Did you know more people took DNA tests in 2017 than all previous years / WikiTree stats over time

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I just saw an article in Technology Review titled, "2017 was the year consumer DNA testing blew up: more people took genetic ancestry tests last year than in all previous years combined." 

This definitely seems to be showing up here at WikiTree, now that our tree of 16,559,203 profiles includes 3,770,529 with DNA test connections edited by 500,116 genealogists as of the time of this post. This means 22.8% of WikiTree profiles have DNA test connections. 

Do we have WikiTree historical statistics, showing the growth curve over time of Profiles, DNA test connections, and Genealogists? 

A few years ago, one WikiTree member created a graph showing linear growth of activity at the WikiTree site in response to the G2G query, "Did you see that we passed 11 MILLION profiles?!"


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I didn't know, but I'm not surprised by this news. On WikiTree I've certainly seen an explosion in interest in DNA. And I keep finding new cousins on 23andMe (just last week there were a couple of new strong matches who I identified as second cousins 1x removed because I know who they are -- although we've never met).

Added: And as for the WikiTree statistic, I believe that Chris Whitten's post was the first time WikiTree started counting..;
And since that post (6 September 2017) we've added almost 3/4 of a million (748493) with DNA Test connections for a current total of 3,776,121.
Wow, that's interestnig that Chris Whitten's post was the first time WikiTree began counting!

I know the WikiTree numbers keep growing, and I hope someone's saved some of the historical records and can do an updated graph over the past decade.  :-)
Clarification: That's not the first time Wikitree began tracking numbers. It's the first time that the number of profiles with DNA connections was counted. Other statistics were tracked years earlier.

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This growth is very evident on Ancestry as I have tons of new matches.  Unfortunately though most of these are not associated with any trees. I think 2018 might even be better.... I ordered five tests over the holidays for my 1st cousins and only two have come in so far. I think a lot of people probably waited until after the holidays to send these tests in and we are just now seeing the increase in processed tests in our own profiles.

I am no statistician, but I'm part pack rat so I checked my "Wiki Genealogy Feed" emails from 13 Jan 2017 to 31 Jan 2017 and found that the addition of the DNA tag to profiles ranged from 0 to 4 (31 total) during that period.  During the same period for 2018 however, that range jumped up to 2 to 9 additions (78 total) of the DNA tag every day. I am sure someone can actually figure out the real statistics, but it looks like roughly 2.5 times more added the "DNA" tag to their profiles compared to a year ago.  I think that's pretty significant!

So I think not only are people checking their own DNA, they're ordering tests for relatives and friends as gifts.  Hopefully a good chunk of those will end up here on WikiTree and GEDMatch as well...  I think it's going to be a good year!
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Thanks for sharing some of what you've saved from WikiTree genealogy feed emails--what a great idea! Hopefully someone's got data going further back. I'd love to see a current graph showing the growing interest in both DNA testing, and genealogical research. :-)

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