Help with Italian death record - second wife after passing of first wife?

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I think I have found the death record of an ancestor, Domenico Trentanzi. His parents match what I have from other research, but it's the spouse that is throwing me. Here's the relevant portion: 

After it names the deceased, age, and occupation it says "qui nato e domiciliato" which is "born and lived here", then I think it says "vedovo di ?? secondi voti di Grazia Zonni..."

Domenico's wife that I am looking for is Domenica Tassiello, but obviously she's not listed here. Could Grazia Zonni be a second wife who Domenico married after Domenica died (since there was no divorce in Italy)? Either way he was a widower since that what vedovo means.

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asked in Genealogy Help by Frank Santoro G2G6 Mach 1 (11.8k points)
Hi Frank.

There are several mentions of "vedovo in primi voti" (Widower of a first marriage) and "in secondi voti" (Widower of a second marriage) in the following book:

You can see them using the "find" function of your browser.

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Yes, Grazia Zonni is the second wife, and she was living at the time of his death. vedovo in secondi voti ="widower in second vows" -lit. I see that Domenico lived to quite a ripe old age - 88. If you can post a link to the record, I can read the entire document for you, if you like.
answered by Karen Macagno G2G4 (4k points)
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Yes, I see that now!! Thanks!!  Ok...

#6 from the register of death acts of Domenico Trenanzi.

The year 1869 on the 30th of January at 9:30 am in the office of the Stato Civile, Comunal Palace of Modugno before me Giuseppe Longo XXX Mayor of this Comune of Modugno, district of Bari,  Province of Terra di Bari, official of the Stato Civile

Have appeared Rocco Trentanzi, 50, son of the deceased and Francesco BInetti, son of the late Nicola Giuseppe, 32, nephew, both farmers residing here, who have declared to me that today on the above written day month and year at 4:00am in this Comune of Modugno and in his on home on Bezzi Street has died Domenico Trentanzi, 88, farmer, here born and lived, widower of 2nd wife Grazia Zonni and son of the late Giuseppe & Maria Lovergine.

Reading date of the present act to the said declarants the same only I have signed below as those having attested don't know how to write or sign.

-G. Longo
Ok, Frank, a couple of corrections/thoughts on this:

The act number is 36, not 6.

XXX means that I couldn't read the word. It looks like "di Audna" which *may* be a continuation of his Giuseppe Longo's surname.

I wrote that Francesco Binetti is Domenico's nephew, but the word "nipote" has a dual meaning - nephew or grandson. Given Francesco's age, 32, I'm guessing that he's a grandson. I would say that Nicola Giuseppe Binetti was likely Domenico's son-in-law.

Any questions, just drop me a line!
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Have you tried running the text through Google Translate? That might work.  Trying to make it out. 

"vedovo di ?? secondi voti di Grazia Zonni." means he was the Wiidower of the first wife. I think his second may have been Grazia Zonni.

Your analysis may be correct. I would run the text through Google Translate to be sure.

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (186k points)
Unfortunately, Google translate is only giving "second votes" for secondi voti. The link in the comment to my original question seems to suggest my initial instinct was correct. But I would still need to find something showing the death of the first wife and the marriage to the second wife to close all the loops.
Weird. I got second wife when I put it in.  And it looks like Karen has figured it out. =D

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