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Hi all,

Having busted down one dead end (Parents of Maren Miller) I have now come up against another brick wall with Maren's maternal grandfather, Lars Christian Pedersen. There are several records of his that I cannot fully read.

Here is everything I know:

  • He was born 5 May 1815 in Bøvling Sogn, Ringkøbing Amt. His mother, Katrine Elisabeth Hendriksdatter, was unmarried. His father was Peder Nielsen, Skomagersvend of Holstebro.
  • He was confirmed in 1833 in Øster Starup Sogn, Vejle Amt, and was most likely there for the 1834 census (household of Hans Knudsen, Gaardmand).
  • At some point, he left Øster Starup, because he returned in 1841. (I can't read where he came from)
  • He left Øster Starup in 1843 and went to Varde, Ribe, where he stayed for about 8 months before going to Guldager, Ribe.
  • He left Guldager, Ribe on 12 Dec 1845, arriving in Kolding 4 Sep 1846.
  • He was a widower when he married Maren Rasmusdatter, 7 Feb 1850, Sankt Nikolaj Sogn. His first wife may have been Maren Hansdatter (married 19 Apr 1848, she died 15 Mar 1849).

After that, I mostly have him tracked; he died in 1893 in Sønder Rind, Viborg.

There is a lot of information in those earlier records -- baptism, confirmation, Tilgangsliste/Afgangsliste entries -- that I cannot decipher, so I hope that one of you will be able to help with that. I am especially hoping to get some hard facts about his parents so that I can try and go further back still.

Thanks in advance!

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3 Answers

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I'll try to take a crack at this later today and see what I can contribute.

Generally, I find it helps to find the same record and view it at both and DanishFamilySearch.  The viewers are different with very different lighting on the page and different contrast/brightness controls.  There is a third site as well called saldata I think.  I'm less familiar with it.  The point is that comparing two copies with different lighting and enhancement often helps with the deciphering.

Also, once you have the sogn, the placenames function attached to the census on both sites can help with the deciphering.  And looking at the list of given names and family names for the closest census in time for the nearest location can also help with deciphering names.

I don't know how many times I've struggled with a name or place, checked these list, gone back and thought Duh! How could I have missed that.
by Mary Jensen G2G6 Pilot (106k points)

Here is a link to the DanishFamilySearch image of the baptismal record.

I think the confirmation record says he was vacinated on 20 Aug 1826.  Here is the Danish Family Search image of the confirmation.

I'm afraid I'm not doing any better than you at reading these records.

Here is his record in the 1834 census. You may have to create a user account and log in to see this record but it is free.

Here is his mother in the 1801 census along with her mother and either his older half sister or a cousin, a granddaughter of Lars' grandmother.

Here is his mother with her parents and siblings in the 1787 census.

Finding his father in the census will be much tougher as Peder Nielsen is a very common name.  The ones in Hostebro in the 1801 census are way too old.  There are some possibilities in the 1801 census of Bøvling Sogn, particularly a Peder Nielsen who was 9 years old in 1801, but there just is not enough information to make a good match.

It looks like Marie Cathrine is the daughter of Else Hendriksdatter:,27021478
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He had been in Lejrskov:,27883460 before he returned to Øster Starup.



Thank you, Anders! Unfortunately, now I can't read the entry when he arrived in Lejrskov.
OK, it says:


1841 no. 71, Lars Chr. Pedersen, age 26, servant (probably on a farm), left for Starup.

Not much, but now you know, where he was. I believe the only words you missed in the Øster Starup arrival list was 'came from Lejrskov'


I apologize; I meant the tilgangsliste entry from 12 October 1840:,27883435

I had managed to pick out the salient details from the afgangsliste entry, thank you. I should have included the link to tilgangsliste to make myself clearer!
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The baptism record says "Slegfred barn" (Mistress Child), The mother is from Westermark " og det er 2den gang hun er Besvangret"  (and this is the 2nd time she is made pregnant) The father is shoemaker joiner at shoemaker master Peder Skive; I think it says Skive.

The confirmation record says,"Slegfred søn af ugift Fruentimmer Cathrine Elisabet Henriksdt. og udlagt Fader Peder Nielsen skomagersvend i Holstebro" (Mistress son of unmarried woman Cathrine Elisabeth Henriksdt. and appointed father Peder Nielsen shoemaker joiner from Holstebro)

I think it says Leirskov in 1841.

Tomorrow I will try to find Peder Nielsen in the levying rolls for Holstebro around 1815. If I find him, it should be possible to follow him both forward and backward in time.


by Ole Selmer G2G6 Mach 3 (33.5k points)
I agree it says Skive.  I picked that word out but didn't do as well as Ole on the rest of that sentence.

The 2nd time she is made  pregnant fits with what I found in for his mother in the 1801 census.  She had another child older than Lars.
I had seen the 1801 census and wondered if that could be her; it seems like that is the case now.

I greatly appreciate your help, Ole and Mary! What is the difference between "appointed father" and the father declared on the baptism record, or is there no difference? In this case there is no difference, but would there be other cases where there would be? Would Peder Nielsen's shoemaker master be from Skive?

I agree that it will be hard to track down Peder Nielsen; I will settle for Katrine/Cathrine Elisabeth Hendriksdatter's family at this point.
Appointed father is the man an unmarried mother says is the father. He don´t have to recognize it; so there is now difference as you say. But Lars Christian takes Peters name as his patronym - Pedersen, so I think he migth have recognized the son. I have seen a few examples of a married mother, where another man than her husband was appointed.

Skive is a town not far away from Holstebro, so it is possible that the family came from Skive. There is some shoemaker Skive in the 1801 census in Holstebro and looking for Peter Nielsen in some probates I found more of the Skive shoemaker family. I was not able to find Peter Nielsen in the military records. In 1815 it was only sons of farmers that should serve, so no rolls for Holstebro. I don´t find Peter Nielsen dead in Holsebro before the 1834 census.,  I will let you know if I find something more about him.

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