I need help to create a new WW2 British army regiment

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Hello, I wish to create the Durham Light Infantry for WW2. I have read the help section, but it was not written for someone who has not worked on categories before.

Can anyone point me to a step by step guide, or talk me through it. I would prefer to do it myself, with help, so that don't have to ask for help every time.

Thank you

I have added the ID and made the profile 'open'
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We would be very happy to help you! Have you created the profile yet? If so, add it to your question. If not, it’s easiest to add the profile and then it will  serve as place where we can put everything we contribute in this g2g post!  It also can serve as an example for your other profiles.
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Hello, thank you for offering to help me.

As you can see I have added the profile ID to the question and made the profile open.

Please let me know what you suggest for the next step.
What you want to do is add the category for the unit?

Okay, this is not easy so it will be difficult to explain. The name of your unit is Durham Light Infantry

So first thing you do is look at the Help page here 


Then you click on 

How to create a new <army group> for war/conflict periods

This will take you to another page 

So now you should be here


It says:

To create a new Army Group wartime sub category, add the following line to the category you are working on, replacing <item> with actual value: [[Category: <army group>, <service branch>, <war>]]

Now we have to replace the words between the <. > with real values 

Now I have to get our categories expert to help you because I can’t figure out what goes between the < >

I was by How to create a new <regiment> for war/conflict periods

To create a new Regiment wartime sub category, add the following line to the category you are working on, replacing <item> with actual value:

[[Category: <regiment>, <service branch>, <war>]]

For example, [[Category:1st Infantry Regiment, United States Army, World War II]]

What got me confused was the phrase 'to the category you are working on'

I believe that what goes between the < >s should look like this:

[[Category:Durham Light Infantry, British Army, World War II]]

Where should I enter this?

Then the next part of the help text is:

Cut and paste the following block to the text of the category (replacing <item> with actual value):

{{ProjectCategory|Military and War|Military_and_War}}

[[Category: <service branch> Regiments, <war>]]


Where should this go?

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oh, the tangled web we weave...

United Kingdom Project is not on board with the current naming standards, i.e. 1 unit for all time.

[[Category: Durham Light Infantry]] is the place to add the profile.

[[Category: British Army in World War II]] is a drop point for British forces in WW II.  Their concept is they will look at the profile and move it to the correct unit category..  The {{Military Help}} routine on the page treats it as the British Army, so the listings show how to add a profile from the top Army Group down to the Regiment, which is the smallest unit we are creating categories for.

Paula was explaining as if this unit was an Army Group, I believe it is a Regiment, which you show most of the default outline...

If this were a unit other than UK, and also headaches with AU/NZ with overlapping ANZAC project info, what the help page is telling you is cut that outline, paste it into the new unit category (or use the outline on existing category to make sure it has all the defaults), and then change values to match the unit/timeframe, in the case the Military and War in the {{ProjectCategory}} become World War II since that project covers the war, <service branch> becomes British Army, then all of the <regiment> would become Durham Light Artillery, all of the <war> would become World War II


since this is a UK unit, and it exists, and they are not playing the game yet, just add [[Category: Durham Light Infantry]]

if you also add [[Category: British Army in World War II]] project members would see that profile, and try to place it in a unit, which it is... and then i think they remove British Army in World War II since it has a unit.
answered by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 8 (87.8k points)
Thank you, there are so many categories to choose from and the structure behind them is not always crystal clear.

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