If two PM wish to merge a profile is it necessary for then to ask to go on the trusted list first?

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I am currently involved in a discussion concerning a merge of a long standing profile and a guest profile. After discussion with the originating PM

I initiate a merge. Another member suggested the guest  PM had to request to go on the trusted list of the original profile first before they could be merged.

I queried this as I can find no reference to PM's in agreement needing to request trusted list status before merging the profiles. This issue has never cropped up before, when I have been merging profiles

My understanding is if I wished to complete the merge I had to request to go on the trusted list first.  But this does not apply to the two PM - who are cousin's working in collaboration. In the end the merge was complete by someone else who is on the trusted having had worked in collaboration with the originating PM before.

Appreciate it if it could be clarified

Thank you for your advise Janet

Always happy to learn
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in WikiTree Help by Janet Wild G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
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If both profiles have a locked privacy level, the person completing the merge needs to be on both trusted lists to complete the actual merge.

That is my experience, Janet.

Great answer Lindy. Also if one of the profiles is privacy locked, a default merge cannot take place even if the permission came from the privacy locked profile.
Thank you Lindy

I just cannot see any reference to this in the help pages and had never come across it before.

Do you have a link for me to review, if you do I would appreciate it Thanks

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Hello Janet.

It all depends on the privacy level of the profiles to be merged.

Merging a profile is like editing or changing the information of the profile.

If both of the profiles to be merged are "Open" any Wiki Genealogist can complete the merge after the approvals for merging the profiles are recorded. (Privacy "Open" - any WikiTree member in good standing with a confirmed e-mail address who has signed the Wiki Genealogist Honor Code can edit it).

Please see:


Merges of profiles with privacy level other than "Open" need to be completed by someone on their Trusted List. If none of both profiles are "Open", only someone on the Trusted List of both profiles is able to complete such merge.

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (658k points)
selected by Louis Heyman
If what you are saying is true, then I should have had default approval for this merge.


But I don't and I approved the merge from the profile with closed privacy settings in December. The open profile has not approved.

Edit: I did a reshow of this coment
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Nope - you don't have to be on the trusted list or PM of both profiles, but it does make the merge go more quickly if you are. In essence, the PM of the 1st profile (either can be 1st, so don't get caught up in order) provides approval - the PM of the 2nd profile provides approval and the PM who provides the 2nd approval then completes the merge now that there are 2 approvals on the merge. If you happen to be on both, you can approve #1, approve #2 and then merge pretty much all at once. But either way it gets done once 2 approvals are registered.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (917k points)
Hi Scott, the normal merge process does not apply where privacy locked profiles are involved.
Thanks perhaps Louis you can explain and provide a link to show what should happen.   As I have yet to find the evidence to support the suggestion of a PM having to go on the trusted list first before approving the merge.

Yes both PM need to approve but if they both approve does the merge still not go ahead?
I first read about it on G2G. Problem is I have been looking for that conversation which was a very short one and probably marked completed. I have merges outstanding for several months now because one/both of the profiles is/are privacy locked.

The fastest and only solution is to get on the trusted list of both profiles..

Example https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hyman-324
Thanks for looking

Have you thought of going down the Unresponsive manager route to get profiles opened?
I would prefer not to discuss that in open forum.
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I found a note I made about the new merge system

Due to privacy, we cannot open up editing on these merges, so they can no longer be default completed


by Louis Heyman G2G6 Mach 5 (59.6k points)
edited by Louis Heyman

According to the changes log of Hyman-98 you proposed the merge of Hyman-328 and Heyman-98 on 13 Aug 2017. Heyman-98 was merged into Hyman-324 on 18 Dec 2017. That is why the pending merge of Hyman-328 and Hyman-324 shows a "Last updated" date of 2017-12-18.

The reason you are not having the default approval for that merge is not the privacy level, the reason is that the merge originally proposed was to a merged-away ID. You need to re-propose the merge (Hyman-328 into Hyman-324) and wait for the default approval.

Thamks Ruben

I did not propose a string merge, but I'll cancel and do the merge again

The profile LNAB is supposed to be Heyman, The other manager must have swapped the proposed merge around. Great stuff

I even wrote a message so that it would be done right. 

On 15 Dec 2017 at 06:36 GMT Louis Heyman wrote:

Hyman-324 and Heyman-98 appear to represent the same person because: Obvious duplicate Heyman-98 has the correct LNAB according to the baptism which is currently on Hyman-328 also to be merged


Louis, there is a way you can shorten the waiting period. Please see the answer by Robin Lee to this post:


Hi Rubén,

I waited the period out to see if you were right. Can you now explain why I did not get default approval for the merge. I proposed it  again.


This is what it looks like

Privacy Level 40 Hendrik Johannes Heyman (Hyman-328) and Privacy Level 60 Hendrik Johannes Hyman (Hyman-324)   Compare compare

  1. Proposed by Louis Heyman.
    Approval from Louis Heyman for Hyman-328 has been recorded. 
    Someone from Hyman-324's Trusted List needs to approve. Help 
          You might also see the comparison report on WikiTree+Help 
          If Hyman-328 and Hyman-324 are different people, reject the merge. 
    Last updated 2018-03-09 02:40:47.


Hi Louis.

I found pending merges proposed 1 year ago waiting for approval for a privacy "Open" profile, just like the one you proposed.


Arborist and/or Sysops may have the answer.

That was what I have been trying to explain to you and Janet. It seems to me that they are being treated the same as if both profiles are private, Unfortunately my example did not initially live up to expectations but I had this before.

Hi Louis.

The merge has been completed. You are PM of the only profile of Hendrik Johannes, so you are able to change the LNAB to the correct one, Heyman.

Thank you, who did the merge and how?

Hi Louis.

Abby (Brown) Glann did it according to the profile's changes log. Abby is a very helpful sysop member of the WikiTree Team (No. 3 in the menu below the pic)

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