Can you help with the Makeover of the profile for Joseph Underwood (1613-1676)? [closed]

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Extreme Monday Makeover!

The profile for Joseph Underwood was selected because it was in the "Needs Merging" category - and it still needs that, but it also needs its bio cleaned up. This profile, unlike last week's, has lots of information, but both the information and the sources could be better presented.

Thanks for helping!


closed with the note: Makeover was a success and the profile looks MUCH better! Thanks!
asked in Genealogy Help by Liz Shifflett G2G6 Pilot (311k points)
closed by Liz Shifflett
Hi Liz!

I am just wondering how the Makeover profile is selected - and why the merges are not completed before they are posted up. Doesn't the merging tend to add new information?

that's why it needs a makeover!  Did you see the Makeover page? Let me know if the information there doesn't answer your questions (if it doesn't, I need to revise it!).

Cheers, Liz

I did see it - and then got distracted. I ended up on the Long Profile list and did this one: (not sure who should be notified)

I guess what I am wondering about is with the merges that are outstanding - in these cases should we be posting to the profiles of the managers to encourage them to complete the merges?

I guess I also see you as being "all powerful" and able to complete the merges . . . guess that's not right :)

As a supervisor, I can take actions that would allow me to complete merges. but...

Bit of "back story" for you. "Extreme Monday Makeover" is a partner of what I'd originally proposed to the supervisors' group: Primp this Profile. For the latter, Primp this Profile (PTP), I thought it would be nice to give some attention to "ok" profiles that, with a little bit of help, could be "really nice" ones.  In a pinch, I figured I could find the time to do that little bit myself. The supervisors, though, tend to think big, and they either weren't too enthused about the small nudges that might be needed by a profile featured in PTP or they interpreted PTP as a call to strip the profile and start over. There was such a strong response to stripping/starting over that I came up with an option other than PTP that they could do that with. Given the initial reactions, I've been surprised that profiles featured in Extreme Monday Makeover don't get more action.

So, that's the backstory. Yes, it would be good to have the merges done beforehand, but then they wouldn't be in need of all the attention of an Extreme Monday Makeover (EMM). Pending or needed merges are why this profile's in "Needs Merging" and also part of why it's featured as an EMM. I think I'm the slowest Arborist in WikiTree - it probably takes me a couple of hours, on average, for every merge I do. So I don't have the time to do the merges for either EMM (or PTP, given that I'm also doing EMMs) - that's part of why they're spotlighted. Hopefully, the profile managers will step up. Or an Arborist (who's faster than I am). Or a supervisor or two.

If you want to point out to the profile managers that they have a merge pending with an EMM profile, that'd be great!

Cheers, Liz

p.s. I don't know what Albee's profile looked like before, but it looks pretty sleek now. Nice work!
Ah, thanks for the info. I guess I look at an EMM as something I should be able to do in an hour or two - like the Albee profile (looked like your typical multi-merged mess with not much actual information). But with all the outstanding merges, and the delays of notification required, it could take weeks to get an EMM done.

As it is I went thru and hunted down the outstanding merge requests and posted notes to profiles. But looking through the family - it's a mess! Having already adopted a family mess that is unrelated to my family, I am unwilling to take on another one until I have finished the first.
sometimes I get surpised and a featured profile gets sorted out right fast. Usually not (shouldn't actually - easy-to-fix profiles aren't featured in EMM!).  Thanks for taking a look & helping out!

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Joseph and Mary Underwood are merged, their siblings and children still need help.
answered by Tom Bredehoft G2G6 Pilot (187k points)
Thanks Tom!
On 23 Dec I merged three Joseph Underwoods, Liz worked on the marriage data.  Does no one else work on these Make Overs?
One or two profiles have seen a bit more action, but no. It's mostly just you (one of the reasons I'm so thankful of your help!!). Same with the profiles featured in Primp this Profile.  Some things take a bit to catch on.  Fingers crossed :D
p.s. Sheila did a lot of nudging of the profile managers - thanks Sheila!
I did the merging on Joe's family, 38 of them.  His children still have problems, but they are beyond my ability to fix.
Thanks again Tom!!
You're very welcome Liz!
I had closed this with a note about the kids needing help but then looked at their profiles... they do need sources, but the merges are done! Thanks Mary Hammond and Tom (again!)!

Cheers, Liz

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