Question of the Week: Do you have any actors in your family tree?

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Who took time to watch the Oscars?

Do you have any actors or performers in your branches?

asked in The Tree House by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (247k points)
I'm from Norway and the brother to my step grandmother, Ola Isene, born 1898-1973, played in a movie, they made a serie on 5 episodes of it,  in the black/white days. He then was grandfather, Earl of Dorincourt in the film about Little Lord Fauntleroy. He was a famous actor in Norway in his time.
Lucille Ball is a 7th cousin 1x removed; Lloyd Bridges is an 8th cousin; Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt), Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, and Robert Jordan are all 8th cousins 1x removed; Gregory Peck is a 9th cousin; Walt Disney and Vincent Price are both 9th cousins 1x removed; Johnny Depp is a 9th cousin 4x removed; Henry Fonda, Lee Marvin and Bill Bixby are all 10th cousins; Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Randolph Scott, Barbara Stanwyck, Deforest Kelley, and Steve McQueen are all 10th cousins 1x removed; Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds are 10th cousins 2x removed;  Carrie Fisher is a 10th cousin 3x removed; Marilyn Monroe is an 11th cousin 3x removed; Robin Williams is an 11th cousin 4x removed; Judy Garland is a 12th cousin 1x removed; and Lon Chaney is a 12th cousin 2x removed.

This isn't really unusual. Anyone who has a Family Search family tree (site is free) can go to (also free) and they will upload your tree and compare it to all the other Family Search trees. You will be very surprised at who all you are related to. I'm even related to Jesse James and Butch Cassidy.
Yes, my grandmother, Edith Krohn (Hoem?) Schanche Moore, was an actress on the stage in the United States before she married my grandfather, DeWitt Clinton Moore, Jr., who was an actor in the same travelling troupe. Their son, DeWitt Clinton Moore III (my father) was born in Monterey, CA on 6/4/1913 while they were on tour.
I've always enjoyed the fact that John Loder (aka William John Muir Lowe) is a 2nd cousin twice removed. Though admittedly not a great actor, he was a prolific performer, specializing in leading man roles. He was in Now Voyager (1942), How Green Was my Valley, Hitchcock's Sabotage, and played with Bogart in Passage to Marseille (1944). Married 5 times, including to Hedy Lemarr. I also have an assortment of distant American actor cousins with common ancestors like Johnson, Foote, Holmes, and Westcott who came to the U.S. in the 1630s.
Hi Gail, That's quite an impressive assortment of actors in your family tree..  My question; did Family Search or Wikitree help find them for you? Thank you.
My late brother, Daniel Melvin Roth, his first wife, Ray Janne Taylor-Roth, myself and my younger sister Marcia Roth, all performed at Goodyear Community Theater in Akron, OHio from 1964-1970. Dan was "Curly" in "Oklahoma", "Mr. Snow" in "Carousel", "Max Detweiler" in "The Sound Of Music" and "King Pellionore" in "Camelot". Joanne was "Tuptim" in "The King & I" and "Julie Jordan" in "Carousel". Dan & Joanne also performed at Weathervane Playhouse in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Music Carnival, near Cleveland, Ohio. They both toured the United States with "The Harry Simione Choral" in 1971.

I appeared onstage for 10 consecutive productions at Goodyear Community theater and was also "Merlin" in "Camelot" in 1970 also with The Downeast Players in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 1968 & 1969. I was also their accompanist for 4 seasons ('68-'69) and '72-'73 in Wolfeboro. N.H.

I learned through Wiki Tree that I am related to Jimmy Stewart.
Family Search was indirectly helpful in finding them. I have a tree on Family Search and if you go to Relative they will upload your FamilySearch tree and compare it to other FamilySearch trees. They'll give you lists of Presidents you're related to, movie stars, musicians (Elvis Presley is one of mine), signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, people involved with the Salem Witch Trials, all sorts of things.
James Wesley Horne is the nephew of the 2 great grandmother Martha E Horne.  James was a director of some note (see link in imdb below).

His daughter was married to Jackie Cooper and his son was a model who was the Marboro Man, before the actual Marboro Man.

