Georgia.

So, I was thinking that if, by any chance, there were other genealogists researching the Knight family in Georgia, we could collaborate to figure out which John Knight is which. I'm sure this is a common problem with the Knight family, since the surname seems to be rather common. Is anyone else interested in a one name study for the Knight surname? We could have regions where the families are living as subcategories.
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I just set up the page for the Knight Name Study. It is located here:

I'm going to assume that you've probably seen my question above if you're seeing this answer. Please come join us as we trace the genealogy of the Knight family!

by Rebecca McCall G2G6 (7.8k points)
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I am looking for information on the parents and back in the family lineage of the following

James Washington Knight  1809 Maryland-after 1870 was listed in 1870 census, & wife Sapora Cosden 1811 1Maryland- after 1870,(Sarah;s parents Alphonso Cosden & Alathea Asbethere Money--Cosden, some Money family for Maryland  others Delaware)  2nd. wife Sarah (possibly known as Sallie)  Noonan (has been spelled as Nunam 1856-1870 about. Sarah was much younger the James. Having children in both marriages.

The family moved around quite often in Maryland, Cecil Counrty, Harford County, into Bohemia area, Perryman .to the farm of Henry Amos Osbourne or his own father farm., then to Archer Farm.


My 2ndr great grandfather James and Sapora's son was

William Comager Knight 1836 Rock Run, near Havre de Grace ,Harford CO., Md.. -191 Maryland.

It is possible James father was named William as in 1850 census  there is a William living with the family  older who helped James with a debt.

Would appreciate your kind help for information on the family lineage.
Personally, I have no idea. But, Simcox-224 is researching the Knight family in Maryland, as well. Maybe you two could collaborate.
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Hi Rebecca,

I had the same problem in Northamptonshire UK. I have created a one name study for Knights in that county from c 175 to c1851. I'm not sure where I would publish it though and have issues with people pinching the information and using ity ucredited :-). I don't mind doing look ups from it.

I did find my John Knight in the end- I traced him through his marriage witness- who was his sister, they married on the same day but at different churches and each couple witnessed the other marriage. He was baptised at the age of 11 so there was no bp at the right year for his birth.

Good luck

That is so cool!

If you would like to do so, I was thinking we could have subcategories of the name study for each region that the family was in (mine are in the state of Georgia in the U.S. in the 1800s, the others I've talked with are tracing families in the state of Maryland in the U.S.). If you'd rather not because of people not citing sources and not giving acknowledgements, that's your prerogative as the researcher. I would love to collaborate with you, but I don't yet have any evidence of connections to the U.K..

Hi again Rebecca,

Long time before an answer from me I'm afraid- I don;t check Wiki very often as I find it difficult to search effectively for individuals and prefer other resource sites.

Anyway if you do get any links back to the UK get in touch for a look up if relevant.

Something I have found when compiling mine (haven't worked on it for a long time now)- Ignore submitted records on familysearch- many of them seem to be entirely made up!, by all means look at other people's trees but I have found frequent errors and mistakes in them,

Search EVERYTHING and I mean everything! and record every Knight you find, my horder like tendancies made my life much easier when after many years of researching I discovered my grandfather's family came from the next door village to my grandmother's way back in the early 1700's- I had already written done the relevant names because- horder.

Try to use original sources whenever you can (or microfilms etc of those sources- it helps to link stuff up.

Remember people could be surprisingly mobile so look in surrounding townships- or even states especially if they lived near the boundaries.

Be a detective as you can see above my John Knight wasn't easy- try a familysearch check and you will find loads in NTH which is which?

All I had initially was the marriage with witnesses (1820) and the census 1841 onwards to show him with his children- but not the parents.

I am reasonably sure I am correct with mine now....

1820 16 Oct John Knight mar Sarah Sikes at Little Houghton NTH- witnesses were William Chapman and Esther Knight. 16 Oct 1820 Esther Knight mar William Chapman at Piddington NTH witnesses were John Knight and Sarah Sikes. The two villages area few miles apart. As you can see there is obviously a connection between John and Esther - brother and sister seemed likely but she could have been his mother remarrying for all I knew. The connection is strong as they are both prepared to chase across the country to witness each others marriages. I will never know which couple married first as you can see in the excitement both ladies used their maiden names.

As John is such a common name I focused on Esther- there is a baptism to Samuel and Elizabeth c 1790- but nothing for John c 1796 (when the census and his burial show him as being born.) There IS a baptism for a John to Samuel and Elizabeth c1809- no note to show he was not an infant BUT having checked out the microfilms of the records the vicar of the time seems to have been very poor at recording much in the way of details- the records are quite slipshod- so I'm happy to claim this as John as a later baptism (there is a burial for a brother Robin but no baptism- maybe the family moved away? but I can't find any sign of them doing so.

Samuel and Elizabeth died in the 1830's before the first census- various other people's family trees show Elizabeth as Elizabeth James of Earls Barton- but from my index I know that there were two Samuel and Elizabeth couples at this time- mine and the ones in Earls Barton. Family search did bring up a marriage in Buckinghamshire to an Elizabeth Perkins in Walton - quite some way from Little Houghton. The transcription on Findmypast shows this Samuel as being from a village in Buckinghamshire- BUT having been to the local (Northamptonshire) Records office many years ago and having checked out records there I know that the young couple got kicked out of the parish of Walton shortly after the marriage and returned to Samuel's home village of Little Houghton. This record is not available anywhere online. There is a baptism for a Samuel in 1765 in Little Houghton which is about right for the age given at his burial and, matches the marriage and subsequent removal (1784) in Buckinghamshire.

So its a little circumstantial in places but at least with my index I have ruled out many of the possible John Knight born at that time- as long as they were Church of England that is! There is a large Non conformist family who I have poor birth records for because of the lack of baptisms.

Tracking your John won;t be easy - I was lucky that my family were the only KNIGHT family in that village at that time (they moved in from parts unknown in the early 1700's - my current brick wall) and that once they arrived they pretty much stayed there for the next hundred years.

But there is hope for you- once I had got a fair way on my index I found that although it looks hopeless at first once you start  them you can track their movements and start to see how they relate most of the time- and eliminate those that are too old or young (be cautious here though don;t throw the baby out with the bath water:-) ) . It was an uphill battle, the NTH records available online (I only use free resources online) are quite poor, however I did find a very good local researcher and bought his transcriptions - which are still better than most of the available indexes online. I also ordered films through LDS and went through them and did my own transcriptions (where did I find the TIME!)

My index covers EVERY record I could find- so bap, mar ,bur is just the start- I have wills, court, "other" (anything else), occupation, place of birth, place of residence, estimated birth date, father, mother, census 41,51,61,71,81,91  (ok I haven;t filled all of those in yet!) etc. I can sort by place of birth, date, parents, burial etc etc. It was a lot of work but worth it to try to sort them all out.

Have you tried the siblings? that was how I managed to find stuff out- John is just Waaay to common a name to make much headway but if you cvan place him with siblings (like I did) life becomes much easier.

Good luck and if you ever need a look up from my index please ask- just bear in mind it only covers those born in Northamptonshire England between c1750 and 1850- and it still runs to some 4000+ entries ;-)
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I have spent hours reading and searching for a definitive answer for my GGG Grandfather William Knight who according to census was born in Maryland. I have met many William Knights without resolution. I believe the William Knight who settled Knights Landing in California was also born in Md. I would love to clarify who’s who in William Knights. A one Name study is a great idea
by Carol Lasley G2G1 (1.8k points)

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