Quakers Sticker template changed; may look broken

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As a consequence of a needed change profiles using the Quakers Sticker template are messy right now.

We learned that editbot can only help us make category changes if the category is not part of the sticker. Therefore, we have changed the way the sticker works. You can read about how to use it now on the Quakers Sticker Template page.

If you have previously used the Quakers Sticker on any profile, it may be showing a category called "XYZ Monthly Meeting, State Needs Quaker Meeting" rather than " XYZ Monthly Meeting, State" as expected. I've asked Aleš for help fixing them and will let you know what he says.

In the mean time, please review the new rules before placing the Quakers Sticker on any profiles and don't create the Needs Quaker Meeting categories.

WikiTree profile: Quakers Project WikiTree
asked in The Tree House by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (189k points)
edited by Debi Hoag

Looks like we're going to be on our own to get these cleaned up. EditBot's master has had a bit of a tumble and only has full use of his right hand for the time being. Full recovery is expected but typing is out.

Here's the list of "wanted" categories that are being caused by the change to the sticker. We need to access each category, edit the profiles listed to make these changes:

  • {{Quakers Sticker|location=Nassawaddox Monthly Meeting, Virginia}}


  • [[Category: Nassawaddox Monthly Meeting, Virginia]]
  • {{Quakers Sticker}}

You can use the addinfo parameter to include the meeting name in the sticker. If the records you have use a spelling different from the category spelling, you can use the addinfo parameter for the variation. Please make sure to use the spellings as they currently exist in the categories.

  • {{Quakers Sticker|addinfo=attended the Nassawadock Monthly Meeting, Virginia}}
  1. Nassawaddox Monthly Meeting, Virginia Needs Quaker Meeting
  2. Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Virginia Needs Quaker Meeting
  3. Mount Holly Monthly Meeting, New Jersey Needs Quaker Meeting 
  4. Haddonfield Monthly Meeting, New Jersey Needs Quaker Meeting 
  5. Chichester Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania Needs Quaker Meeting ‎
  6. Falls Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania Needs Quaker Meeting
  7. Rancocas Friends Meeting, New Jersey Needs Quaker Meeting 
  8. Kirby Grindalythe, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorkshire Needs Quaker Meeting
  9. Wrightstown MM, Bucks, Pennsylvania Needs Quaker Meeting

4 Answers

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If I get this right, the programming should look like this first. {{Quakers_Sticker}} and then we should put the meeting house in separately like this. [[Category: Nassawadox Meeting, Virginia]]. Is that correct?
answered by Gurney Thompson G2G6 Mach 4 (45.7k points)
edited by Gurney Thompson
Correct. The category has to be added manually
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Is there a list of meetings? There is a meeting house in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Would that be listed as the meeting?
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (81.4k points)

Sue, you can see a list of meetings in the Quakers in Rhode Island free-space page. You can also see all the categories that have been created in the Rhode Island Quakers category (note that these are being moved into the Quaker Meetings, Rhode Island).

The Portsmouth meeting is listed, but there is no category yet. We'll have to create it.

Just a note, the Providence category that was linked on the Quakers in Rhode Island page was going to the Pennsylvania Providence category. I just changed it to point to the Rhode Island Providence category.
Indeed, thanks, Debi!
But the category is for Monthly meetings? Would it be Portsmouth or Newport or somewhere else?
Yes - the category is for Monthly Meeting. There are several meetings in Rhode Island, so you need to find out which meeting(s) the person attended.

