Ok, I give up! How do I add a free-space profile to an image?

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I've exhausted my own creative ideas on how to do this.

I'd like to add the image on an existing GAR soldier's profile to a free-space profile, so I click add/edit on the image and there's a lovely little field with the prompt "Add person or free-space profile"

I would love to do this, but since the free-space profiles don't have the same kind of simple IDs as people, I'm failing at guessing what goes here.

I can confirm it isn't the title of the free-space profile and it doesn't seem to be Space:<name of free-space profile> (with or without HTML escape codes) either...


Amusingly, I also can't include the URL to the free space profile in this G2G post due to an error that it "does not exist." Maybe I'm missing something at a higher level? I'm still definitely operating at the newbie tier.


Thank you! :)
asked in WikiTree Help by K Raymoure G2G6 (8.9k points)
When I click on your link, I get an error - going to paste the link here and see if it works...

As Lindy mentioned below, the page name is likely to be creating a problem in that it has all that punctuation. You might have to create a new Free Space page without all that, and merge the two together (if that doesn't cause interesting issues too).
Nope - what's interesting is that I can click on it from your list of accomplishments and it gets past the error, but otherwise any standard link fails.
Oy. Good to know! Thanks, Scott. I'll create a new free space without the commas, but it's breaking my sense of consistency RE: locations. eeeee.

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Ok! Thanks to everyone for help and guidance. The commas were definitely the problem.

I recreated the free space as https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Oliver_P._Morton_Grand_Army_of_the_Republic_Post_4_Washington_DC
answered by K Raymoure G2G6 (8.9k points)
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Wow. That was way more difficult that it needed to be. It's not even a little bit clear to me why '%2C' should cause a problem. But thanks for figuring this out, so I didn't have to.
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K, copy the highlighted text below and paste it into the box to add it to the image:

Space:Oliver P. Morton Grand Army of the Republic Post 4, Washington, D.C.

Be sure to capture the period at the end; that is the error in your link above.

There are known problems when attaching images to free-spaces that have commas and other punctuation in the URL, so the highlighted text may not work.

Post back if the highlighted text doesn't work so we can find an alternate solution.

answered by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (151k points)
Thanks a million, Lindy!
Hmm... so this isn't working either. I copied that in and got:

Unable to find a Person or Space record for Space:Oliver P. Morton Grand Army of the Republic Post 4
Unable to find a Person or Space record for Washington
Unable to find a Person or Space record for D.C.

I also tried replacing all of the space with underscores, and same problem, more or less:

Unable to find a Person or Space record for Space:Oliver_P._Morton_Grand_Army_of_the_Republic_Post_4
Unable to find a Person or Space record for _Washington
Unable to find a Person or Space record for _D.C.

Seems like the interface is choking on the commas?
Maybe we need to escape commas?

I can at least confirm the escape isn't a backslash... Hm!

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