Is my great great grandmother, Jane Moulton, part of the Moultons to which Winston Churchill belonged?

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Jane came to Canada as a child about 1817-19. She lived and died near Charleston Lake , Leeds, Ontario. there is a family Story  that Jane Moulton’s Family was part of same family to which Winston Churchill belonged. Are there any Moultons in his pedigree?
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If you go to his family tree, you can pick an ancestor, and look in turn at that ancestor's descendants. That will let you figure out, yourself, whether (at least on Wikitree) there are any Moultons connected with Winston Churchill at any particular remove you choose.
by Brad Foley G2G6 Mach 5 (52.4k points)
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Hello. At the moment I'm afraid there are no Moulton's in Winston Churchill's pedigree on wikitree (up to 10 generations). Perhaps the family story concerned another branch of Jane's family. Steve
by Steve Hunt G2G6 Mach 2 (23.0k points)
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I would suggest that you build a profile for Jane and then follow her ancestors back until you have enough information to answer your question.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (632k points)
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I have been researching the Churchill family for 30+ years. In my database of 67000 files, I have 8 Moulton individuals that had connections by marriage to Churchills. Most are from Ontario ( Canada West ) and a few from New York. They are:

FA Moulton, Herman Moulton, Ivy Moulton, JH Moulton, Joseph Moulton, Oliver Moulton, William H Moulton and William John Moulton. Some of these may ring a bell. I do not have detailed information on them, only on their Churchill connection.

As Sir Winston Churchill is actually a Spencer and not a Churchill ( read comments a few questions down for an explanation ) there is not a proven connection to North American Churchills. You might have to search for a connect through his wife's or mother's family.

Regards: George
by George Churchill G2G6 Mach 8 (87.2k points)

Wow! You have done an incredible amount of work on Winston’s family. Thank you so much for your response to is good to know that my great aunts were perhaps not making things up.  

The Moultons that I know in Ontario came from counties Wicklow and Wexford, Ireland after the defeat of Napoleon about 1816-1819 and settled around Charleston Lake in (Canada West)what is now Leeds County, Ontario. 

Jane Moulton, whose parents are only identified as Mr. and Mrs J. Moulton in her Obituary grew up there as an only child. I have no other information on Janes parents. She married David Hamilton, a stowaway from Armagh in Ireland and they  had 7 children. Their only son, John Moulton  (Morrison?) Hamilton left home at age 21, in 1861 to find work and live with relatives in Lake Geneva in upstate New York. The names of these relatives were unfortunately never mentioned in the family saga.

When the Civil War began shortly, thereafter, John enlisted and began an illustrious 40 year career in the US army finishing as a Major General. He died while leading a cavalry charge of buffalo soldiers up San Yuan Hill in the Spanish American War in July, 1898. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders was also involved in this battle. 

He was buried on the spot and the resulting encampment was named Hamilton camp in his honour. A short while later, he was disinterred and reburied at Lake Geneva. Why he was not buried close to his original family in Charleston Lake, Ontario I do not know. His wife was American. It seems to indicate that he (or his wife) regarded Lake Geneva and his relatives there as his home and final resting place.

Sometime later, he was disinterred one final time. He was given a hero’s funeral and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. His records, files and affects are in the Oklahoma Cowboy Museum.

I have provided so much detail not to bore you but in hope that some of the Moultons from New York, that you mentioned, might be part of John Moulton Hamilton ‘s  Lake Geneva family. Is it possible to find out from your records any more about who any of these Moultons were and how they had intermarried with Winston Churchill’s family?

Once again, a sincere thanks.

My that is an amazing biography on John Moulton. It is great to have that
much context and detail.
I really do not have any further information on the names I listed. They
were were listed as spouses
of Churchills only, so I have not researched them. On the Canadian side you
should check out Library
and Archives Canada and the Ontario Gen Web project. Both are great sources.
The direct relationship of most
North America Churchiills, to their English family, is not known; and Irish Moultons to Sir Winston is not likely as they came
from Ireland. The only
possible connection may be through his wife or mother.

Thanks George. I have a lot more detail on John Moulton Hamilton’s life and military career including a condolence letter from Teddy Roosevelt but I didn’t want to inundate you. 

I have tried both Archives Canada and the Ontario Gen Web luck so far. Since I only have Jane Moultons name but not her parents, I have hit a brick wall.

I tried looking up all the Moulton names you provided on Wikitree but couldn’t determine anything was from Leeds Ontario so is almost certainly a relative of mine but this doesn’t explain if or how he might have been connected to the Churchill’s.


 Do you have any marriage dates attached to these names?

Thanks again for responding to my queries,

Sorry, you have all the information that I had on the Moultons. I have not
researched that family at all. Unfortunately I suspect all records in that
time frame in Canada would be under a male name, so you may have an
impossible task ahead of you. I shall be away for 6 weeks so I will have a
look in Ontario whe I get back.

Here is a reply from a distant Moulton cousin of mine, Shirley Hackett, who has done far more research on the Leeds Moultons than I have: 

There were three Moultons in Leeds County (William Henry b 1840; Joseph b 1862; and Elizabeth b1865), who married people, also from farm families in Leeds, with the surname Churchill.  One was a son of Joseph Moulton  1796-1862, the other two were Joseph's grandchildren. I believe the 3 Churchills were also related to one another, though I'm not certain. They lived not too far from Joseph Moulton Sr.. I can't say I have ever researched the roots of these Churchills, but according to most trees they were early settlers in Leeds County, who had come from the US., their ancestors having settled in New England in the 1600's. 

These three Moultons would have been cousins of  Jane and Mary Moulton. 

Anna Bell Moulton is my great great grandmother. My dad says we’re related to the Spencer family where Princess Diana came from. Pretty sure one of my lines connects to Winston Churchill as well.
Hi Sharon, Thanks for your comment on the Moulton connection to Winston Churchill’s family. As you can see from the Q And A string, my Leeds County, Ontario Moulton ancestors came from Wexford, Ireland probably after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. It is possible that They may have come via the USA or already had relatives in USA.

Do you know anymore about Anna Bell Moulton than what is posted on her profile? Where did she come from, her parents, how did she get to Illinois? Do you know of any Moultons in the Lake Geneva area of New York? Or any Moulton ancestors in proximity to the Finger Lakes from Clay? Pavilion, Elmira, Chemung?

Have you posted your DNA results on Both Shirley Hackett Morris and Some of her immediate family share Moulton DNA as can be seen on Her mom, her son and her brother all share more DNA with me than Shirley does.


Hi Shirley

I’ve only got Anna Bell Moulton back to her great grandfather who died in 1802 in Dearborn, Indiana Her parents were James W Moulton (1829-1900) and Mary A Lewis (1823-1893)  they married in Indiana in 1848. She was the 5th of 6 other siblings. I don’t have a  connection for them

With Moulton in Canada or a record of them emigrating from Europ to the US


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