Looking for parents of Rev. Stephen Bachiler

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Rev. Stephen Bachiler born Wherewell England 1561, looked at familysearch.org and rootsweb, ancestry.com. googled, wikipedia.  Can't access the Bachiler/Batcheller/Batchelder/ Bachelder library as it is not online and i am too far away.  Anne Flanders has been ruled out by the Bachelder historians as mother and her husband whose name i can't remember has been ruled out as father.
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I am not aware that a record of Rev. Stephen Bachiler's birth or baptism has been found. Likewise, there seem no known records that call out the names of his parents. The authorities consulted and listed below do not associated the Hampton founder with either a father or a mother:

  1. Robert Charles Anderson (1995), ''The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 ...'', volume 1 article about Stephen Bachiler ...[1]  
  2. George Freeman Sanborn, Jr. (1991) , "Rev. Stephen Bachiler of Hampton: Some Additional Information," published in The New Hampshire Genealogical Record. With the authors' consent, this article appears as web content on the Lane Memorial (Hampton, New Hampshire) Library]' site.
  3. Charles H. Batchelder (1936) and Carl W. Brage (1985) Batchelder/Bachilder genealogy through Rev. Stephen Bachiler's son Stephen Bachilder : (A correction of the work on this family by Pierce), Carl W. Brage, ed., [manuscript] (1985). This manuscript has been published as downloadable content (in five parts) to the ''Lane Memorial (Hampton, New Hampshire) Library'' site, see "Genealogy of the Batchelder Family of Hampton, New Hampshire." 

More than five hundred FamilySearch "User Submitted Genealogies" (Ancestral File, Pedigree Resource File, International Genealogical Index [IGI, submitted entries]) associate a father, Philip, with Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Philip's wife's name is seen frequently as "Ann Flanders." 

Lane Memorial (Hampton, New Hamsphire) Library hosts various content about Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Of the attempts to associated the Hampton founder with a father Philip, the library has posted this notice (emphasis added).

All references that may be found in various places on the Internet to his "father" Philip Bachiler are incorrect and should be ignored or, preferably, corrected.

The notice continues, "Much research has been done to search for his parentage in England, but to date there has been no success."

For the most part, parent-child relationships reported on WikiTree between Philip Bachiler and Rev. Stephen (PGM//PPP) have been severed.

The relationship remains reported on one pair of WikiTree profiles. See "Philip Batchiler" and Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Collaboration has begun to support severing that relationship so that the resultant profile can be merged appropriately.


[1] Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Volumes I-III', 3 vols. (1995), 1:61-69, Stephen Bachiler; digital images AmericanAncestors.org (accessed 2013).

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Bravo! Awesome! Now who's son is our Rev Stephen Bachiler?
I guess since there's no information on Stephen's father, then I'd like to ask, "Just WHO is Philip Bachiler?"
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I am in a conversation with [[stanton-3574| T Stanton]] concerning this very thing. I referenced this same book, and this was his response:

You may not know this but F. C. Pierce’s work runs the gamut from undocumented to fabrication to fraud (for money). I don’t know what the consensus is on this particular work of which I was not aware but I’ll post a g2g to see who may be familiar with this particular work of his. If you search in g2g forum you will find some very colorful conversations regarding Pierce’s various works. 


In this particular work (yes, page 91) he gives no documentation for her maiden name as Batchelder. 


Jillaine who is a PGM project leader copied me on some corro she is having with Gene Zubrinsky, a very well-known genealogist. He’s a really interesting guy so I encourage you to read his bio at the link. 


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This site is free and has 39 current members researching the same lines.  May not be able to go back before Rev Stephen though.  You will need to register, no charge and be accepted to there group, usually not a problem. Some of ther groups are very good. I used the Whitebread group it was excellant.


I believe the group manager has her own site at:


The google book site had tons of info, probably not going back any further though.

Have fun, Mike Lechner-18
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