Are there any other potential descendants of the Duke of Normandy in wikitree?

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I would love to contact you and compare our family lines.
WikiTree profile: Rollo of Normandy
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I am a direct Descendant ... I started my Pedigree chart at LDS YESTERDAY

"ACCORDING to WikiTree" 

Richard de Normandie

Normandie-30 is my 28th GGrandfather.

If you would like to compare trees do a Relationship Search between yourself and my deceased Maternal Grandmother - Newman-6707.

I have discovered some interesting ancestors through her.

Let me know what you find!

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Lots of people can claim such a connection, but I think it would be very difficult to state that pedigree backed by primary sourcing. There is a fair bit of secondary sourcing in historical books which people may use, but it  has to be tagged as secondary sourcing. Using secondary sourcing my 33rd. great grandfather Rodulph de Ivry was a half brother to Guillaume Longue Epee, son of Rollo via Guillaume's concubine, Sprota de Senlis. The problem is that in the 12th and 13th. centuries in England I am missing any primary sources in about 4 generations and only have secondary literary sources. This puts be back to my original point, it would be a difficult statement to back up because of lack of records.The relationship finder in WiKiTree is just a fun tool and not to be taken as the gospel.
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In that day and time, the only reliable sources are the church records.
Not exactly. Prior to 1538 in England no one was keeping records of births and marriages with only a few exceptions. Most English genealogists would agree that the 500 year period between 1000 and 1500 is a genealogical wasteland and almost, if not impossible, to do genealogical research. The best source is the records held at the Chancery Office, which records all of the Kings business transactions, so many prominent people are referred to in these records. The largest part of the English population remains unrecorded.
Since there are no "primary sources " at that time, the so called "secondary sources " are your primary sources.
There are many types of primary sources. Primary sources and secondary sources have two separate definitions. You can not substitute one for the other. Please refer to any genealogical dictionary supplied by a national genealogical institute.

Howard, secondary sources need to cite where they got the information from  else it may just be someone's imagination . There are many sources but they may not be available to view on the internet.  gives some published sources. Unsurprisingly the earlier you go back,the fewer records remain. Nevertheless, records  prior to 1538 (wills, deeds , marriage contracts and law suits, inquisitions post mortem) may be found in local record's offices all over the country and  at the National Archives .

Thanks for the link
Not necessarily, I have run into documents that were recorded " at the kitchen table " so to speak by  official chroniclers, at the time of the event, with the persons involved. That makes a pretty good primary source. I do agree that church records are the major one. Unfortunately there is a limited time frame that extends into the past for only a short period. The middle period of meidevil England can be very shy of official records and when you find them, which of 20 John Smiths are they referencing?
I just asked Google. Any documents that were created at the time of the event are considered to be primary sources. An autobiography is a primary source because it is written by the person involved in the book. Any government documents, wills,tax lists, law suits of which the first one ever recorded involved one of my ancestors, census records, birth and death records.
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Based on my direct connection with Matilda (Normandie) de Anjou states that he is my 31st great grandpa
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If Rollo of Normandy is your ancestor, that means you are my distant cousin.
And mine several times over
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I am a descendent of Matthew Cushing (1589-1660), who is the direct ancestor most Cushings in America.  Matthew appears to be descended from Ralph (Hugh) "de Toescini" de Limesi formerly Cushing  (abt. 1030 to aft. 1060).  Is there any connection between this person and the legendary  Hrolf Ragnvaldsson of Normandy (abt. 0842-0931)?   The Cushing geneology claims such but I can't confirm.




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I'm his 32nd great grandson counting back from William the Conqueror.
by Brian Robins G2G Crew (480 points)
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Our paternal ancestry descends from Wm of Normandie (our 28th GGF). I have paid for and overseen my brother's and my DNA testing with Ancestry, MyHeritage and FTDNA.

I have paid for FTDNA Y12 through Y111, as well as Big Y500. My brother's haplotype is R-M269 FTDNA Kit B135408; His Ancestry GEDmatch is A232080 and his MyHeritage GEDmatch is M045630.

I have paid for FTDNA full sequence mtDNA Kit N142216; my Ancestry GEDmatch is A 545340 and MyHeritage GEDmatch is M754140.

I have just recently begun to work on my family's WikiTree, although I have set up trees with Ancestry, MyHeritage and FTDNA. I am working on MCBs, the GMP, 1776 and discovered this query. I have done some linking, but need to add more little by little. I hope this is of help. Sincerely, Carol (Baldwin-3428)
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