Requirements of Quaker project can not be met?

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I was just looking at the latest on the Quaker project board and not understanding how the vote arrow worked clicked on the up and can not correct my vote of downward. Why do I vote down? From experience I know that back in the late 1600's when my Quaker ancestors relocated to the "Welsh Tract" there were no birth records recorded by the government. #1 Births were recorded at the meeting attended by the parents and it was not uncommon for the date to be the date the information was recorded, NOT the actual date of birth. #2 It was more common for the location of the related meeting to be listed then the actual location of birth. I have my ancestors listed as having been born in New Jersey on various sites  even though they had never been in the listed state. They were born in Berks County, PA, but the meeting to which they were connected was the meeting in Ocean N.J.   I have noticed most people "researching" Quakers in early North America do not understand how the Quakers recorded, or do not care, and  that their false listings get duplicated by others, usually "newbies" who also do not understand "the system".  Sometimes I think I spend more time allerting others of this error then I do on updating my trees! I do not know when early Quaker records in early Pennsylvania stopped being the "official" records as used in research of ancestors but until everyone gets "on board" in regards to how the system worked the idea put forward by the challange could end up bringing around worse problems then we have now.  RCR 2/8/2018
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...not understanding how the vote arrow worked clicked on the up and can not correct my vote of downward. 

I am sure the Quaker project would be happy to hear your thoughts and evidence - but in relation to your question -

When you have voted on a topic (question or answer) only one arrow will remain, showing the your selection in yellow/gold color. Since the other arrow is now missing, it can be a bit confusing, but selecting the yellow/gold arrow (in whatever direction it is currently pointing) will remove that vote and allow you to choose another option.

by Steve Harris G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
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Hi Roger, thank you for expressing your concerns regarding the way early Quaker events were recorded and how that can lead to inaccurate date being recorded for birth, marriage, and death locations. It makes perfect sense when thought about, though I'm sure the subtleties are missed by those unfamiliar with the records. 

I'm not sure, however, which "requirements of the Quakers Project" you are referring to. The project has a goal to have well sourced profiles but there is no requirement for any data fields to be complete. WikiTree as a whole has a requirement that at least one date be filled in but that can be qualified with the radio buttons for before, after, uncertain/approximate, etc.

Is there something specific about the Quakers Project and or current challenge that I should be looking at? Feel free to send me a message via my profile if you would rather discuss this privately.

Debi - Quakers Project co-leader and challenge facilitator

by Debi Hoag G2G6 Pilot (266k points)
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Sometimes I think I spend more time allerting others of this error then I do on updating my trees!

I appreciate your participation.  If we have problems that encourage Project Protected Profiles this should be addressed in the Google Group.  The schisms of the religion did not make records easy as MM names were used in totally different vicinities.  Drop me a note with specifics.

by David Wilson G2G6 Mach 9 (91.5k points)
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I also appreciate your question. My mind may be like yours because I wanted the WikiTree info to be as effective, informative as possible, but I knew that in the digital universe there were millions of assumptions that the data was perfect. And it isn't perfect...but those millions of data entries are going to be around for a long time. Your points are all informative about the "patterns" on location and dates.

I accept all the data bias as a challenge, and in the community here I just occasionally drop in a sentence or phrase to remind us all about the tendencies. Its like a friendly reminder of the Quaker History that you describe. None of that data bias should slow down the busy worker bees from initiating or improving on the profile. OR having a good exchange on G2G.

Glad to have you as a contributor in the Quaker arena. I will also offer this to my fellow G2G folks....when you really dig into the location facts about those Quaker families that you care a lot about. you will uncover very large revelations about what they were really doing and seeking in those generations. fascinating conclusions, and that really is taking on the role of a historian.
by Marty Ormond G2G6 Mach 5 (54k points)

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