James mother was Edith Woodthorpe was minor actor and her sister Georgia was known in San Francisco theater, acted in silent films then in talkies.

Georgia was the grandmother of academy award winning director George Stevens, whose son is now the President of the American Film Institute.

If you click on the bios on the imdb site it will give you more connections and the filmography of each person.   

My aunt met James Horne and his cousin George Stevens when she was about 5.  She knew there was a connection, but it took me a good 20 years to put it together.

Laurie Angel
My fathers cousins son is an actor who has been nominated for a Genie award as well as several others, his mother is a singer in L.A. and is the one who introduced my parents to each other.
My mother, by adoption (my maternal aunt by blood) is Sally Kellerman, 1970: Hot Lips Houlihan in M*A*S*H, Robert Altman's film. She got an Academy Award Nomination for that, and her first love is singing. She is 80 now, with 2nd stage Dementia, sad. But, she can still put on a full face of make up, dress up with her usual impeccable style of skinny jeans, and sing a full concert, but have no idea who brought her or where she sang the next day. Life!
Not a creative bone in my family of which I'm aware, so no actors.  My wife is related to Aussie actors Danny Adcock (2nd cousin once rem), Dennis Grosvenor (2nd cousin once rem, by marriage)and Rel Hunt (2nd cousin).
Yes, I am an actress.  I am an extra in the current movie "M. Pearls A.A.L".  I am also in YouTube videos as "Sally Mae" in "Bubba's Alley". Great fun!

Funny this should pop up in my emails moments ago.  Earlier on this morning I received this email from an American cousin -

"Hi Malcolm,

 I have some big Berry news!!!!!

Ernest  Berry(Emily brother) born married  Agnes Teale and had one son Harold Teale Berry Harold Teale married Jullian "Julia" Crawford  in 1935, Julia was married to William Terrance McQueen  2nd of 4 husbands and had Terrance Steven McQueen the famous Hollywood Actor. So Ernest was his step grandfather and Harold Berry was his step father."


      This makes me 9 degrees from Steve McQueen which is much closer than all the others so far found, apart that is from my cousin Nicola who has had quite a few bit parts in UK tv including Downtown Abbey.

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Joy Hodges, actress of stage and film, some with Fred Astaire. She was also the one that helped Ronald Reagan to get his start in Hollywood. They knew each other from school and/or radio out of Des Moines, IA. They remained lifelong friends and she was a frequent White House guest, with a memorable dinner with Gorbachev. Joy is my 3rd cousin 2x removed, I believe. She is in my main tree, which is not on Wiki yet. Working on it.

Also, my niece and her husband are both working actors, she is theatre and he is film, based out of Minneapolis, MN.
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My wife's 4th cousin, twice removed, is Brad Pitt.
answered by Schouten Schouten G2G Crew (630 points)
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Noel Coward is my 3rd cousin, 3x removed. His great grandfather, Henry Veitch, is the brother of my 5th great grandmother. His mother was Viola Agnes Veitch, grandfather Henry Gordon Veitch, and great grandfather Henry Veitch. My 5th great grandmother was Alison Veitch Park, Henry's sister.

Noel  was an English playwright, composer, director, actor and singer, known for his wit, flamboyance, and what Time magazine called "a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise"
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James Finlayson (Finlayson-157), my grandfather's cousin, appeared in a number of Laurel and Hardy films and was one of the original Keystone Kops. His catchphrase "Doh!" was adapted by Dan Castellnata as Homer Simpson's very familiar and much-imitated catchphrase from The Simpsons.

answered by Angus Henderson G2G Crew (420 points)
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Johnny Carson is my 2nd cousin.
answered by Marci Hardy G2G Crew (700 points)
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Yes, my great-great-grandfather was E A Ely, a glove-maker from upstate New York, who became a silent movie character actor in his old age. A movie that credits him was Gallegher (1917).  

answered by Chris Flanagan G2G1 (1k points)
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I would love to find some actors among my ancestors. I started acting in high school and majored in theatre. It's something I still enjoy doing in community theatre. The only other performance I'm aware of is, my mom's brother once played Ali Hakim in a production of "Oklahoma!" in either high school or college.