If you only known a preparative meeting: the project is not going to use categories for Preparative Meetings - they are an interesting tidbit to add to a bio, but not considered significant for genealogy since records were kept by the Monthly meetings only. So - no categories. The Monthly meeting above the preparative meeting must be used as category.
Sue, The info I see in a search of Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy V. 2 at https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt/search?q1=Portsmouth;id=mdp.39015038929710;view=plaintext;seq=15;start=1;sz=10;page=search;orient=0 reflects that Portsmouth and Newport were both a MM.  It is very confusing when comparing this to the Meeting research at https://www.quakermeetings.com/Plone/search_display?MeetingName=RHODE+ISLAND&County=&StateOrProvince=&generalSearchWord= which appears to list these meetings as PM and the physical location known as Rhode Island MM.  Should the Category: Newport Monthly Meeting, Rhode Island be consolidated into Category: Rhode Island Friends Society, Newport, Rhode Island?  The Rhode Island Friends... needs to be changed to follow current categorization protocol at https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Quaker_Project_Category_Help.


Did this change over time? I suspect there are fewer at each meeting now. I am not sure they even still have meetings. At one time half of Portsmouth Rhode Island were Quakers. It makes it harder, but You may have to take time into account as meetings change.

The dates from the first book list 1737, 1743, 1751

Are the Rhode Island names Gurneyite, FUM, Wilburite referring to splits into factions? This would be time dependent too.

Joseph John Gurney and John Wilbur had different views. I have found dates in the mid-1800s. "Joseph John Gurney (1788–1847), the most charismatic and most influential of the English Orthodox Friends to visit America (1837–40), which brought these differences to a head and sparked the first Wilburite separation, in New England Yearly Meeting in 1845. " "John Wilbur (1774-1856) was a lifelong Friend from Rhode Island..he published a book of letters to George Crosfield...protracted conflict with the leadership of New England Yearly Meeting...supporters organized a separate Yearly Meeting"

I found the profile for John Wilbore and adopted it. This might make sense as a Quaker project profile.

I found the profile for Joseph John Gurney (1788–1847) and added a Quaker sticker.

Yes, the schisms of the early 19th century were extremely divisive and meetings became isolated => changing which QM and YM they were subordinate to. It was originally more dependent on westward expansion. I believe the concept of categorization is keeping with where records may be found that further the genealogy of these families.  My research has found that Elders worked for unification in the early 20th century though we still have multiple branches of organization. The major five branches in North America per Earlham School of Religion can be found at http://www.quakerinfo.org/quakerism/branches/index.  

A Worship Group or Preparative Meeting had records found through the Monthly Meeting and this appears to be the best way of finding births, marriages, deaths, and immigration trails.  Locating when and if a location was a MM can become a bit controversial.

Friends United Meeting (FUM) is the third type of meeting in the Rhode Island article. "established as the Five Years' Meeting in 1902"

This is getting tricky.

What happens to the records when there is a split or the meeting goes out of operation. Does it vary?

Current meetings Rhode Island-Smithfield Quarter https://neym.org/meetings/by-quarter/ri-smithfield

If you want to place people in meetings it has to be historical, but what happens to the records?

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A very minor but very important point:

The wording inside the {{  }} template must be Quakers Sticker - with an s at the end of Quaker.

I recently began using the stickers and discovered it must be precise or it doesn't work.

Thank you to Debi Hoag and Isabelle Rassinot for your great work leading the Quaker Project.

answered by April Dauenhauer G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
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Guide to Records of the Religious Society of Friends in New England https://neym.org/sites/default/files/http%3A//beta.neym.org/node/add/page/GuideToRecordsRSOF_1997.pdf
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Mach 8 (81.4k points)
The way I read this is that the vital statistics for Portsmouth are available at family history centers as film 10 and 11.

The records can be found in the microfilm but you need to know how the records are grouped. The index provided this:

Portsmouth, R.I.

  • 1692-1951, P.M. under Rhode Island M.M. (P/G/U) 
  • 1951-1960, P.M. under Rhode Island M.M. (Ohio Y.M.)
  • 1960-present, M.M. under Ohio Y.M.
Depending on the time frame of the profiles you are working with, they would go under the “Rhode Island Monthly Meeting, Rhode Island” or the “Portsmouth Monthly Meeting, Rhode Island.”
The Yearly Meeting categories could be placed on the profile if it crossed the time frame.

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