Why am I on some DNA connections & not on others in my tree?

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I have my DNA on my profile & several direct ancestors it is on also.  I have also noticed that it is NOT on some other direct line profiles.  Why is this?  Am I not connected to those people, does my DNA not match others related to that individual??  Just curious?
asked in Genealogy Help by Holly Pinkley G2G5 (5.4k points)

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There is a cut off on how far back it propagates.
answered by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (617k points)
This is my Fanning line - I am on the DNA connection up until Elizabeth Fanning - my 7th ggma - I am not listed on hers?!  Thank you!
Correct. It stops reporting at 6th great. The further back you go the less likely that a decent sized segment of autosomal DNA has been passed down intact.
Thank you so very much!  I am still learning about all this DNA connections!
Just a note that, as Lynda indicated, it is autosomal DNA that stops appearing as a potential connection after eight relationships degrees: 6g-grandparents or 3rd cousins (each represents a distance of eight birth events to you). What is called uniparental DNA--mitochondrial DNA for your maternal line and the Y-chromosome for your paternal line--don't get shuffled and recombined with each child, so those types of tests can have validity as evidence going back many more generations than can autosomal DNA.

It's also worth reinforcing that WikiTree does no DNA matching of any kind; it can't see any DNA results. So those people listed in the "DNA Connections" panel on the right-hand side of ancestor profiles are not DNA matches...they're suggestions for further investigation. They're populated when a WikiTreer enters on his or her own profile that a DNA test has been taken, and then nightly the system looks to see which profiles in the tree show a paper-trail connection to that person. If the connection and the type of DNA test taken are both appropriate (e.g., a male line direct ancestor and yDNA), the test-taker is listed in that "DNA Connections" section.
Thanks for some clarification but I have also done mtdna which goes back further????  I am waiting for my ancestry dna to be completed.

Dee Fernandez Kermode
Dee, your mtDNA result and your Family finder autosomal test are already marked out to Lovina (Whitford) Crane, and if you find Lovina's mother, they will be on hers too.  But that's probably as far as the autosomal tests will go.  Your mtDNA test will keep propagating as far as you can add mothers out that line.
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I added my DNA transferred from AncestryDNA to Family Tree DNA.  I am repeatedly told that I have not provided my DNA results.  What is happening here?
answered by Paulette Shaunfield G2G Rookie (200 points)
Hi Paulette, To display your DNA test information on WikiTree: On your profile, from the drop-down list under 'Add' at the top right of the profile, select 'DNA Test Information'. Enter information about both your Ancestry and FTDNA tests. Be sure to click on the 'Add test for ....' button when you're done. It can take 24 hours before your test information will be displayed--WikiTree only updates that information once a day.

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