We watched a few of the acceptance speeches, the opening monologue, and the In Memorium segment on YouTube, but we don't have anything hooked up for TV reception.
answered by Auriette Hahn G2G4 (4.6k points)
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My great aunt Annie Walker was an actress in very early silent movies - according to her daughter she acted in a movie "about the zulu war" - she went to the US where she married a polish furrier who somehow got involved in the industry. but the timelines don't really make any sense and I can't find anything about her. She took the name Roma Randal.
answered by Sharon Caldwell G2G6 (6.7k points)
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Yes I have 2 actors in my tree:

John Paton Laurie (1897-1980) His 1st stage appearance was in 1921. His 1st film was in 1929. He is probably best known for his part in the UK sitcom "Dad's Army". He is my 2nd cousin once removed.

Violet Helen Carson OBE (1898-1983) Probably best known for he part as Ena Sharples in the UK soap "Coronation Street". She is my 2nd cousin once removed.

John and Violet were 2nd cousins
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I hope I am not too late... I am so proud of my grandfather Russell Coles

he was a stand in/double/stunt man for Lou Costello and Peter Lorre.
answered by Robin Coles G2G5 (5.9k points)
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I'm very distantly related to several actors/actresses through my Royal heritage but past that, I only have two famous actor/actress cousins.

Jensen Ackles is my 5th cousin 3x removed through the McNatt side of my family. We share the same 7th great-grandparents. :)

And Cate Blanchett is my 5th cousin 1x removed through my Moseley and Fuller side of my family.

answered by S G G2G6 (7.1k points)
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Elijah Lazare Tahamont, one of the first Native American film actors, was a 1st cousin to the wife of my 1st cousin three times removed Louis Belont "Rolling Thunder" Newell. This same 1st cousin 3x removed, Rolling Thunder (who was Penobscot), ran the New York Kiowa Indian Show. His 2nd wife Louisa Stumpf was Iriqouis And was known as Prague Flower to Buffalo Bill and was an expert trickshot. I k
Don't know if he had ever met Elijah Tahomont but interesting both were entertainers.

I have a DNA match to a son of a very famous actor. Due to mutual matches and ancestor locations we both figured it was through the actors side of the family we are related.

Oh and with my Newell family again,  my great grandfathers sister raised with her husnand, her husbands nephew after he was orphaned. He's not an entertainer but famous as an art restorer, Carroll Wales.
answered by Meridith Burwood G2G4 (4.8k points)
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No famous actors but the stage-gene is somewhere in my fathers tree. His father played in a lot of local stage-acts and was clown during local festivities. But never as a paid job. I remember a photo of him all dressed up as clown but don't have it in my possession.
answered by Eef van Hout G2G6 (7.9k points)
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Audie Murphy, war hero and actor, appears in my family tree on my maternal grandmother's side; his mother, Josie Bell Killian and I are both descendants of Georg Killian.
answered by Patrice Shay G2G Crew (540 points)
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Humphrey Bogart is a blood relation - we share a common Bogart/Bogaert ancestor and are 7th cousins twice removed.
answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (339k points)
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If you count my cousin who performs at our local Community Theater.

Justin (13) was awarded the lead in the last show, and he has had several other roles in the other shows.
answered by Cheryl Hess G2G6 Mach 8 (84.1k points)
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It appears that I have Larry Hagman [Dallas] as my 14th cousin 1 removed.
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I have a DNA match on ancestry, gedmatch, myheritage to a son of Marlon Brando. Based on the paper trail, and mutual matches, im almost certain its through my dads side and through his dad's (Marlons) side.

Also. Elija Lazare Tahahmont, one of the 1st Native American silent film actors, was a cousin to the wife of my 1st cousin 3 times removed  Louis Belmont "Rollibg Thunder" Newell
answered by Meridith Burwood G2G4 (4.8k points)
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John Wayne-14th

Robert Duvall- 12th

Kevin Bacon-8th 2x removed

Henry Fonda-11th

Jane Fonda 12th

James Spader 12th

Johnny Depp 13th

Many more but none are close,they are about like all theses..!!
answered by E J Gooden G2G6 (6.9k points)

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